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  1. Tulane reintroduced the "Angry Wave" in 2016 as an alternate logo, and in 2017 as the new primary (The T-wave was an alternate logo in 2017, but has been discontinued as of 2018)
  2. I think we can all agree that, for the next D1 conference realignment, what we want to see most is for New Mexico State to join a stronger conference (if not Mountain West, then C-USA or something)...as long as the Aggies are in the WAC, they're gonna roll over everybody else there.
  3. You know the world's gone mad when the SoCon may get more bids than the Pac-12...
  4. Current Bucks court, but with the Buck head at center court replaced with this logo (http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/22524012016/Milwaukee_Bucks/2016/Alternate_Logo), and the Buck head above the left key and below the right key please.
  5. Press release link. "Blackjacks" was by far the best name of the finalists, and so far, the feedback on this logo has been positive...what say ye?
  6. Thank you...i look forward to that! And now...bring on the offseason!
  7. And now the WFA D3 Southeast Region! Carolina Phoenix (2007-present) (IWFL 2007-2016, WFA 2017-present) Based in Greensboro, North Carolina Cincinnati Sizzle (2005-present) (NWFA 2005-2008, USWFL 2015-2016, WFA 2009-2014 & 2017-present) Daytona Waverunners (2015-present) Derby City Dynamite (2012-present) Based in Louisville, Kentucky Knoxville Lightning (2015-present) (IWFL 2015-2017, WFA 2018-present) Music City Mizfits (2016-present) (LAFL 2016, WFA 2017-present) Based in Nashville, Tennessee Orlando Anarchy (2010-present) (Known as Central Florida Anarchy from 2010-2011) These two logos seem to be used interchangably as the primary. Rock Hill Lady Raiders (2019-present) South Carolina Smash (2017-present) Based in Columbia, South Carolina Tennessee Diamondbacks (2017-present) (USWFL 2017-2018, WFA 2019-present) Based in Clarksville, Tennessee Next up, the WFA D3 Midwest Region!
  8. Congrats to Hibbing...I must say, I like the single-elimination format (teams gotta be on their A-game every game that way) Have you thought about when you would plan to make the Kellogg Cup title game a neutral-site one yet? (The Met Center opens in '67, but until then the St. Paul Auditorium could work should you go that route sooner)
  9. And here's the WFA Division 3 Northeast Region: Capital City Savages (2018-present) (USWFL 2018, WFA 2019-present) Which "Capital City" are the Savages from? Lansing, Michigan. Columbus Vanguards (2018-present) No, Ohio's capital doesn't have two teams...the 'Guards are based in Columbus, Indiana. Grand Rapids Tidal Waves (2018-present) Maine Mayhem (2017-present) (IWFL 2017, WFA 2018-present) New York Knockout (2014-present) (IWFL 2014 & 2016, WSFL 2015, WFA 2017-present) Based in the Capital Region (Albany metro area)-Schenectady, to be specific Richmond Black Widows (2016-present) Toledo Reign (2003-present) (WPFL 2003-2007, IWFL 2015, WFA 2009-2014, 2016-present) Toledo has been a women's football market since the 1930s (its most famous team was the Toledo Troopers, seven-time NWFL champions from 1971-1977. The founder/owner is Troopers alumna Mitchi Collette. Western Connecticut Hawks (2016-present) (Known as Connecticut Hawks from 2016-2017) (USWFL 2016, WFA 2017-present) Up next is the D3 Southeast Region...
  10. WFA DIvision 2 American Conference: Houston Energy (2000-present) (WPFL 2000-2007, IWFL 2009-2018, WFA 2019-present) Mile High Blaze (2014-present) (WSFL 2014, WFA 2015-present) Minnesota Vixen (1999-present) (WPFL 1999-2007, NWFA 2008, IWFL 2009-2016, WFA 2017-present) Seattle Spartans (2013-present) (Known as Everett Reign from 2013-2018) St. Louis Slam (2003-present) (NWFA 2003-2008, WFA 2009-present) Tacoma Trauma (2013-present) Wisconsin Dragons (2011-2012, 2018-present) Next up: WFA Division 3 (Because there are so many teams in D3, I'll be posting them region by region)
  11. Moving on to WFA Division 2 National Conference: Baltimore Nighthawks (2008-present) (IWFL 2008-2016, WFA 2017-present) Cleveland Fusion (2002-present) (NWFA 2002-2008, WFA 2009-present) Columbus Comets (2003-present) (Known as Columbus Flames in 2003) (NWFA 2003-2008, WFA 2009-present) Detroit Dark Angels (2010-present) Indy Crash (2011-present) Jacksonville Dixie Blues (2001-present) (WAFL 2001, WFAssociation 2002, IWFL 2004-2005, WFL 2006-2007, WFA 2009-present) Miami Fury (2000-present) (WPFL 2000-2001, IWFL 2003-2010, WFA 2011-present) New York Wolves (2019-present) Philadelphia Phantomz (2016-present) Pittsburgh Passion (2003-present) (NWFA 2003-2007, IWFL 2008-2010 & 2014-2015, WFA 2011-2013 & 2016-present) Tampa Bay Inferno (2010-present) (Known as Tampa Bay Pirates from 2010-2011)
  12. WNFC Part 2: New Orleans Hippies (2019-present) North Florida Pumas (2017-present) (WFA 2017, USWFL 2018, WNFC 2019-present) San Diego Rebellion (2018-present) (WFA 2018, WNFC 2019-present) San Diego Surge (2011-present) (WFA 2011-2017, IWFL 2018, WNFC 2019-present) Though they have been using this one a lot more recently: Seattle Majestics (2003-present) (Known as Tacoma Majestics 2003-2005) (IWFL 2003-2012, WFA 2013-2017, IWFL 2018, WNFC 2019-present) Texas Elite Spartans (2018-present) (IWFL 2018, WNFC 2019-present) Utah Falconz (2014-present) (Independent 2014, IWFL 2015-2018, WNFC 2019-present) C&C welcome...next post will be the WFA Division 2 teams.
  13. Next up, we have the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC)...as their sponsorship deal with Adidas can tell you, they are serious about taking the game to the next level. Women's National Football Conference (2019-present) Alabama Fire (2016-present) (WFA 2016-2018, WNFC 2019-present) Atlanta Phoenix (2012-present) (WFA 2012-2018, WNFC 2019-present) Denver Bandits (2019-present) Houston Heat (2018-present) (USWFL 2018, WNFC 2019-present) Los Angeles Bobcats (2016-present) (known as Carson Bobcats from 2016-2017) (IWFL 2016-2018, WNFC 2019-present) Las Vegas Silver Stars (2018-present) (Independent 2018, WNFC 2019-present) Nebraska Nite Hawks (2019-present) WNFC Part 2 coming up next post...
  14. As a known "superfan" across the women's American football world, I have sadly found it underrepresented here, both on the boards and on the mothership. So I decided to start this thread to get your feedback on the various logos in the leagues. I'll begin with the largest WFB league in the world, the Women's Football Alliance (WFA) and its Division 1. Women's Football Alliance (2009-present) Boston Renegades (2015-present) D.C. Divas (2001-present) (In the WFA from 2011-present) Arlington Impact (2012-present) (In the WFA from 2015-present) Dallas Elite (2015-present) Kansas City Titans (2013-present) Cali War (2019-present) Portland Fighting Shockwave (2017-present) C&C welcome...next post is the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC) starting up this year, and ready to take the game to the next level.
  15. BEAUTIFUL job on the Trappers! Another league, another FANTASTIC set of identities. Bring on Ottawa...