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  1. The rams and chargers should franchises should just become 1.
  2. SIAP https://www.goodbullhunting.com/2019/8/14/20805625/needessly-fixing-college-football-logos-texas-am-aggies-alabama-georgia-utah-ucla-kansas-state
  3. actually bad Nike and the NFL has not been a good partnership. I just don't think they gel.
  4. A lot of fans like the 90s look because of nostalgia but the uniforms the past 2 years were better. One thing fans want to bring back that weren't are big numbers. I actually think the new Oregon style big numbers would look good.
  5. Don't hate them yet. I want to see them in their natural habitat.
  6. Can the Ravens/browns non-uniform debate be moved or deleted?
  7. Florida uniform is interesting. I kind of like it but for a spring game/meaningless bowl game. The helmet is lacking, though. Trying to look at this with an open mind.
  8. I like the middle bar facemask with the newer riddell helmets. A balance between old and new.
  9. http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/106307-nfl-changes-2016/?do=findComment&comment=2636135
  10. NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk said she’s had a preliminary conversation with the league about altering the team's uniforms. “We can refresh and they definitely could use a little updating, but it takes a while to get that done,” Strunk told ESPN.com at Tuesday’s training camp practice. “I kind of visited with the league office about it a little bit a couple months ago. But we got so busy that I didn’t go back to it. As for the logo: Many fans call the primary logo the “flaming thumbtack” and have a strong preference for the secondary logo, a "T sword." “They like the sword? Interesting,” she said. “That’s interesting. It’s a thought. I’d like to hear what the fans are saying.”
  11. why did they get rid of the silver pants? the silver helmet, blue tops, and silver pants was a good look.
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