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  1. I think the Jackson Generals (Tennessee, not Mississippi) are gonna end up getting the axe...
  2. Exactly...the big obstacle is that NM State doesn't want to drop down to FCS (they have a smallish but truly DEVOTED alumni/fanbase section). Either the Mountain West swallows their pride to invite them, or Conference USA gives 'em a shot (expanding their footprint and adding fuel to the NMSU-UTEP rivalry, even if it's just where the loser gets the conference's wooden spoon for now).
  3. That's really a shame...San Antonio is at LEAST a AAA (if not future MLB expansion) kind of city. Hopefully they'll get their act together one of these years so the Alamo City can get back in the PCL...
  4. Excerpt from the story thread:


    David Boss [1] of NFL Properties on the Avengers' branding process:
    "The name 'Avengers' rose to the top of a fan poll conducted by the Los Angeles Times. In April of 1990, we were able to strike a deal with Stan Lee of Marvel Comics in which he'd allow the organization to use the Avenger moniker in exchange for the rights to produce World League related comic books. Luckily, we had one member of our creative staff who was a comic aficionado as a youngster. He recalled how most of the good guys wore some combination of red and blue with an occasional touch of golden yellow. Early on, we devised a stylized version of the 'LA' initials with jagged edges lifted from the city's flag. When that prototype was ridiculed by fans, we had to regroup and try to create something more dynamic. After maybe a month or two, we finally settled on the 'avenging angel' with the wing on his helmet. We were relieved to learn from team owner C. David Baker [2] that the fans liked the final design better."

    [1] Mr. Boss helped create the World League logos in real life,
    [2] The same C. David Baker that in real life owned the Anaheim Piranhas of the Arena Football League, served as the Arena League's commissioner, the father of former Atlanta Falcon Sam Baker and currently head of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

  5. Clear your inbox a bit please...wanted to ask you something.

  6. And an excellent job you did...thank you soooo much!

  7. Nice Avatar - I made it :)