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  1. Yes, SF is on the south side. Sausalito is on the north side.
  2. Yes I have and I’ve seen the GGB in person and driven across it. The area around it is beautiful but the bridge itself is nothing special.
  3. Maybe the Heat should change their name to the Sunshine State Heat. Wouldn’t want to alienate the people in Fort Lauderdale. How about Lone Star State Mavericks? Can’t forget about the people in Fort Worth. Golden State Lakers? Can’t forget Orange County. And the Golden Gate Bridge may be more iconic, but I think it’s overrated. I think area that it’s in and the unique color are why it’s so famous. The bridge itself is really nothing special, it’s just an ordinary suspension bridge. Both Bay Bridges are far better looking.
  4. Also the Patriots are the only NFL team in New England, while there are three other NBA teams in the Golden State.
  5. It’s still a nickname, which, by definition, is informal.
  6. Actually it is. New England is the proper name of that group of states. Golden State is an informal nickname.
  7. Heck, they already do that with their “alternate” road jerseys.
  8. Man, this sucks. I was really hoping they’d change back to San Francisco. Golden State is a stupid name. I think we should all just call them San Francisco anyway.
  9. It was nice to see a rare day game with the roof open at Marlins Park. That combined with the different camera angle and the different colored backstop and I felt like I was watching a different ballpark that I had never seen before.
  10. That last building is kinda cool looking. It kind of reminds me of Habitat 67 in Montreal. Will the Capitol still be visible from the ballpark?
  11. The people going to the game are going to see the outside of the stadium too, not to mention the people who drive by it or walk by it everyday.
  12. I don’t think so. I think it makes the outside of the stadium look uglier to have the roof looming over the 1st or 3rd base side of the stadium. Those parts are usually the best looking parts of the ballpark and serve as the “front” and the parts that they show most often in pictures and on TV, so having the roof there would ruin it. The outfield is usually the less aesthetically pleasing part of a stadium so I think it’s better to have to roof there. It also depends on the the layout and where the views are. If there are good views throughout the whole outfield then you wouldn’t want the roof blocking them. But if there’s nothing to see in right field then I think it’s best to put the roof there.
  13. Safeco Field is totally different. It actually is an open air stadium, and the roof is more like an umbrella, it covers the ballpark but doesn’t enclose it, so it’s protected from the rain but still technically outdoors.
  14. Minute Maid Park looks pretty open air.
  15. UCF’s sword helmet stripes Purdue’s railroad helmet stripe Vanderbilt’s chain and anchor helmet stripe Funny that all three of these teams wear black and gold.
  16. Isn’t that their actual logo?
  17. Navy makes more sense for the Patriots, plus I like it better anyway.
  18. It's hard to tell whether the Angels logo is desecrating the Dodgers logo, or if the Dodgers logo is impaling the Angels logo.
  19. I was just about to say, is anybody besides Patriots fans not rooting for the Jaguars? Like, even one person?
  20. I agree, there's already more than enough navy teams with Buffalo, Columbus, and Winnipeg. Whereas there are only 9 teams that wear red jerseys, so we could definitely use more red.