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  1. @ghost316 Knock off the taunting and trying to get a reaction out of people.
  2. Also, here's the first good look I can remember of Arsenal's cup font for the new season:
  3. Did we see Juventus' new kits in this thread yet? I don't recall. If not, here we go:
  4. There's no fixed "Lukas Rule" around here, or at least there wasn't one in the mod handbook they gave me. But while the suspended member did mention him, it would have been a pretty clear attempt to troll and derail even without it.
  5. Looks like that's straight from Landon Collins' Instagram. So it would appear we got some bad Photoshop renders earlier. Sleeve striping and pants striping don't seem to have changed. The thing that jumps out at me is the yellow bumper under the earhole on the helmet. I don't recall seeing one of those before, or at least not in a contrasting colour.
  6. This has been brought up before, but the nickname of the local Canadian Premier League team, FC Edmonton, is the Eddies. Not sure if they have any trademarks or anything on it, but it would definitely be stepping on their toes.
  7. Suspension has been set at two weeks.
  8. From Elliotte Friedman's column today, in which he dedicates 6 of his 31 Thoughts to the Kraken identity:
  9. Split this off from the Kraken megathread.
  10. Sorry, but the CCSLC guidelines prohibit advertising outside websites:
  11. @HurQlez Your images aren't showing up. It looks like you're trying to host them on Dropbox, but I'm not sure if they allow that. You may have to try imgur or another hosting site.
  12. It was a gimmick from a different thread, a joke gone awry. I've changed it back for him.
  13. Changed it back for you. No. The forum guidelines prohibit username changes that are "vulgar, overtly offensive, or be so close to another CCSLC member as to cause confusion."