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  1. Yup Speaking of those, a couple nice 2K mods, here: Those are both from this thread:
  2. I'd just make the black version of the Vice their permanent Statement uni and make their current red uni the permanent Icon uni. No more normal black uni or other colors of the Vice, and if you want either of those color applications to come back, incorporate them into the rotating City uniforms. And while you're at it, burn all evidence of this season's City unis and court.
  3. that Heat paint area is maybe the worst of all time...yeeeesh. certainly makes me want to not watch them.
  4. I don't have any official info, but the rumor is Spring, i believe. probably the 2nd half of the season, since Lockervision only has the season planned out til March 4th, not featuring Earned uniforms any time before March 5th.
  5. Quite the project to undertake, but I like the general idea. For the Storm, i'd add at least a logo to the shorts, and maybe a belt buckle logo and even the number on the shorts, like the Sonics had back then. I'd also add an outline to the # on the Association and Icon uniforms.
  6. As for the Miami uni...shoutout Trix yogurt
  7. not sure that should have been mentioned in this thread, but i guess when (most of) the real designs are bad enough...
  8. Not sure of an official date, but last time when they came out, it was during the season when they were announced. I guess it might be a little earlier since the season will be shorter this year, but i'd have to imagine they want to avoid a "sales conflict" with the City and Classic uniforms. Maybe we see them around January?