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  1. Man the Eagles really pissed off some deity to have to deal with all these injuries. And that Wentz is now hurt is just insane. Is this the luckiest unlucky team?
  2. So if the Saints lose this in OT will they revamp it again in the offseason to ensure that everyone gets a fair shot or whatever? I still think OT should always be just a 5th quarter. Doesn't matter if a team scores first or not, you still have to have the lead when the clock runs out. This is not only fair but tests a teams stamina, endurance, and ability to manage Offense, Defense, Special Teams, and Clock Management. All important facets in the game. EDIT: as i'm typing this, they confirm the final
  3. So of the remaining AFC teams, I’m not sure who I’d like to see win it all. No real interest in Baltimore tbh KC hasn’t been in or won since SBIV so that’s a hell of a story Houston being the newest expansion team still makes for a good story. I don’t hate Watt by any means and Watson is really good. Be great if they can hold on. I was kinda hoping the Bills would’ve beaten them but oh well Tennessee has struggled for the past 20 years and I remember watching them and rooting for them during their run (since this was the time the Pats were still mediocre/hot garbage) and getting another chance after being 1 yard short would be awesome. Probably gonna stuck with the Titans for now. Team that beat mine that I don’t really dislike (except for the uniforms, yuck). Go Snatits?
  4. Yuck. Not the ending for the season I would have hoped. I was nervous with how the offense had been playing all year and it continued. Henry is insane! If he keeps this up the Titans could be very dangerous! good job to TEN. The Divisional Round for the AFC should be very interesting
  5. I always understood the horns on the sleeve as a means for the Rams to once again be different. To me they’re shoulder stripes. BUT, the Rams mixed it up some and instead of just tapering back off on the back, they curled it around more and it became reminiscent of the horn. I always thought it was a great uniform design that, without the helmet, still easily identified the team.
  6. The P is still backwards dernit
  7. why do so many of the wordmarks seem offcenter?
  8. They finally isolated it a bit. Still very underwhelming but it's to be expected
  9. If you look at the Cardinal logo on the helmet, the black outline around the eye has also been colored red for some reason. i think it's a weird photoshop job
  10. I don’t think I’ve seen Tripping called in a game in a long time. Are they suddenly getting ticky-tack with this call? I don’t agree with either of them tbh. The first one looked like the guy just fell into the other’s leg and this one that cost the Cowboys feels extremely subjective. Not the best way to potentially win the game. I hate when games are like this that one stupid thing decides the outcome of the entire 60 minutes
  11. I would not be opposed to the Cowboys adopting this look as their “Away-White” look. Instead of their “Home-Whites”. The shoulder caps looks really nice and the white pants don’t have the weird “not same silver” issues with the helmets with the smaller stripe between the blue stripes
  12. Wow we need to get that Chicago Rhythm logo up on the mothership IMMEDIATELY! That's a huge find
  13. What an absolute disaster. They’re possibly going from one of the most memorable badges in MLS to something so bland and lacking any real significance. Man this makes the Revs logo look like a timeless classic! hopefully the support groups can be LOUD enough that they pull a Niners one-day helmet or even more realistically what happened with Everton a few years back. this has to be a joke but recently, that never seems the case. Buckle up Chicago...
  14. I wonder if the Barrelman is going to take the place of the 50th anniversary patch after this year, which is why he's not on any of the uniforms at this time. but next year would be on all 4
  15. Back on the actual topic and not whether NYRB is relevant to New York proper: it could work as a secondary logo but the shield shape makes me think it’s either a new primary to minimize the full on Red Bull logo, or perhaps this is like RB Leipzig where it’s an “international” version, since FIFA doesn’t allow corporate names. reading about RB Leipzig, it’s actually a crazy story in how Red Bull wanted to have a top-level team in Bundesliga but no one was selling, so they bought an extremely low-level team and built their way up through Promotion all the way up to Bundesliga.
  16. This all looks incredible. I agree the PADRES word mark is big on the homes but aside from that, these are amazing. If I were a Padres fan I’d be snagging that Road Alt jersey immediately. I think the pinstripes on the sand are great! I agree the road pants are sorta bland compared to how alive the home and alts look but hopefully they’ll designate the pinstripes as the away look full time. My hope is that these look as great under the midday sun as they did in the artificial light. can’t believe I’m saying this: well done Padres
  17. Teams can trade for Expansion Immunity now? What is this, Monopoly... ...oh wait
  18. That game was unsettling to watch. Good job on Baltimore exploiting the holes that the Pats have. That Pistol offense feels like when Miami debuted the Wildcat on the Pats a few years ago and they had no answer. Jackson is quick and nimble and really can be a potent weapon. I could see him going far in the league barring any freak injuries or stupid coaching choices. Pats have a bye week to hopefully address some of the offensive issues and restructure the defense. good game by the Ravens overall. Solid gameplan that they stuck to and executed perfectly
  19. Ok Mayfield literally just tossed the ball to Guy. When the announcers even say “you gotta be kidding me” you know Cleveland has already phoned it in
  20. This is very true... Except we have the Nationals from the National League East representing the National League in Baseball's biggest stage and no one seems to be too confused about that notion. Not to mention the original Senators in Washington who also went by Nationals happened to play in the American League while the rival National League existed and there was even less access to information back then!