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  1. Looks much better with the numbers that they’ve used for the past 20 years
  2. 1906 NY Giants had these uniforms for an entire year
  3. Went from 4 players to at least an additional 8 players testing positive and 2 coaches. MLB couldn’t even make it through Opening Weekend
  4. i vaguely remember seeing this floating around as a potential Pontiac logo at one point. Not sure if it's a custom job or not now...
  5. website describing everything is up
  6. That S is pretty sick though. Terrible terrible terrible name.
  7. The colors of the fishing nets (which I’m sure are standard net colors) sure seem to lean into a seafoam/salmon color scheme. I dunno. Just happened to catch my eye. Tomorrow we either be happy or disappointed!
  8. I really like that secondary logo. The primary roundel (again??) just feels safe and boring. I hope that secondary appears on the kits
  9. I can see it already detracting into the "what constitutes as a viable Native American mascot name" which is how these get so off topic that threads get shut down. Should really try to keep it on the possible names rather than other teams, the "why" and other things that lead to those conversations. As far as name speculation so far, I do like Warriors even if it's generic/basic/simple/expected. Redtails just doesn't seem to work for me. I think Americans could work but you run into the issues bring up about the Nationals existing, why Seattle won't choose Metropolitans, etc. Redwolves is certainly a hot runner that seems to have come out of knowwhere. It'd be great if they could resurrect Federals. But being a USFL team, you know there'd be bad blood there due to the lawsuit. Generals would be good and I recall hearing that the Globetrotters would be willing to sell it. But literally being the identity of a team designed to lose, as funny as it'd be, I doubt the NFL team would want that history. Another thought as far as DC-related could be Monuments or Representatives (Reps). As much as Potomacs sounds great, it still leads to Native American territory and they should be as far away from that as possible. It's going to be exciting speculation to see what they come up with!
  10. Hey I had a thought about this and feel free to shut the idea down due to the wording by the staff: with all the changes happening, I tend to look here for all my logo news and updates. And while I understand the purpose of the ban, having been on the boards for many years and seeing how people have difficulty removing emotion from discussions, perhaps until it involves the actual logo, still have bots post the news about one specific NFC East team (that as of this moment no longer has a nickname) into an all-encompassing locker thread so we can at least follow up on the news until a proper discussion can take place?
  11. I was always partial to this design from 2001 keeps the basic shape and style but replaces the battle flag with the circle of stars
  12. Looks like the Futures Collegiate Baseball League here in New England is pushing ahead with a 2020 season with 6 teams. Dates are July 2 to August 19.
  13. I literally just read this then saw on the news that the town of Walpole in MA which uses Rebels has voted to drop the nickname.
  14. At this point, Kachina has 7.8k, yowling coyote 2.6k. not surprised at all by this
  15. Isn’t the name from Cleveland and were mostly borrowing from the Fordham Rams who were a strong collegiate team at the time of the NFL team’s formation?
  16. The article more alludes to a change in the physical uniform and construction rather than a change in the design for the Sox. it even days at the end of the article about something like removing the belt.
  17. man you go from 0 to 100 way to easy. Chillax bro. it's not a perfect logo by any means but it's better than the jumbled mess they had up until the change. Could barely make out what the blob was on television during that time and it was a mess. Not to mention that it's synonymous from the time when the Patsies were a joke of a franchise that was usually forgotten within its own market. Got those awesome buzzwords going still. You forgot "Madden Create-a-Team" though. and yes, Tampa would still be ridiculed for their terrible Digital Clock numbers. Same way the Cavs are still being jolted at because they finally won a championship for Cleveland wearing the ridiculous sleeved black alternates. Elvis ain't going anywhere at this point. Even if the laundry has now changed the logo ties to the dynasty and is forever linked to the past 20 years.
  18. I remember when it was first introduced that the logo seemed to be ridiculed by everyone. It replaced what was considered a beloved logo (I still don't get why and I friggan live here) and it was a very radical change. I even recall one of the news channels (I think WBZ?) was reporting on the change and discussing the change and how dramatic of a shift it was, and then they brought up a graphic about "if this is the change from the well loved Pat Patriot, maybe the Celtics aren't too far behind?" and the graphic showed the new logo but with a shamrock instead of a star. It's always been mocked and ridiculed and compared to all sorts of nonsense. The name "Flying Elvis" was born from this due to the excessive sideburns on the logo. I personally see it as an unofficial nickname for the team now. One of those Athletics-White Elephants jabs that has been embraced. Maybe not officially by the team but I see it as endearing at this point. As far as the blanket criticism, I have never seen any sort of insurance company with a dynamic logo like that. And as said, if your sperm resembles that shape, see a doctor. If you don't like the logo, just say it. "I don't like the logo. It doesn't look good to me. I can't exactly express why but it's just not visually appealing to me". Makes more sense than broad allusions that don't make any sense. Hell in 1993 people were 100% upfront that they didn't like it because it was so different from what they were used to. Not that hard to just admit you don't like something.
  19. Let's not forget one of the potential names of the then-Nordiques when they moved to Colorado: THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN EXTREME!!!
  20. Surprised this hasn't been brought up yet: