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  1. Like the clippers update.. Not a fan of the jazz ones. Btw... Are all the jerseys for next year going to have a tighter fit? It seems like both the clippers set and the jazz set are similar to the all-star jerseys in that the tops are very snug while the shorts are a bit baggy.
  2. more pics... http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/91067984/National-Basketball-Association http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/91067965/National-Basketball-Association
  3. possible new mavs jersey? If this is it...it looks very very similar to the Hawks Jerseys back when Pistol Pete used to play
  4. Agree...the plain white does kind of look strange. Better than what I expected and a good mix of modern/traditional as someone posted earlier.
  5. Don't think this has been posted yet...but here's a pic of the new uniform from the Rookie Shoot today: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/89717614...all-Association
  6. Odd that T-Mac would give up his #1 for Ariza. Must've been a hefty pay-off. I don't think Ariza paid him for the number. The reason he is switching to 3 is to promote his "3 points Darfur" initiative.
  7. He's wearing it as a honorary tribute to Michael Jackson. Jackson's album "Thriller" was number 1 on the charts for 37 weeks.
  8. Any merit to this article? http://bleacherreport.com/articles/205722-...s-in-the-future Personally I think the jersey would look better if the purple and gold were switched with each other. Thoughts?
  9. Good point. I like the idea of removing red altogether from the east jerseys. Seems like it was forced in years past. However, I'd like to see a white east jersey and red west jersey sometime in the future. Since the switch to using an actual all-star jersey instead of having players wearing their team uniforms, it's always been the west in white and the east in blue with the exception of the retro uni's back in 2003 (atlanta all-star game).
  10. Didn't see it posted, so here are some screenshots from 2k9:
  11. Usually pics of the jersey surface around pretty early. Anyone have pics or any info about them?
  12. Anyone know if the black alternates are going to be worn for any games this season? I heard that they might be wearing them against the Heat on Christmas. Heres a photoshop someone did at Niketalk a while ago which contains the jersey I'm talking about.
  13. Those are tight. I like the alternate, but like other have said, it looks like it says "SUX." Other than that, those are sweet.