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  1. Nationally, no. Locally, in the moment, he is.
  2. I'd love to see the Lakers honor Nipsey Hussle similar to The TWolves Prince unis. Black and gold with the "Crenshaw" script from his Marathon clothing line. They'd sell like hotcakes.
  3. Looks like the outline is equally weighted now as well. Big improvement, but I'd rather see them move back to the Golden Gate with the move. The off-center bridge bugs me. Just lose the logo on the jersey and go with the "The City" throwbacks as the city edition.
  4. I like it. Simple, uncluttered. Reminds me of an 80s anniversary logo.
  5. Not crazy about the mismatch stripes on the these. It's the tough part of putting pant stripes on the shoulders.
  6. Caught this a while back. Anybody ever noticed the (unintentional) 'P' in the logo?
  7. Cant argue with that. At least its not double Zs.
  8. Sorry if this was posted (I couldn't find it through a search). Posted last week in UniWatch, this seems to be a good idea, but I imagine helmet manufacturers aren't having any of it.
  9. Whats up with that Laker garment peeking in to the NOLA shot? Looks like the old black and gold Hollywood Nights/Mamba colorway, which I actually miss given the new city set.
  10. I'm really not a fan of dropshadows that are lighter that the numeral. It just doesn't register as a shadow as much as an odd offset stroke. I'd much prefer white/purple on yellow, white/yellow on purple, and yellow/purple on white.
  11. I think the Reds are the perfect example of a team that needs to ditch the outline. "Cincinatti" is such a long name, the white out line would only clutter things. The Dodgers "Los Angeles" script is proof. That look improved leaps and bounds sans white outline.
  12. Is Al Snow the Commissioner?