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  1. I'm gonna go ahead and lock this thread. Given that OP didn't create the artwork, but instead found it on Twitter and posted it here, I don't think it's really in the spirit of the Concepts forum. If the actual creator wanted to post it here, they could do it themselves. Plus there's no actual artwork in the first post. If any other mods disagree, they can unlock it if they like.
  2. The EE Football Team announced yesterday that it is soliciting name suggestions from the public: Deadline is Dec. 1. No prizes or anything, just bragging rights. Part of me thinks this is just a big focus group to see if what they've already come up with lines up with what people think the name should be.




  4. The L.A. DEFIANCE thread was closed due to the following explanation: "Concepts depicting current or recent political figures or using partisan political symbols as an example of content that may not be posted".


    Okay. Then I don't understand why THIS thread, in the Sports Concepts section, was NOT closed by any moderator back then in 2016 due to the same aforementioned reasons:


    Firstly, I find it extremely odd that this very thread has even less to do with sports in general, unlike the L.A. DEFIANCE thread  – namely purely nothing at all! Zero. Yet, it wasn't closed.


    (Let alone the "fun" fact, that both parties of the two-party system are responsible in the first place for that very system that black people have been forced to live under for centuries, a system that actually led to Colin Kaepernick's kneeling and the BLM movement!)

  5. We're starting to see leaks of next season's kits for European soccer leagues, so it's probably time to start up a new thread for 2020-21. Probably the biggest change will be Liverpool switching to Nike after a protracted legal battle where New Balance sought to keep the contract, but ultimately failed. No leaks from Nike yet, but I'm sure something is in the works given Liverpool's status. Also, there are a few details floating around about Arsenal's kits. It appears the home kit will feature a darker red than this year's, possibly with a chevron pattern. The away kit is rumoured to be "cloud white" with red trim. It's not unprecedented for Arsenal to wear white away kits, but as Arseblog points out, it might be uncomfortably close to our North London rivals. The third kit is where things get really interesting. Images have surfaced online of merchandise in a highlighter yellow-navy blue-pink colour scheme (see below). How these will be arranged to make an aesthetically pleasing kit, I do not know.