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  1. To answer the question that a few people have asked (Why are they changing?): The new ball is a synthetic ball, not leather like currently used. The leather was always inconsistent from ball to ball and the synthetic will eliminate that problem. Apparently they finally came up with a synthetic ball that doesn't completely suck. Reportedly the ball is more slick and, here's the part I don't understand, tends to "bobble" more which could lower shooting percentages. The ball has been used in pre-draft camps, the 2006 All-Star game and is on the cover of the NBA's 2006 Draft media guide.
  2. Finally? Yeah, it's been a brutal 18 years for the fans of the Heat.
  3. I much prefer the Nuggets "DN" logo to the shield we just re-colored when we changed jerseys.
  4. I believe he started his career with Orlando, then came to Denver. We then sent him to the Clippers in the McDyess deal.
  5. Funny, because I'm going to listen to the guys that have rings (TD, Elway) before the guys who haven't won it all.
  6. HAWK LOVE BABY! You catch the press conference? The tide is turning. Bohn and Hawkins are going to completely revitalize the program. Already they're pulling in huge donations that Barnett was never able to get.
  7. Great e-mail man. You also might want to try mike.bohn@colorado.edu (the AD). Due to the Barnett fiasco, it'll take him a few days to respond, but he usually responds to every e-mail.
  8. All right, I got an e-mail back from Bruce Fletcher, the University's Director of Licensing. Doesn't sound good for BasketBuff fans.
  9. Donnie Boyce! Hell yeah! I was at the game last night and they didn't have any. I asked the guy working and he had no idea either. There are a few people I can e-mail to see if they know, but I can't promise anything. Lord knows I've been wanting one of their jerseys for a long time. I've NEVER seen one for sale.
  10. Finding CU basketball jersies is damn near impossible. Last year, they had a few replicas for sale at the games. I might be heading to the game tonight. If so, I'll look for you.
  11. There was a big Motown tribute at halftime of Super Bowl XXXII. Probably considered it too soon to do it again.
  12. NCAA 06 Video of the CU Buffs new jerseys. http://www.cubuffs.com/fls/600/easports.wmv
  13. Enjoy Tim Thomas. Only Paxson! He's just as much a sucker as Isiah to take Thomas in a deal. You do realize that while you'll be paying Curry a reported $60 mil over 6 years, combined with the laughable Jerome James contract, Paxson will be able to let Thomas walk away this summer and save $12 million right there, don't you? Paxson ripped off the Knicks.
  14. Not sure how I feel about those Nugs jerseys. I guess they'll grow on me.