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  1. Is that old Clarkson logo another one of Phoenix Design Works that is being phased out? It has all the elements and style of their work from the early 2000’s, from the beveling to the go-to font.
  2. Awesome job on these. I like the updated flame now that it swirls around the roundel. I like either of the bottom two since they are in familiar Rockets colors. One suggestion would be to make the basketball lines thinner. Usually I am all for making lines thick and bolder, but in this case the basketball lines compete with the rocket too much. Either way, light years better than what the Rockets unveiled last month.
  3. Most of these are just recolorizations that may be more accurate to reality but have little color contrast and don’t factor in that teams have color palettes for aesthetic reasons. If teams with animal nicknames actually cared about realistic colors, then almost every team nicknamed after a mammal would be brown or gray. No thanks. The only gripe of the author’s that I do agree with is how yellow beaks became the norm for a lot of cardinal logos out there, especially for NFL Arizona and MLB St. Louis since yellow isn’t in either teams’ color schemes beyond the beak. It seems that most schools nicknamed Cardinals were inspired by those two pro logos rather than actual photos with red beaks.
  4. I’m going to chime in one more time about the beveling since I really like what you’re doing with this. I agree that the beveling helps bring out the J somewhat, but you could bring it out even more if you extended the darker shade of red on the diagonal bar of the N all the way so that it’s flush with the the J. Right now it ends halfway. Beveling looks good on the Dallas Stars IMO so why not the Devils too.
  5. I like what you’ve done with the pointy end of the tail almost nearly perfectly curving along the outer circle. I don’t mind the beveling as it does add a lot of life into the design. Right now your darker shade of red is bottom-right, except on the top right horn. I’d add a shadow to that horn for consistency.
  6. Huge improvement in my mind. Since Golden State is nationally televised year round, it's given us all plenty of exposure to the flaws of the logo day after day. Getting rid of Copperplate is a no brainer, but the now "old" logo just needed the lines thickened up and the negative spacing widened, which these updates take care of. 1) The bottom left corner where the bridge meets the circle: Before it had this small blue spec (or yellow depending on blue or yellow version) that just bugged me since it was sloppy work, but now that area has been enlarged and is no longer a minute spec. 2) The bridge cables were as thin as strands of hair in some areas, and there were too many of them. Less detail = better. Thicker lines = better. 3) The horizontal "slash" that runs along the street has also been thickened. Before it was so narrow that it barely showed when reproduced. 4) The two vertical bridge support beams were too close together and the negative space between them was too thin. That's been widened. The only issue that wasn't fixed completely was the way the top right of the W still dips below the top left of the A, and they still don't align along the same bottom circular path, but now that the W lost its right serif, it's not quite as noticeable as on the Copperplate font version. I guess that's just the nature of having a wide letter, like W, attempting to run along an arched path without manually manipulating the letter. This is a great example of why proper negative spacing is so important.
  7. Really well done, and I like the inclusion of the whole state, but I would agree with scouserduke’s comment to make the beveling consistent in that area.
  8. The logo in the video isn’t even an accurate representation of the actual logo since the black ring/band wraps all the way around the ball in the video, which looks good, but in the logo the ring/band ends at the ball. It’s very jarring for half the HOU and ETS letters to placed on black and the other letters placed on gray. I like the idea that they were going for, but as usual, it’s not the idea but the execution that ruins it. Also, there are too many shades of gray.
  9. It may even be more than that since often times there are sport-specific word marks. With “small” schools, it’s better to have foresight and go overboard as a designer with different arrangements than to have a coach/marketing team go rogue later on and rearrange things themselves.
  10. I agree. I wish more schools would go this route of just modernizing their existing look if the previous one was poorly done, as it was here. The inconsistent line widths and awkward highlights of the old were in desperate need of an update. You don’t always need to redefine your identity, you just need someone with actual artistic skill to execute the design. The unique colors also really jump out.
  11. It’s not just the loss of gold that makes this a downgrade, it’s that they added an extra thin blue outline which then leads to an extra white outline when placed on blue backgrounds. If you start at the interior blue area (around the eye and move right) the colors switch from blue to thin white highlight to thin blue line (and that should be the end of it but then it continues) to white line, blue line, white line. That’s six lines in one small space. When shrunk down as it usually is on TV, it looks dizzying.
  12. Massive improvements here when seeing the progression from your earlier drafts. In your latest version, I would reduce the size of the ears drastically and lighten up the charcoal gray a shade to create more contrast.
  13. As a fan of college block letter logos, the cross swords CSU logo is a few tweaks away from looking outstanding. I hope they continue to use that. The new logo looks dated already as others have said, and you can’t read the school’s name because it’s so small. The article says they are proud to update yet stay “consistent” with their branding. Nothing is reminiscent of their prior brand. This reminds me of when UNO Privateers updated their logo only to realize it was a dated mistake and two years later finally getting it right by updating again, this time with Bosack.
  14. That’s what I thought too after first seeing these together, but my guess is they were trying to mix the two eras together. The shape of the new oval logo has that Namath era feel while the sleek jerseys and colors look like the 80s and 90s Jets. Although I’m not a fan of the execution of the spacing within this new oval, I do like that the previously hard-to-read “NY” stencil lettering awkwardly placed behind the JETS is no more, and this new oval is easier to read. The shoulder striping on the Jets previous jerseys were among the best in the league, classics, but I don’t hate this new look.
  15. Not a train wreck. Lol. Just a front-facing bear has been done 10x over and is very run-of-the-mill at this point...Now watch as my next project will probably be a frontal bear. Ha.