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  1. Happy to see another NLL team in Upstate NY...but not happy to see New England without the sport again. Hopefully an expansion team comes to New England one of these days...
  2. It appears the Pearl Milling Company is following the same philosophy as the Washington Football Team here: "If our brand can't be the most racially problematic on the market, we'll just make it the most BORING!"
  3. I submitted the Danville Iron Horses...honors the town's railroad (and Civil War) history, but also makes for a fun, kid-friendly brand.
  4. If ANY FCS conferences make the jump to FBS anytime soon, it's NOT going to be the WAC or A-Sun (My guesses were always the MVFC and Big Sky-possibly the CAA?)
  5. IIRC, they were kicked out of the Summit (back when it was the Mid-Continent Conference) for constantly finishing last back in the mid-00s. So yeah, the WAC was desperate...which other D1 conference would take them?
  6. Good move! Not only are HBCUs a hot commodity right now, but with the Southland about to lose one big rivalry game played in Houston, they might as well gain another equally strong one.
  7. And it's official...ACU, Lamar, SHSU, SUU and SFA to the WAC in 2022, with football coming back and Chi-State leaving at the same time.
  8. A source from one of the universities confirms that the WAC's gonna make their expansion and football's return official for 2022 on January 14 from Houston's NRG Stadium. Apparently, the conference will be FCS at first, but plan to join FBS sometime within the dedate (at which point NM State will join)
  9. I think the Jackson Generals (Tennessee, not Mississippi) are gonna end up getting the axe...
  10. Exactly...the big obstacle is that NM State doesn't want to drop down to FCS (they have a smallish but truly DEVOTED alumni/fanbase section). Either the Mountain West swallows their pride to invite them, or Conference USA gives 'em a shot (expanding their footprint and adding fuel to the NMSU-UTEP rivalry, even if it's just where the loser gets the conference's wooden spoon for now).
  11. That's really a shame...San Antonio is at LEAST a AAA (if not future MLB expansion) kind of city. Hopefully they'll get their act together one of these years so the Alamo City can get back in the PCL...
  12. I actually like this idea...ever since the Madison Mallards, summer-collegiate baseball has become the future of the minor-league game, as the Mallards' brother teams (including my Kenosha Kingfish) can attest to. Not to mention, this also enables them to expand on their own rather than wait for an MLB expansion which may or may not happen in the next few years. Only thing is...with the affiliations gone, the MLB identities will be too-what kind of nicknames will we be seeing? The plot thickens by the moment...
  13. Sorry to bump up a long-sleeping thread, but the Milwaukee Milkmen of the American Association (name submitted in the contest by yours truly) won the 2020 AA Championship last night! As such, I wanted to see if you were still making these sigs so I can have their championship added to mine. Milkmen cap logo: Miles Wolff Trophy:
  14. Has anyone uploaded an Under Armour basketball uniform template yet?
  15. And the last finalist...the Supper Clubbers. This one actually makes a bit of sense, as supper clubs can be found ALL THROUGHOUT Wisconsin (though not here in Racine, for some reason)...but still, when the fan vote opens later today, they'd BETTER have Snappers as a sixth finalist.