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  1. This concept and presentation are amazing. Seeing this style of cap immediately made me think of the cap that Calvin Griffith wore and displayed in his and the Washington Senators' arrival to the Twin Cities in 1960. It appears that the team name at the time had not been decided and that the placeholder was the Twin Cities Senators. The franchise's first true attempt at a new name (trying to keep as many fans as possible from Minneapolis' contentious rival, Saint Paul) was the Twin Cities Twins, but that was rejected by Major League Baseball. Griffith decided to name the team after the state instead of the city that they played in, becoming the first North American professional sports team to do so. Long story short, I was wondering if you could create an "alternate" version for the Twins since it is so stylistically similar to that first marketing tool for the new Minnesota team when they moved away from DC? Saint Paul Pioneer Press
  2. While doing some research for basketball in Kansas City, I came upon this beauty for the Kansas City Steers. Anybody want to give it a try?
  3. Iowa State put the logo up on their new track scoreboard at the beginning of the year. I think with it being a very simplified logo patches are inevitable.
  4. These updates are flat out amazing. If you get a chance, I would love to see your take on these two logos from Iowa State's past. Thank you ahead of time, I know these will look amazing!
  5. Those are both photo shop jobs by the twitter account Cyclone Uniforms. It is a fan made account. There is no way that these see the field.
  6. You should give this Iowa State logo an update!
  7. Here is a side and front shot of the new Iowa State road unis. The front and numbers appear to be the same as last year. I'm going to assume that the homes stayed the same too. No word yet on any alternates, but the Big Monday game against Kansas is listed as Golden Rules, so it is safe to assume there will be gold again.
  8. Here is a shot of Iowa State's new unis. Has this type of trim been used before or is it unique to Iowa State? Also, the back logo is a first for the Cyclones.
  9. The Vikings Yearbook has an article in it about the new uniforms and it included a snippet that said the head coach has always chosen the pants color. It also went on to say how Childress did not like the purple pants but that Frazier does like them.
  10. The Twins have already started selling merchandise for the game and I'm guessing that this is a secondary logo for the game. I personally like this one better and, as a Twins fan, have found my first ever All-Star Game purchase ever.
  11. Not a fan, but from Iowa. Personally, I think they really need to use the Cyclone more as it's super unique. The block "I" with "state" is well done, and clean - but there's no special identity there - any state school could do that. Overall I do think ISU fans/grads miss the Cyclone. I can definitely agree with that thought. Between Iowa State, Indiana and now Illinois you have a lot of school in that small area using a block I logo. Going back to the Cyclone would definitely be more unique and stand out against the crowd. Personally, I would like to see them do some sort of throwback look with this logo. I know I am most likely in the minority on this one but I think with some updates that it could be a good look. Most fans felt initially like the I-State logo was shoved on us since it was put in a fan vote on a helmet against two very poorly designed helmets. This tornado logo is a fan favorite even though it is connected to very poor athletic teams. The one logo that is liked by everyone universally is the "Walking Cy". Every store in Ames has a shirt with this on it and almost every club on campus uses the Cy in their logo.
  12. Hayden Fry, the Iowa head coach in the 80s, has said that he modeled the uniforms after the Steelers so that the team could look like champions to play like champions. I would say that as long as the Hawks use those uniforms, they are considered Steelers copy cats, no matter what the Steelers themselves look like.