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  1. Touché. (For some reason, I'd always thought that Bellarmine and Sacred Heart were Jesuit schools)
  2. I always did find it strange that Minnesota had only one D1 school (especially when Wisconsin and Iowa have four each, and even the two Dakotas have two each). In addition to being the North Star State's second D1 school, it is also (I think) the second Catholic school in D1 not to be affiliated with any specific religious order (it's affiliated directly with the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis, just as Seton Hall is with the Archdiocese of Newark). Welcome to D1, Tommies...I look forward to everything to come!
  3. Now it just looks like...well... *whistles the Enzyte jingle*
  4. Especially since there only being one single football may remind people of the most evil man of the 20th century who also had only one...well, you know. But is the other really in the Albert Hall?
  5. I would talk about what I think it looks like...but I'm afraid I'll get suspended.
  6. The Kenosha Kingfish (Northwoods League summer-collegiate) announce they will be playing baseball this year, in the form of a two-team series against a to-be-named Kenosha-branded team. Name-the-team contest runs until 4 PM Central tomorrow...I voted for them to bring back one of the league's "original five" and 1995 Champions (which you can find on my sig), the Kenosha Kroakers!
  7. This post is gonna end up locked pretty soon, isn't it?
  8. The states people most associate with members of the Society of Friends (the denomination called "Quakers") are Ohio and Pennsylvania (both of which were free states). As such, the Quakers were among the most ardent abolitionists (because of their belief in all mankind being equals and their friends).
  9. With the Horizon League covering most of the North Central's major markets (and a few minor ones), it gives you the feeling that if they were a major conference, they'd try starting their own cable network.
  10. Except the SWAC is also an HBCU conference...so this is more of a lateral move. Wonder if Bethune-Cookman's gonna follow suit soon? (after all, they're FAMU's in-state rivals and their nearest conference opponent will now be 340 miles away)
  11. I still think they should've gone for Reno (to bolster their fanbase across the state). Oh well, I suppose there's a place in the ECHL for the Reno Bronze Knights.
  12. ^Personally, I think the reason they stuck with the dalmatian logo is because this was around the time when the Native American mascots debate reached its peak, around the year the NCAA made its famous ruling.
  13. Honestly, I think this is a publicity stunt for when the Bullfrogs finally begin play in 2021 (I think it'll be in the IFL, where they'll have Columbus as an in-state rival)
  14. They did...apparently they didn't even want to be the "Vermont Nationals" for one season.