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  1. Chase Claypool chose 11. For a big guy wish he would have kept 83. Other, lesser receivers have had it since Heath Miller. The top 6 WRs for the steelers have teen numbers.
  2. TJ Watt. Rookie card photos? Whole bunch more at the Steelers site.
  3. Steelers TJ Watt 90 Juju Smith-Schuster 19 Cameron Sutton 20 James Conner 30 Joshua Dobbs 5 Brian Allen 29 Colin Holba 49 Keion Adams 99
  4. Google "City of Champions". I think they added it because of the Cup win last year and likely wouldn't keep it if the jersey is used as a full time third going forward. It's a little bit of fan service.
  5. Greg Lloyd wearing what he wore most of his career. He was at lastnight's game to present Kevin Greene his HOF ring at Heinz Field.
  6. I kind of like both of these. Cincy's normal white jerseys suck. These have better numbers and no yoke. Overall it being less busy is really great. The Dolphins no longer sport much orange and their new aqua is inferior to the old shade. I'm not saying this look is better than their normal look but it's nice to see something different. I think white socks with an aqua stripe that matches the helmet stripe would be a better touch.
  7. The ones i posted are the inaugural 1933 uniforms(throwbacks of course), the ones you posted are 1934s. I thought you were joking about them being baltimores.
  8. I don't mind them personally but i'm a fan of the team. You gotta admit they're better than these.
  9. seriously, change the name to Washington Warriors and change to these and they'll be all good for the future. It will never happen while Synder is there and because FSU is pretty iconic with their spear.
  10. Kentucky's first time wearing Anthracite. I believe they got rid of the black and lighter grey from the last couple years. If that's their one alternate, it's ok. Looks like same blue helmets from the other games but they changed the masks to match the jerseys.
  11. Deon played on 5 teams. No team really looks more wrong than right when you switch that much. If any of them is odd you could argue for the Ravens due to his number change.
  12. That'd be fine since it seems like everyone but the skins is going along with the color rush thing. I just think all white (white and blue only) would be a really boring look full time when they have the great and vibrant yellow and Royal look that everyone already loves and is unique to the league.
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