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  1. Yuck. I guess a good thing is he won't have that awkward Montana-in-Chiefs or Namath-in-Rams travesty in the Bucs Digital Number abominations
  2. LMAO. Maybe you should go back to lurking. Seems to suit you better. Someone dangling that they know something is not news. Someone coming out of the shadows to complain that people having discussions about speculation when there isn't not news. The only news right now is the possible leak of the LA Horn logo. That's what people are discussing. Maybe you should discuss that "effing news" instead of getting your undergarments in a bunch because someone else that hopefully has no connection to you (but now maybe the mods should consider that you do have ties) got suspended. ---End of Line--- Shame that Everett may have been joshing. Guess we'll have to wait and see. I feel like if we did see the LA logo in actual colors and not jumping on a stupid draft hat gimmick there'd be more to go on.
  3. I would rather discussion about "What Could be" and how it could work on a modern template than one jackhole who was a chronic, nagging, selfish individual early on (Jaguars "Not Long Now!", "I hope there's teal!", " anyone have anything") that suddenly has insider information that, in an act of self-worth, felt the need to dangle it over others in a sort of "now I have the info, nyah nyah" dismissal of other people looking to see what may be new and what is being speculated. Teal is not some pariah. He consistently admonished the staff here, felt entitled about the info he may or may not have had some access to, and in the end, got what he deserved. Him NOT being able to be active here has kept this thread somewhat on the rails...until people feel the need to keep dredging his stupidity back up. I've said this in the Falcons thread; I personally am so TIRED of clicking on these NFL threads for info and insight and speculation and discussion and having to slog through nonsense about ONE individual who is a pompous asshat. Let it be. Back on the ACTUAL topic of discussion. This is promising! Looks like they're modifying the existing head which so many people are saying they really like. Can see it with the lines near the eye. I hope that's the case. Can't wait to see what actually rolls out from this!
  4. Only 4 left as of the time of this posting. People are spending money on this kind of thing. People literally have the disposable income to spend up to $500 on a hat made up of cut-up jerseys. What in the what?
  5. The guy in line clearly has a Bruins jersey on. You can easily see one of the spokes. Also there’s a woman in the center that has the Storm S logo but backwards. just looks like a poor photoshop all around
  6. Can “I’m a Packers Owner” be the boards’ version of “Find the Vegan”?
  7. Still never stopped the Washington NATIONALS
  8. I’d still like to see them do something with this logo something about it just has that art deco feel that rounded font was doing. I’d love to see a modernized version of this
  9. I didn’t say finally Super Bowl champions. I said finally NFL Champions. Super Bowl IV was their first Super Bowl championship but they were still AFL at that time
  10. Chiefs will finally be NFL Champions for the first time
  11. It’s amazing how boring these all are. Too much reliance on sublimated patterns and gimmicky adidas forced three stripes. I haven’t bought a Revs jersey since they got a sponsor because almost every home kit has been a snooze fest and I see it continues to either be ugly as sin or just bland. I’m waiting for Adidas to come out with the argument that they don’t go unique with designs and templates because jersey sales are so low, but it’s likely because of the bland product they have continued to churn out year after year. This is almost as bad as when almost every team was just white, gray, and black
  12. Fox Sports on the air just confirmed it. Prayers to his family and friends. Wow
  13. Just filtering out now. TMZ and NBCSports reporting. yikes
  14. I can't seem to find it but I know the NFL put out a video about the entire history of the league from its inception to present day. I know it was discussed here because people mentioned that the video used some erroneous logos.
  15. Congrats Chiefs. Great game. Should be a fun Super Bowl
  16. oh good, the very phallic logo for the Dash is gone. I like the WS. Different way to interlock the two letters but it works
  17. holy crap I'm so sick of coming into this thread or the NFL 2020 thread and hearing about Teal. Great. He eventually came out with a team that he said he had info about a change. The issue isn't whether he was correct or not. The overall issue was his attitude towards EVERYONE who tried to engage him about it to not play mindgames. And randomly now we have Teal defenders coming in and trying to derail this thread with it. Good for him. Kudos. a Million Internet Points to him. Are we done now? Cool I feel like anyone who brings him up anymore in this thread to derail it or defend him for no other reason should get a warning. Myself included at this point because I'm doing the same thing because I'm SICK of seeing cool ideas about the Falcons and then "duhh, Teal wuz rite. u guys mean!". Enough please! Now on track. I'm THRILLED one of the piping nightmares of the early 2000s is going away. I hope they keep the logo as I felt it was a dynamic upgrade from the static Bird and helps sell the "F" that it was supposed to be. Taking inspiration from the classic sets and a red helmet would look great I think with a modern take on it. I can't wait to see it
  18. It was right around the time of 2007 where they brought in Randy Moss and Wes Welker, and had the 16-0 regular season. They developed a sort of swagger that shattered the air of "underdog" that they had in 2001. They became an offensive juggernaut that was putting up insane numbers, running up the score (such as 52-7 against Washington, 56-10 against the Bills) and just being overall unlikable. Add that to the chronic Patriots fatigue that had just begun to set in with appearing in 3 earlier Super Bowls and consistent playoff appearances, it was just the final nail in the likable Patriots on a national scale. (The 16-0 Banner didn't help matters either). Once that season happened, New England became the foe. The looming shadow over the rest of the league to defeat. It's not unlike the Yankees of the 90s or the Steelers of the 70s. They're just always there. And it's exhausting, as this thread shows, to fans of the other 31 teams that no matter what they do, until both Brady and Belichick are gone, the Patriots are a continuous presence to watch out for. Spygate and Deflategate and any other controversies just added fuel to the hatred to be more like "SEE!?" But as a fan, I personally saw 2007 as the shift in attitude towards the Pats.
  19. The P in the current logo that has the group of heads together are the P from the early logo flipped
  20. I don’t get why this always happens. Pats lose, people bitter over the unprecedented decades start firing shots cause yes, it’s absolutely great when a dynastic team loses. Then one defender comes in and it becomes a back and forth that continues to show why people hate Pats fans and why people hate bitter fans of other teams. SHUT UP ABOUT IT. christ 3 other games were played and two pages AFTER the Pats lost it’s still going on. Bengals suck, Patriots suck, Browns always suck, Eagles suck, Jets suck. Whatever. Yay sports! The postseason shouldn’t be about who’s out it should be about who’s left. As of now the AFC is going to have one of the new guard of QBs in the Super Bowl and the first time it hasn’t been Manning, Brady, or Rothlisberger in forever! THAT should be the take away. not to mention the Saints losing to the Vikings again. The Eagles somehow on life support still making it a game against Seattle. That 2 games went to OT. That all 4 games were entertaining and all came down to the wire. but all that other crap. PLEASE STOP. The haves and have-nots are going to shift at some point. It’s inevitable. Can we just enjoy the train wreck officiating....I mean run to the Super Bowl?