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  1. And playing the World Series in the afternoon would be logical?
  2. I think you're in the minority there. But I forgot you're an old fogy who hates anything modern or innovative. Might I suggest getting a time machine and going back to 1951? I think you'd be happier there.
  3. You're not sold on the "sphincter" (head in the gutter much?), but you're sold on the Jawa Sandcrawler. The roof looks like it will open plenty wide, at least as much as Dallas or Arizona. Minnesota's roof won't open at all.
  4. You're not biased at all are you? What about Arizona, Seattle, or Houston?
  5. Those are incredibly bland. Huge downgrade from last year. They're only slightly better than 2014. I miss the ones with the fall theme from a few years back.
  6. As nice as the Vikings new place looks, the Falcons new stadium is going to give it a run for its money.
  7. They are a green team. This is green. It has a bluish tint to it, but it's most definitely green. There's no way anyone would call this blue unless they were colorblind.
  8. That wasn't his choice though. He was traded.
  9. Michael A. Taylor had a night to forget. 5, count 'em 5 strikeouts, and if that weren't bad enough he makes a bonehead error that costs the Nats the game. It's like he was cursed.
  10. Yeah, seriously. If 12 years with one team doesn't cement that as his right uniform then I don't know what does. That's longer than a lot of guys' entire careers.
  11. His first season as the starter. He was the backup for two years before that.
  12. Maybe wear them occasionally with the home jerseys, but wearing them full time? No thanks. The all blue hats are better.
  13. Are you going to change clothes every time you go into a different land? Astros in Tomorrowland, Bengals in Adventureland, Saints in New Orleans Square, etc?
  14. He was with the Ducks for parts of 5 seasons and won a Stanley Cup with them. Nothing wrong about that.
  15. They had yellow halos from 1971 to 1992. It helped distinguish them a bit from the other navy & red teams.
  16. You are wrong. They change every 3 years.
  17. The Mothers Day jerseys look really sharp. I really want to go out and buy one. --No one ever
  18. You calling the Big Unit a dork?