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  1. Nooo! I was looking forward to cheering on this team close to home...
  2. Now I want to see a Minnesota Twins logo where Minnie & Paul stand at opposite ends and give each other the Vulcan salute.
  3. I always thought that was John Wayne...
  4. But I liked the Narwhals name...the Whale fans are a loyal bunch, and would've supported this new team in droves. Still, I trust the Madness will be a good look.
  5. They're in two different conferences...if anything, it makes for a potentially rockin' Finals matchup. Agreed...LOVE this...now bring on the other three.
  6. Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix new primary logo:
  7. Bucknell Bison needs their new primary logo added:
  8. Cleveland State Vikings need this "Magnus" viking head alternate logo:
  9. BEAUTIFUL! I imagine these jerseys would sell well, and that we'll be seein' packed crowds at the Omni!
  10. All the teams which have been called "Drive" and "Freeze," as well as the Winston-Salem Dash are my nominees.
  11. With the success of the Defenders and how empty the Roughnecks and Guardians crowds looked, I honestly think that the MLS stadiums are going to be the norm for XFL teams going forward (with the exceptions of the BattleHawks, the Dragons, the Wildcats if they move to San Diego, and a potential San Antonio team).
  12. Even if the Canucks move the AHL team closer to home, I think they'll buy an ECHL team, moving and rebranding them with the Comets identity.
  13. IIRC, that's the second HBCU to leave the MEAC for the Big South in the recent conference shuffle (after Hampton)...I wonder if it's gonna become a trend now?
  14. 1. Being a strict religious school (though not nearly as strict as Liberty) that's "behind the times" on social issues is what's keeping the bigger conferences from inviting BYU. 2. Boise State could work, if they can get past the academic hurdle. 3. SD State's not going anywhere until their new football stadium plan is a done deal. 4. UNLV looks like the strongest candidate, with Allegiant Stadium hosting both Rebels football and the Pac-12 Championship Game (in addition to being the Raiders' new stadium).
  15. All you did was take their current alignment and add Mizzou and Indiana State...teams in the SEC at this point STAY in the SEC, and I don't know if the Sycamores want to go FBS in the near future.