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  1. They use it on US soccer on field uniforms, which I always found odd, but I like it.
  2. I still argue that the Browns should employ all three, brown, white and grey facemasks into their set. Brown for color rush, white with the road set, and grey at home/throwback.
  3. Unfortunately I think it has less to do with trying to design a good look and more to do with a new prerequisite to have custom numbers. I recall reading (probably here) that one of the main motivators for the introduction of unique number fonts is to curb counterfeiters from producing accurate knockoffs. The Vikings nailed it with a clever tweak to a traditional look, fortified with an extra level of minutiae of doing it on the leading number. The Seahawks and Rams also have the extra layers in addition to the custom shape. I'm afraid that this is the way going forward. Bad structural design and superfluous details on top. It's going to get ugly.
  4. The simplest thing the Rams could do that would have a sneaky big result in connecting to the traditional set is adding contrasting collars. It's amazing what a difference it makes.
  5. The "Portland" part of that sign is a very recent addition. For years it was "Made in Oregon" and before that "White Stag". The clipped descender on the "g" has been a constant and I assume was due to the lettering on the building trim (when it had a sugar ad on the sign) restricting a full loop. As much as I disliked the clipped g at first, I love that they included such a weird quirk. In a way "Oregon" pays more tribute to the city's history than "Portland"
  6. That was hardly a race riot. In fact, the most diverse public backlash to racial justice in our country's history. That capitol cosplay was more more along the lines of a race riot.
  7. Add in the Portland-based lifestyle brand (that's pretty unimpressive in it's own right) to the mix and you get far too many opinions and people pleasing to make this work. I've been through his process enough to recognize the symptoms of too many cooks or a designer going off unchecked. I've followed Gundell's trajectory for over a decade when he was posting concepts on this board to deduce it wasn't the latter. I'm giving him a pass on this one, but I'd love to see what he had in his sketches.
  8. Really not crazy about it. Happy for the change, but it feels like a 2nd draft of a really good idea. I'm getting mid major college program vibes. Like a 2004 MAC team. I'd love to see it without the red keyline and no gradient. Just feels very cluttered and committee designed, which is unlike Gundell's typically clean work.
  9. Pretty amazing this didn't leak. Must've been shot months ago. Cam Akers is still 23 in the video and he changed to it 3 just after the rule change. Also funny that he's in the drop video but his jersey isn't on the team shop.
  10. US roads up in the shop. https://store.ussoccer.com/collections/usmnt-1/products/usasmz2102-mens-nike-usmnt-stadium-away-jersey
  11. I still feel like they could get away with rotating gray, white, and brown masks on home, road, and alts. Maybe the random white mask with brown over orange.
  12. Agreed. The bone would have looked a lot better with he navy helmet and darker numbers. The updates seem to want to call out glitz and glamour, but paired with dirty underwear it falls flat.
  13. Robert Woods is a former Bill. There ya go.
  14. This is bad. I kinda assumed that part of the reason they split the design is that it'd make for an easier 2-part application. If they were going to make it one piece, they should've just put it against the darker blue with a bit of a keyline to make it stand out a bit more. I really wish they'd followed the Vikings on this one. As time goes on, that overhaul is looking better and better. The closest to a 'modern classic' we've had in 20 years.
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