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  1. now it just looks like someone who forgets the capital of South Carolina.


    Is it Columbia, SC or Columbus, SC?


    awful awful choice by the new ownership. looks like #SavetheCrew will be trending once again to get the name back

  2. I'm shocked that the Sox being one of the more traditional teams out there when it comes to their home uniforms have signed up for this.  Let alone be the first team to debut them. I get the tie-in to the Marathon, but holy crap it's one event in an unassociated sport. It doesn't define the city in the least.


    Hell the city and area have so much to pull from that helped make Boston what it is! How about the ACTUAL reason we have Patriot's Day? It's such an embarrassment.


    The stencil wordmark looks nothing like the Finish line, so no idea where they're pulling that out of.  The numbers on the back are a completely different, swirly font that has a drop shadow.  The only actual Boston thing is the use of 617 on the runner bib patch and that looks like an afterthought.


    I can't believe I finally get to say this: As a fan, I'm not a fan.


    And I'm aware this isn't replacing their full-time jerseys but we all know this is a slippery slope. And people will inevitably buy them with the inaccurate thinking that these are meant to honor the victims of the Marathon Bombing (they aren't, that's what the home whites with "Boston" on them are for) and, as stated before, that will give the justification to Nike that this is a good idea.


    Absolutely atrocious.

  3. Image result for Pulaski RiverTurtles



    The excitement surrounding the rebranding of Pulaski’s baseball franchise culminated today with the unveiling of the organization’s new name: The Pulaski River Turtles.

    With a nod to its New River Valley heritage, the inspiration behind the River Turtles name was a renewed commitment to Calfee Park’s family-friendly culture.

    “When considering the name, we weighed feedback from the local baseball community, Calfee Park’s history, and our location in the New River Valley,” says general manager JW Martin. “After thoughtful consideration, we wanted a brand that represents what our ballpark is really all about. We have a welcoming, fun, family environment that puts smiles on faces. We think this brand captures that.”


  4. I don't get the call for the Texans playing dressup as the Oilers.  With so much issues and complaining about the bass ackwards revisionist history that the NBA does, why would the Texans get an exception?


    The Texans are taking their colors from the Texas flag.  the bull logo emulates the design with the solid blue and red/white. changing the Deep Steel Blue to the Oiler blue would remove that aspect of it.


    Houston's team is now the Texans.  The Oilers left. Should the identity have stayed in Houston? Probably.  But the people there also just accepted the move like so many others before had. Which is weird as the Browns had left the year prior and there was enough of an uproar from fans in Cleveland to retain the Browns identity/history/colors/etc.

  5. 8 hours ago, schlim said:

    "It was on Jan. 13, 2019 that a coyote roamed through the streets of Nashville and ultimately found its way into an exhibit hall at the Music City Center."


    Between this and the Sabre tooth tiger skull, Nashville really gets excited about naming teams and mascots after animals that have wandered around downtown. I'm completely expecting a baseball team named the Rats, Raccoons, or Bachelorettes.

    Don't forget the Titans mascot for most of their time was T-Rac. 

  6. My goodness the internet has ruined me. That dot on the “r” resembling the head of a stick figure using the rest of the “r” and the open “o” as a body creates an unfortunate secondary picture there that I’m just not going to describe any further.


    it’s very sleek and does try to update the current signature one, but personally it feels really dated and had they ever changed to it, I feel like they would’ve returned to the Classic signature during any of the retro revivals we’ve had.

  7. Why can’t they just add a star to the existing cluster and wear the scudetto. The scudetto identifies the champion. Wonky Star placement is just excessive at this point. It really shouldn’t be this difficult.

    Win a championship: earn one star 

    win 5: 4 silvers become one gold

    5+: gold on top with silvers below

    easy math there

  8. 25 minutes ago, nash61 said:

    What they really need to do, is to put a white stripe between the red and blue, like on Bledsoe's hand warmer.



    If my memory serves me right, it’s only like that because it was a holdover from Pat Patriot. If you look closely on the Elvis you can see the outline of the patch/decal that was used to cover up Pat

  9. What team is this? I can’t tell without the giant city name on the front or the team name down the side of the pants! This is madness!!


    All kidding aside, the Browns look like the Browns again. The minor tweaks fall seamlessly in place with the traditional look of the Browns. Such a substantial upgrade over the mess they had before it’s like night and day. Hope it never gets tossed aside again.

  10. So as mentioned, the New Magnolia flag was chosen as the option on the ballot in Mississippi.  But it looks like some modifications took place such as widening the red sections, made the gold borders thicker, and made the text bolder



    I think it certainly helps a bit.  I still like the inclusion of the Choctaw star but man, that text just hurts the overall design.  Still, clearly better than a Civil War relic in the corner or just the "State Seal on Blue" which also happens to be a Civil War relic in design.


    On the topic of top state flags, back in 2001 NAVA did a survey for the top State/Province/Territory flags and the top 5 ranked as:

    1. New Mexico
    2. Texas
    3. Quebec
    4. Maryland
    5. Alaska

    While the bottom 5, to no one's real surprise at the time, were all State Seal on Blue
    72. Georgia (prior to their next flag change which took place in 2003)

    71. Nebraska

    70. Montana

    69. Kansas

    68. South Dakota

  11. So watching the video of them playing in SoFi, and judging this on the full speed parts not the slowed down parts:

    -Bone looks bad. Not sure if it’s cause it looks dirty or just “off” but it doesn’t look right at all. Sleeves just look jumbled and a mess.

    -The split in the horn is barely noticeable at full speed. Complete over design for the sake of doing something different

    - Actually have to force myself to find the little patch on the chest. Again, another over designed nuance that was only done to be different (or as theorized, testing exactly how unnoticeable at full speed it is for potential ads)

    - Gradient numbers didn’t bother me. I know they’re there but they just sorta blended in so not a major issue. 
    Homes are still the best of the bunch. But considering the competition it’s hard not to think that way. Hopefully by 2025 they’ll do up another change and backpedal once again to something actually retro inspired and return to the far superior versions of the LA Rams

  12. 26 minutes ago, Falcoholik said:

    spacer.pngSo here are the 9 finalists. I like top middle. 


    Bottom-middle  probably has the simplest design that's easily replicated.
    middle-middle and middle-right utilize the shape of the state which is overly complex
    middle-left and bottom-left have extremely detailed magnolias.
    top-right and bottom-right are the same flag in different colors.  Reminds me of the finalists in NZ's flag that were the same flag with different colors.
    top-left reminds me of a Merchant Marine flag for some reason.
    top-middle isn't bad, i like the colors but again, the magnolia feels way too detailed for easily replication.


    they boxed themselves in with having to include "In God We Trust".  They claim they were working alongside NAVA with how flags should be designed...and then chose finalists that violate most of the basic guidelines: No Text, No Maps, Easily Replicated by child...