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  1. Dude, seriously. This is freaking annoying. Every week you pull the same line. Find new material. It's more tired than your wife after an hour at my place. You know whats even more annoying is how people like you flip your s%!t every time he posts that. Just friggin ignore it and move on. The only reason he keeps posting that is because it gets reactions like that from you.
  2. Saints will be back in black jerseys. I'm guessing they will wear black pants too.
  3. all uniforms to be accented by pink cleats and sweatbands. Sigh. I'm all for breast cancer awareness, but do they really need to wear pink cleats and sweatbands? There's no doubt that the players care about the cause, but they go overboard with it and it just looks silly. How about one pink accessory?
  4. I guess it's because they wore white in the Super Bowl. They were their black top/gold pants in their home playoff games last year. Editing to add: The Saints wore white in their first 3 home games last year Since Sean Payton took over in '06, the Saints have worn white in their first 3 or 4 home games and then worn the black for the remaining home games. I know Brees says he prefers the white jerseys because he says he sees the receivers better.
  5. I also saw on some of the super high resolution pics that they made a similar mistake on Boise State's cleats. There is an Ohio State logo on their blue cleats.
  6. System: PS3 Team: Louisiana State Player: Patrick Peterson Mike the Tiger thrown in please. Thank You!
  7. System: PS3 Team: Louisiana State Player: Patrick Peterson Thank You!
  8. Good God! This is the greatest most beautiful-est Saints concept I've EVER seen Thank you. Just thank you. Agreed.....Maybe with all the black on the road one, could we see some gold numbers?..... Just a quick second of venting, is it too much to ask for the saints to wear black and gold at home. I know it isn't gonna happen this week. I haven't missed a home game in years and I can't remember the last time we did B&G at home. Sorry, back to the wonderful concepts.
  9. and I bet anyone who doesn't follow Texas football or this board would have a clue.
  10. from watching pregame, it looks like they are going red jerseys/white pants/red socks
  11. What's with Fitzgerald's pants, and I don't think it's just the sweat, it looks like a different material....he has seemed to have something funky going on with his uniform all season.