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  1. #1 the others just don't stack up. sorry.
  2. It's one of the reasons the NFL created NFL Properties. To have an in-house team of designers create (more often than not) great logos, uniforms, as well as top-notch publications and merchandise was a visionary move on the part of the league. They truly understood the benefits of great design and how to merchandise those designs. On a personal note, sorry that you were treated in such an unprofessional way. I agree that people who give away free designs just to be published ruin the "livelyhood" of the rest. Maybe that's why almost all modern day logos (post 1990's) are starting to all look the same.
  3. get rid of the stripes on the pants...
  4. Here's my 2ยข... Los Angeles Dodgers - Originally Brooklyn, where the outfielders were known for "dodging" trolley cars. They we're locally called the Trolley Dodgers and then shortened to just Dodgers. San Francisco Giants - Legend has it that The New York national league club then known as the Gothams were playing when manager John McGraw said, "These men, my Giants" and the name stuck. It would later influence the football club. Pittsburgh Pirates - They had stolen a player from the Philadelphia Athletics and were called "Pirates" for raiding that team. Detroit Tigers - a local reporter noted that the socks worn by the Tigers looked similar to the socks worn by the Princeton Tigers football club - yellow and black - and hence the Tiger name was born. Detroit is one of a handful of cities (circa. 1920's-1930's) to name their sports franchises with a sort of "theme" or matching names Detroit - Lions, Tigers Chicago - Cubs, Bears New York - Giants, Giants St. Louis - Cardinals, Cardinals San Diego Padres - in honor of the monks who founded the city Texas Rangers - duh... New York Yankees - being a native "nu yawkuh" myself and a lifelong Yankees fan, there is not much known about when or why the Yankees became the Yankees. Yes, they were the Highlanders and Yes, the reason for that was that they played on a hill. But written reports of the day had them called the "yankees as far back as 1905. Cool note: Only one city has a "color-code" for three of the four major sports leagues. Pittsburgh's three teams each wear black and gold - Pirates, Steelers, and the Penguins
  5. WOW! Silver! Cool! Thank you all very much! My first uniform entry - ever, on this, or any other website. I look forward to the next one... -antnee
  6. I don't know why they didn't show the complete design. I have requested that myself. thanks for asking. see them here:
  7. NOTE: my ENTRY only shows the away uniform. is there anyway to show the logo and home uniform as well? my picks: 1st Tier 1. JMings 2. RedEye 3. Dawg - the uniform is ok, but I love the primary logo. very cool. 2nd tier I'm entered in that category so I won't vote.
  8. I didn't know that... They're both really different and the "stars" is very old-school clean and simple like they would wear back in the 1930's. I'm just having fun and learning the ropes here. You can pick. I would think you'd feel their both second tier in their level of design. I'm a traditionalist at heart, I don't like the modern "over-the-top" designs favored by ballclubs today. The Tigers, Cubs, Yankees, Cardinals are to me - "classics" is their simply, elegant designs That being said, I do have a request... I would still appreciate if someone could tell me where to find (and not in the template string - its not there) a baseball uniform template that is different than the one I'm using now. (the one red or bham used). This would greatly help my next submission. thanks -ant
  9. for extra credit... did one before I went home from work. I was thinking simple old school meets the WPA circa.1933
  10. thats a lot of work. I have a full time gig already being a creative director, If I was to quit this gig, then maybe, just maybe, I could get atleast one jersey finished...