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  1. Well, what else did you expect from an AHL affiliate of the Calgary Flames, Stockton?
  2. REALLY like the new Marshals' logo, with him lookin' RIGHT at you. Though I was wondering if you could incorporate the old "H-star" into his hat?
  3. At least if UTA Mavericks football ever comes back and joins the Sun Belt like their other teams, they've got a perfect stadium solution.
  4. I like Option D...let's add color to ref unis again!
  5. If I was any good at putting my ideas to pad, I would start up a series on the Concepts forum doing new concept logos for the international teams (and creating a few new ones)...
  6. So NOBODY understood the Backyard Soccer reference...that was the name of their equivalent of the World Cup. The Fancy Pandas (China) would often be a thorn in my side, but I always liked playing against the Cagey Bees (guess)
  7. Admiral Scully 1.0 would've rocked the Dia de los Muertos look SO much better (he's practically in that style already):
  8. I get what you're saying...oh well, I suppose Boise's now a pretty attractive relocation destination for any AHL team looking to move. (I wouldn't be surprised if the Canucks bought the Steelheads to move them to the AHL and the Utica Comets to the ECHL).
  9. I VERY MUCH approve of the Knights' rebrand (having originally suggested the name)...LOVE every stage of their brand's evolution, and am absolutely jazzed for this new era.
  10. A LOVELY look, one which truly represents South Texas well.
  11. I'm guessing they were grandfathered in. Regardless, I don't know why STL can't be the "St. Louis Olympians" or something like that...
  12. Maybe he just wants a contrast where you can see the logo...also gives it an old-school look. Regardless, I REALLY like it.
  13. I'm still bummed that the Idaho Steelheads got snubbed...they are a TRULY GREAT organization with proven support and deserve to make the jump up! Oh well, at least the bidding process may have given them some buzz as a possible relocation destination.