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  1. Plus those numerals are too square, too thick and too italicized to work on the front of a football jersey. They'd just look like blobs from a distance, and blobs that ran under the players' arms if they wore a two-digit number.
  2. Jets beat writer for the Athletic. Has tweeted/written stuff about the #JetsNewUnis in recent weeks. He may have taken that image to a source within the Jets and asked, "Is this it?" and the source said "No" without revealing anything about what they actually are. Having worked in journalism before, can confirm this sometimes happens.
  3. Looks like it was used last year. Same logo is on a cap on New Era's site that's listed as a 2018 model.
  4. This is making the rounds today as a potential leak of the 2019-2020 Arsenal home kit: Not sure if I trust the source, but I like what I see. Feels like a template Chelsea had a few years ago, though. The red 3 Stripes clutter up the sleeves, but overall I like it.
  5. The Arizona Coyotes are hosting their annual Diamondbacks Night on Thursday, and will be wearing these for warmup:
  6. Merging this with the previous thread on the XFL logo. We can keep all the XFL logo and name talk in one thread.
  7. Also, considering another user currently has an NCAA court database project going that includes Final Four courts, this thread is redundant and will be locked.
  8. I don't know of any other way to turn it off. Are you just getting a whole bunch of notifications under the bell at the top of the page?
  9. Sorry for the delay. Which box have you unchecked?
  10. Interesting. Can't say as I recall a WM logo that gives such a big, overt nod to the football team that plays in the stadium they're hosting it in. They have done placeholder logos before for the initial announcements, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if this changes to something else as we get closer to next April.
  11. It loses the magic of the original Whalers logo because you can't really hide anything in the negative spaces. It all feels incongruent, too, because the C is round with squared-off ends and the W has pointy ends mixed with rounded-off corners on the tail itself, and then the wordmark font is a mix of straight lines and curves. It's all a bit jarring as a complete package.
  12. I don't believe you can completely delete it. You can go back and edit it so that it's almost completely blank, but there would still be an indication that you posted something.
  13. To everyone in this thread, a reminder of the CCSLC Code of Conduct: