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  1. BB61

    2011 MLS Kits

    You should hear the stink that Union fans are making about it. A lot are embracing it, but a lot of fans have stated that they would try to buy the kits without the sponsor before the new ones go out. A few have even gone so far as to threaten to cancel their season tickets if they appear on the kits. Personally, as much as I think it looks silly on the uniform (and it looks re-g-ddamn-diculous), this is an influx of money that can be used to better the team. Not only that, but with Bimbo spreading a pretty big ad campaign, not to mention the rumors going about that they might buy Tastykake, I think it will subside over time.
  2. I've been a defender of the Euro names, but I'm not a fan of this one. And "Wizards", as lame as it was, had more of a link to the area.
  3. Looks too much like Commerce Bancorps logo.
  4. I like the way it is now. The only thing, ONLY thing I could see happening is adding one more wild card and have the two play in a best-of-three for a spot in the LDS, but that would require a lot of logistics.
  5. I'm going to miss the old logo, but they should have just went with the "purple haze" and white clash jumpers because the anchor is what made the jumpers unique. Now, the three 'V' almost makes them look like Port Adelaide in the redesign. This. I've already told my friend from Perth that I want a hat with that new logo on it.
  6. The match starts at 12:30am EDT. Classic and ESPN3 will begin coverage at Midnight, while ESPN2 joins live starting at 1. I'll probably watch the first 30 minutes on the computer and then watch the rest in glorious HD on the Deuce. The last two draws were '48 and '77. In both cases, the team with more shots on goal lost the replay (Melbourne 10.9 defeated Essendon 7.27 in '48; N Melbourne 8.16 defeated Collingwood 7.22 in '77). Doesn't bode well for Collingwood. The extra time rule has only been in effect since '91. The last replay prior to this was a first round match between Collingwood and West Coast; the match was replayed the following week, and that pushed everyone else back a week (the Grand Final was the latest ever, Oct. 6th). If the replay is a draw, they'll play 2x5min. If it's still tied, another set of 2x5min, and so on. Personally, I think the idea of a draw in the grand final is great. I'm tired of listening to AFL fans whinge about the league changing the rules, and then they want to change a rule that's been in effect since 1897? C'mon. Should be a great night, hope the Saints hoist the cup.
  7. Considering the fact that at now fewer than four people have told me, straight faced, that that's what annoys them about soccer, I doubt it.
  8. The "Suarez" Rule. Definitely. You've deliberately broken the rules to stop a goal from going in. It's a goal. Diving. There's no way to fairly police it except for the way it's currently being policed, but I do believe that a system along the lines of what you have would crack down on it a bit. Penalties. Bring back the NASL / MLS pre-2000 shootout. You have five seconds to dribble in on the goalie. That adds more skill to it and it's not a crap shoot. Points system. I'm not sure about league games, but I think that for the World Cup and tournaments where there are six than less group matches, you should just read across: W-D-L. So 3-0-0 > 0-3-0. Simple. And hell, if you like that enough, then you make a win 100 points, a draw 10, and a loss 1 for league games. There. If you want a more radical idea, take the old NASL system. 6 points for a win, 3 for a tie, 0 for a loss. 1 point for every goal you score in a game, maximum of 3. Of course, you'd have to update that so that a win would be worth at least three times more than a draw. That's Gaelic Football. Not the same thing. This is quite possibly the worst argument against soccer ever. Yes, we have hands and opposable thumbs. Fine. Let's let baserunners pick up a ball and throw it into the stands so that they can get two extra bases. Or let's let shortstops tackle runners. Or let's let there be as many forward passes ahead of the line of scrimmage as is humanly possible. How about Sidney Crosby throwing down his stick, pick up the puck, and skate down the ice, and pegging it as hard as he can at the goalie? Because that would all be stupid. The concept of a sport where you can't use your hands is challenging. The same type of challenge that a batter faces when he tries to hit a ball with a three inch wide piece of wood past nine men in random positions. If that were so easy, why aren't batting averages in the .600's? It's the same challenge a quarterback faces when he tries to throw a ball to a moving target 50 yards away against 11 men who are trying to attack, among other people, himself. Why isn't he throwing a touchdown on every pass? That's the sport, love it or hate it. If you can't get into it, then just say so.
  9. 1. So you're saying an 8-8 team that sneaks into the playoffs after winning four in a row deserves to get home field advantage over a 15-1 team simply because they had a better December? No. Sorry. Now you're entering NASCAR / Minor-League baseball territory. Sorry, but it won't work. 2. Anyone who pays more than $30 to go to an NFL game is a damn fool anyway.
  10. Well, this is a mess. The home suffers from Edmonton Oilers / Toronto Maple Leafs EDGE syndrome. It's a practice jumper. Get rid of it. I like the idea of the wave, but it's muddled in crapulance. Not only that, but the clash reminds me too much of Adelaide's new clash. Argh.
  11. Suns is not a terrible name, but there are much better ones. I guess if Sydney can get away with the Swans (and yes I know why they're the Swans), then GC can get away with the Suns. I'm excited to see these jumpers. The backs look nice, if nothing else.
  12. I'm sorry, but a deliberate handball in the 6-yard box should be an automatic goal. Desperation or not, that was a cheap, cheap way to lose a World Cup game and FIFA needs to look at that rule. Suarez will probably be suspended for more than one game, but that's no consolation to the Ghanians, who literally had the game stolen from them. (Though Gyan should've made that kick either way).
  13. That would be navy, not black, Buc. I was at the game on Sunday afternoon. The game itself was great, obviously. The stadium itself is beautiful, the location makes the surrounding ambiance stunning (if you ignore the fact that you're in Chester), and the Sons of Ben, who are immediately to my right from my seats, kept up for 90 minutes in some brutal Philadelphia summer heat. BBTV mentioned the parking situation, and it is, indeed, atrocious. The team offered season ticket holders a chance to pre-pay for parking in one of the three pre-paid lots. One is literally right next to the stadium, another is behind it about a block or so, and a third is three blocks away. All other fans were to park in one of four designated lots. Two of them were about five-six blocks away, and the others were more than a mile away but accessible via a free shuttle bus. I missed out on the permit parking, so I was kind of on my own. We got down there two hours before the game started and both of the closer "open" lots were already full. I didn't want to take a shuttle bus, so I tried parking in the street adjacent to the lot, but was changed my mind after seeing that doing so would put my tires, among other things, at risk. I also got a very stern look and shake of the head from a woman who was standing beside her house blocking a parking spot. I saw a few orange cones and garbage cans out, which in Philly is the international symbol for "this is my parking spot and you're not allowed to park here, so says I!". Finally, a found an "unmarked lot" that was charging the same ($15) as the other lots, so I just parked there. It was about 3/4 of a mile away. It was awful. In the survey that the team sent out, I replied that the parking situation needed to be fixed or I wouldn't be coming to any more games. That, and the whole "no bottles of water in the stadium thing". That's a joke on a 100 degree day. I think the whole idea that one soccer stadium will turn things around in that city is a bit of a stretch. It was a cheap place to put a stadium and it was in a place that was accessible to Philadelphia, for the most part. My feeling is this -- if the Devils can make Newark work, the Union can make Chester work.
  14. Amazing. 11 hours an 5 minutes.