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  1. Is it weird that in the top image, the tag looks like it says "2015"?
  2. That's the only saving grace of this is that it matches the colors so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. more like a 6th finger but whatever
  3. You kinda missed my point. In no way was I complaining about the losing days. What I was pointing out was a lot of the louder, more obnoxious fans who feel they represent everyone also forget where the franchise was for a good chunk of its existence. in either case, I hope you have fun at the game! Definitely a notch on the bucket list. Enjoy the hell out of it!
  4. So yeah, Patriots fan here as well (I know, we're all coming out of the woodwork now lol). Gotta say that it's very understandable the distaste for the Patriots over the past 15 years. Boomer Esiason talks weekly to the morning show i listen to, and he mentioned on a few times "It must be boring up there in New England what with winning all the time." It's strange being on this end of the winning. I now understand how Yankee fans of the 2000s, Cowboy fans of the 90s, etc etc feel. Winning brings contempt and consistent winning gets boring if you're not a fan. I can say that before 2001, seeing any sort of championship in any sport felt like a foregone conclusion. I was too young to enjoy the Celtics of the '80s, the Bruins were a blip on the radar, the Sox were cursed, and the Patsies were the laughing stock of the NFL. When they made it to Super Bowl XXXI against the Packers it was a surreal feeling. I was so excited to see the local team contend for a championship. 2001 changed EVERYTHING in the sporting world for Boston. The fact that all 4 sports teams have won at least one championship during this run is nothing short of miraculous and something that will likely never happen again. But i continue to remember when this corner of the country was a joke to everyone else. And because of that, I still treat every championship appearance that has happened since as if it's the first time, and quite possibly the last. You can never know when it will all be over, and be relegated to the annals of history. I even did so in my earlier paragraph, where teams are confined to a certain timeframe. The Pats have superseded that notion at this point. The fact that this is a record breaking Super Bowl appearance for a franchise is still something hard to comprehend. And as a fan who still remembers, I relish every one of these. I hope for a great game between the Falcons. Looks like it'll be a great matchup. But I said it 15 years ago and I'll continue saying it: Let's Go Pats!!!
  5. One thing I've been meaning to ask for years now and either forget to or just lapse of activity, how come the mothership doesn't have the NE Revolution logo without the wordmark underneath? Is that still the official primary mark or have they shifted to a more Timbers-esque wordless primary?
  6. Has there ever been a trainwreck for a train before it even leaves the station? You cant make this stuff up, I swear. We're all focused on what Army may or may not do and then some random college shows up out of almost nowhere that the USPTO found issues with. It's laughably bad on Foley's part. What next, the Golden Nugget filing suit because they don't want confusion about possibly being associated with this continuing disaster?? This is a perfect example of when ego and self-worth blind someone completely to the world around them. Is it bad that I don't want this to end? Bring on the next crazy chapter!!
  7. So we know that Foley has this ridiculous Army Boner...but wasn't assed enough to consider that naming the team after a different Army team while using symbols similar to the collegiate Army team would cause issues. Must be nice to be so rich that one thinks the world will always bend to your whim. So if Army does pursue this saying the name and logos could cause confusion and violate some form of trademark, would this mean that Army actually c**kblocks Foley's own Army boner? Would Foley be friendzoned by Army? "Sorry Bill, you're nice and all but just not the kind of guy I should be seen in public with. Please stop sending me flowers." Simplest solution is just dropping Golden (no adjective, just be Vegas Knights) and remove the West Point shield. The helmet can work on its own.
  8. I like the vegas star with the crossed swords
  9. This is awesome. You can't script this laughing my ass off
  10. 8:30 pm est confirmed a few pages back
  11. Congrats Cubbies! Lovable Losers no more. Enjoy your long deserved championship
  12. ugh i was in the military and his reasoning for a team name is beyond stupid at this point. PICK. A. NAME!! I enjoy a rolling trainwreck as much as the next person but it's being dragged out for the sake of being dragged out. Las Vegas Knights. Pun on "nights". Fits just enough that it's not awful. Then finagle stuff so that the London team is somehow part of the filler for LV. What, the affiliate can't be named like the parent team? Like the Providence Bruins, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, Albany Devils, Binghamton Senators, Iowa Wild, Texas Stars....oh that's only the TOP affiliate. Guess on the Junior levels it's different. Asinine reasoning. Or...or...just go with the freaken obvious name from the get-to. Aces. Screw the other team in the other half of the state that plays in an entirely different sport that again, isn't even the top-level of said sport. Aces is military, fulfills his stupid military boner....oh wait, it's not Army so DOESN'T COUNT!!! (again, more jackass reasoning), ties just enough to the obvious gambling reference that isn't over the top. (but OH NOES!!! gambling is bad! yup, the first thing people think about with Vegas is the family-friendly atmosphere provided by the mass quantities of casinos there) This is turning into another Bobcats situation. The guy clearly wants to make his mark by having it be HIS name on HIS team and doesn't care how long it's dragged out as long as it's HIS mark left on the team.....you know before it becomes Nordiques 2.0 (obligatory QUE joke is obligatory) tl;dr pick a name already
  13. Remember that Diet Coke is actually the Diet version of the New Coke formula. It's the last piece of that experiment still being used. Coke Zero is the more true "diet" version of the Classic formula. Both don't taste as good as the regular though.
  14. That was the primary gimmick. Tastes like Pepsi...BUT IT'S CLEAR!!!!!!
  15. Take it for what it's worth, but the ESPN graphics showing the ram loge sure looks yellow more than gold
  16. Picked up some last night as well. Grabbed six (and dropped about $20 in the process lol). They were in one of the coolers near the registers at a Wal-Mart nearby. I've had a friend tell me he saw them in a local convenience store. So the best thing is to just keep an eye out for clear liquids right next to the regular Pepsi. As far as the taste, pretty close to what i remember as well. I couldn't wait until they fully cooled back up so I'll have to see when they're completely cold again. Now all I need is Hershey to bring back the Cookies 'n Mint candy bar and my 90s nostalgia trip will be complete.
  17. Out of the finalists, I liked the two Lockwood designs. I feared that the two being similar would actually split the votes and one of the lesser candidates would make it through. My preference of the two was for the Red-White-Blue variant as it seemed like a natural progression from the current flag. But the Black-White-Blue version continued to catch my eye. Something about it made it stand out more. Maybe due to Black-White-Blue being in limited use (Estonia and Botswana off the top of my head). It also seems to make the blue "pop" differently than with the red. At the same time, the tallys need to be counted and recounted, so the R-W-B version could still go head-to-head with the current flag. I'm not from New Zealand but i'm excited about this. I've always had an affinity towards flags and it's interesting that there's a huge flag debate going on right now with the potential for change. I know Australia has been having a similar debate for years with the run up to the Olympics back in 2000. Fiji is having one of their own as well with all sorts of backdoor schenanegans going on. I'm hoping voters can look past the current flag "just because that's what it's been for a while" and see this as an opportuinity to choose a major national symbol. It would be akin to a major sports team in one of the Big 4/5 asking its fanbase to choose a new logo. It's not something that happens all the time.
  18. That's because Diet Coke is the diet version of New Coke. Coke Zero is the proper "diet" version of Classic Coke. Diet Coke is the last hold-over from the New Coke experiment, and is why it tasted so differently than Regular
  19. As much as I cannot stand my hometown team's rivals, they do have a unique identity: The Marblehead Magicians
  20. for the life of me I never realized the cat was wearing sunglasses in this logo. I always thought it was some random raccoon-like eye shading
  21. The Worcester FCBL expansion team has posted a teaser of their new uniforms by tweeting a graphic of the cap on Thanksgiving
  22. "5 years of uncertainty, and tonight we will bring that to an end" ...all based on assumptions that the Coyotes will suddenly boost revenue "Go Arizona....Coyotes" ..............wut?
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