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  1. This league is a joke and it pains me to admit that I did a couple of these logos while still in school when the league first started - Carolina Thunder, Texas Tycoons, Cape Cod Frenzy. I thought I'd be able to class-up some of the teams, but the "owners" in this league are super cheap. That's why most of these logos are terrible - you get what you pay for. The Thunder wanted a picture of a Nascar car - not a logo - and the Tycoons owner said he wanted "the Monopoly Man holding a bag of money while riding the Chicago Bull." I should have hung up right then, but at the time I thought it would be cool to have a semi-pro basketball logo under my belt. I thought I was finally on to something when the Frenzy owner gave me creative license to design a shark, only to have it ruined by insisting that it be slapped in a star riddled roundel. Its a disgrace that they're allowed to use the ABA name. Needless to say, these are conveniently committed from my portfolio. This is my design version of getting drunk and going home with the wrong person at a bar. Worst experience of my professional career. At least I can laugh it now.
  2. Yea, my reaction too. The font chioice is taking away most of the effect of the message. This photo can actually be used in graphic design education of how a font choice can emphasize/dilute a message. Are you kidding me!? As a designer, I hate Comic Sans just as much as the rest of you, but really, the font choice dilutes the message? Clearly this wasn't generated by designers because its not about the font, its about the message and has nothing to do with sports. Jesus Christ you guys.
  3. Back in the 80s, if two players on the same team had the same last name AND first initial, their first name was also on the back. Marques and Mickey Johnson were teammates on the Bucks and both had their first names above their last. I don't think there was another Thomas on that all-star squad, but maybe there was another I. Thomas on the Pistons that season.
  4. Based on that link, it looks like it will be the new primary
  5. I'd love to see all these without the wordmarks on the front, or maybe just small wordmarks like the Wizards
  6. I think the Chiefs is the only offensive figure. He's YELLOW. As a black guy, I see no issue with the Browns or Saints and as someone who is in favor of the name change for the Redskins, I think theirs is fine too. Wish they would just give out the helmets though, like you use to get in the $0.25 machines
  7. Ugh. Earl Watson is wearing Jerome Kersey's number.
  8. This (the Suns summer league jersey) is what I'd expect a woman's sleeved jersey to look like.
  9. It would do just fine without the box, ala Miami
  10. Pretty sure the Pacers current unis and 'updated' logo are only like two years old.
  11. My only suggestion would be to try one where the top crossbar of the T is the same width as its stem. I like it though. Simple and effective.
  12. Some of you are wrong. It DOESN'T look like a jaguar anymore. Jaguars have huge heads. Homever said it looks like a house cat is pretty spot on. Its a well-rendered, mean, exotic house cat.
  13. I may be the only one, but I still think that the NBA champ should wear the trophy patch the following season. Not all of the players will have played on the previous season's championship team, but I like the idea of the "come and get us" patch.
  14. jtrip

    OKC Thunder Logo

    I agree that the color split isn't necessary and somewhat distracting. I'd be curious to see how it would look if the entire outline were orange and the nose and star or thunder bolt were yellow?