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  1. They also produced these for Wisconsin Lutheran College in 2017. My brother, an alumnus from the school, put in a bid to create their new logos, but they went with Phoenix Design Works and ended up with this.
  2. The only issue with the new Fresno set is that they could’ve toned down the slashes on everything but the word mark still manages to be legible. Other than that, this shows that the Brandiose style still works when working on a more traditional team name. And even if you don’t care for the team name Pit Spitters, that Michigan emblem is one of the most creative logos I’ve ever seen, especially the leaves forming the UP.
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking with the placement of FC - have it read VERMONT all the way across left to right, and then place FC below it in the negative space between the V. I'd also suggest having the V in Vermont be at the same angle as the diamond so that they flow seamlessly together. For colors, the versions that have navy as the outmost and dominant color work better. The others with inverted colors get confusing on the eye. I like the first version in the third row, down because it almost appears as if the tree is reflecting on water, but I think you need to add something to the top half since there's a lot of empty navy.
  4. The stars should be solid white on the blue bell to make a cleaner look. As is, the blue stars on blue bell with a thin white outline separating them is cluttered. Also it looks like they attempted to position the two letter ‘i’s’ to be symmetrically balanced within the bell yet the outline on the left star doesn’t touch the outer bell while the right star does touch. Small imperfections like these make a logo look clumsy in addition to the script already being heavy to the left.
  5. I’ve never had a problem with the 2002 update of Bucky as it’s a fairly decent cleanup of the original. But your update goes to show that thicker line work is (usually) better. Nicely done. It’s cool to see the progression of the three versions side by side.
  6. Been following this thread since September and with the unveiling of the uniforms, there's a lot to like: The whole league, logos and unis, have a cohesive look and that's the result of having the same designer(s) do the whole league. I'd rather have a league full of logos of equal quality/style compared to a league with a mixture of some amateur and some professional designs which often happens in startup leagues. Compared with the two other recent football leagues that come to mind (FXFL and UFL), the FXFL had great logos but bland, high school-looking uniforms. The UFL just had some bright colors but too many gradients on the logos, and uniforms that were over-detailed with helmets having weird center striping. With the AAF, the team logos and nicknames are all well thought out. The Birmingham Iron have one of the best names - modern and fitting. Non-plural nicknames are a nice change of pace from the NFL which has 32 teams all ending in 's'. And it's about time we have a team called Memphis Express regardless of how predictable it is. San Antonio Commanders is another great name. Atlanta Legends is probably my least favorite but still solid. My main gripe is the numbers on one side of the helmets as others have said. To me, some of the best football helmets are those with symmetry on both sides. I'm thinking of the way the tail of the Patriots, Cardinals, Eagles, for example, both come to points that mirror each other on the back/front when both sides are visible. The Commanders could have had this with the swords both facing forward. The Express helmet is perfect (gradient and all..did I just say that?) and it's because the way both sides meet and mirror symmetrically. I even like the two-toned Commanders helmet with the Alamo. Maybe the Iron were going for a blue-collar helmet, but just wish the they had helmet decals. The fact that each team will only have one jersey is a good idea to start out. I'm assuming this might change if the league were ever to expand, but for now it allows each team to solidify a consistent look that fans can immediately recognize. It ensures a consistency that college football doesn't give anymore with different unis and helmets week to week.
  7. ‘Marauders’ is one of my favorite team nicknames. And you can’t go wrong with crossing swords. The line width really makes these look sharp. Nice job!
  8. All really good stuff here and I like the unique team names, but for the Spikes I’d change the perspective on the railroad tracks and flatten the tracks downward if that makes sense. Since they’re laid upright right now, I thought it was a fence at first glance. You could also extend each individual wooden piece beyond the rail so it doesn’t look like a ladder.
  9. The pose and detail of your marlin is exactly the direction the club should have gone in real life. I could go with or without the splashes of orange but either way, it looks nice since it’s rendered more realistically than the new logo as well as the recently replaced toothpaste logo. You should thicken the outlines around the letters or eliminate a few outlines altogether. Those thin lines add nothing and complicate the composition, particularly the M. another idea: What if you rotated the marlin slightly left so the dorsal fin is perfectly centered between the bats? (right now it’s to closer to the right bat.) Out of the three Marlins identities in real life, their first is the only one that’s palatable, and what you’ve done would be a nice update of that.
  10. I like how this is simpler than their actual crown logo, which is over-detailed. On the crown, I would suggest having the black outline continue inward around the entire yellow crown rather than just following the outer path of the whole logo. It will help the colors interact consistently throughout the logo. On the LA shield, I'd widen the gap between the lower L and the A so the width between them is more consistent with the rest of the logo.
  11. Illinois Wesleyan is a big upgrade but I can’t help but notice that the plume is at a slightly different 3/4 angle than the helmet. It’s not enough to ruin the set because overall they now have a nice consistent look.
  12. The fish Is beautifully rendered. It’s a bit detailed to work on a cap/helmet though, so I wonder if they also have a ligature logo to round out this identity.
  13. I see this slowly becoming true in the NBA as well as teams are realizing that their simpler secondary logos (with no team name spelled out) are often more practical to use on apparel, TV graphics, etc... The Bucks, Spurs, Rockets, and Clippers all use their secondary more often than primary, while the Bulls, Blazers, and Pacers have been doing this for decades. I expect this trend to continue in the NBA in the years to come as these marks are recognizable without words and need no explanation, much like NFL logos. There are exceptions - teams like the Kings and Suns whose primaries are clean and simple (short team names help) so their primaries look good shrunk and in all applications. Then there are the Knicks, Jazz, and Lakers where the lettering is the most prominent element of their logos, making the primary a stronger mark than the secondary.
  14. It works or me except I wish they thickened the white outline around the NFL shield to match the outline width around the 100. I just noticed the bottom red streak is different (continuous) on the 3D rendering than the flat rendering where it breaks between numbers, which bugs my OCD-ness.
  15. Not familiar with this school but that mascot had a ton of potential, and they should have at least kept it as an alternate (if they cleaned up the gradients) similar to how the Wisconsin Badgers have their primary W but still use the Bucky mascot logo a lot. As far as these new shield logos, they need thicker lines. There’s a lot of unimaginative empty white space. This update seems like a missed opportunity.