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  1. man, these are great sets. However does anyone have the new Nike lettering? They seem to basically be the same, just a bit skinnier and the there are more angles, not as blocky EDIT: it was brought to my attention that I am thinking of the Colts new lettering and it is unique to them. My apologies, I thought it wasmore widespread.
  2. ovechkin sadly I don't know the story behind this
  3. Link?
  4. This is apparently the "new" Road uniform only difference is the arm piping moved all the way to the end of the sleeve according to: it was up in the team shop, but seems to be gone now,
  5. Redskins: 18 Austin, Terrence WR 5-11 172 R UCLA 08-25-1988 3 Bidwell, Josh P 6-3 220 11 Oregon 03-13-1976 76 Bryant, Anthony NT 6-3 335 3 Alabama 11-16-1981 31 Buchanon, Phillip CB 5-11 186 8 Miami 09-19-1980 60 Capers, Selvish OT 6-4 308 R West Virginia 12-13-1985 94 Carriker, Adam DE 6-6 296 3 Nebraska 05-06-1984 58 Cook, Erik C/G 6-6 318 R New Mexico 07-05-1987 84 Galloway, Joey WR 5-11 197 15 Ohio State 11-20-1971 72 Green, Howard NT 6-2 320 6 LSU 01-12-1979 8 Grossman, Rex QB 6-1 217 7 Florida 08-23-1980 77 Jacobs, Trey DL 6-4 295 R Liberty 06-01-1988 41 Morris, Dennis TE/FB 6-2 265 R Louisiana Tech 02-15-1987 82 Paulsen, Logan TE 6-5 264 R UCLA 02-26-1987 79 Peterson, Greg DL 6-5 315 3 North Carolina Central 01-21-1984 53 Riley, Perry LB 6-0 238 R LSU 05-03-1988 32 Russell, Anderson S 6-0 205 R Ohio State 05-30-1987 75 Scott, Darrion DE 6-3 289 4 Ohio State 10-25-1981 46 Torain, Ryan RB 6-1 225 1 Arizona State 08-10-1986 19 Wade, Bobby WR 5-10 186 7 Arizona 02-25-1981 35 Williams, Keiland RB 5-11 223 R LSU 08-14-1986 87 Williams, Roydell WR 6-0 187 3 Tulane 03-14-1981 72 Williams, Trent T 6-5 314 R Oklahoma 08-19-1988
  6. yes he does and here's some of this years patches that he posted
  7. yea i meant the undershirt collar...i figured it could be the shirt brand logo...but does anyone know what the brand was, or if it was a logo of something else?
  8. On the shirt collar to the left of the Chiefs wordmark....I can't for the life of me figure it out thanks
  9. cool, i think it looks better. thanks guys
  10. i know that the past year, the names on the back have been simply white without an outline, but I seem to recall at Edgerrin James' press conference the jersey they held up had the name in white with black outline. looking at the new Leinart jerseys for sale in their online store, I see there is no outline again. anyone know for sure what they're doing this year?
  11. What exactly do you need? You probably won't find a better picture than what's posted above. just a bigger version with better resolution, I was just seeing if anyone felt adventurous enough to make one.
  12. so, the Nats really are wearing the new patch with the home uniforms today. Anyone have a better graphic of it?
  13. Schneider for the Nationals has 2 sets of gear: Gray on the road and Red at home and last year he even had a road and home helmet.
  14. looks like the Ntas will do the same thing with their home jerseys
  15. it looks better with the numbers on the opposite side of the DC
  16. What's up Nick, I haven't seen you on IM in a long while, let me know how the site is going.
  17. yea it's definitely navy, but it was darker than the undershirts. on a side note, did anyone figure out if the batting helmets "W" has the red trim or not?