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  1. kstaff

    All-City Logos

    This is my favorite. A lot of these would sell like crazy if they were sold on merchandise.
  2. I love your concepts here. As a Predator fan this package is a huge upgrade. Your gray jersey is extremely appealing. Love the white as well.
  3. I'm a Titans fan, here are my thoughts. -Love the socks and the jersey isn't bad. -Make the stripe of the pants correspond with the socks. -I admire that you want to incorporate more red but I think it's a mistake. The Titans are the two-tone blue and those colors are fantastic. -Keep the current Titans wordmark. In fact one thing that irritates me is that the Titans haven't used the wordmark font for the jersey numbers(would look badass and the look would be synchronized.) -Light blue helmet, grey facemask.
  4. I love the concept in the first post. I appreciate that you didn't add white trim to the gold hat. It looks so much better and I would buy that hat if it ever came out. The only alteration is changing the number to KC on the front of the alternate and it'd be great. The crown and gold definitely need to be more incorporated into the Royals current concept. As one other poster said, if you can add a lion for a sleeve/secondary log it would be perhaps the best baseball concept I've seen.
  5. Love the colors, like the general idea, don't like the wordmark. All in all it's better than what they currently wear. The dark green Rays set was extremely underrated IMO.
  6. I'm a Titans fan and I appreciate the effort. I love version five, just substitute navy for the red. The Titans look best when the light blue is featured prominently and it looks a lot better when trimmed with navy instead of red. One thing the Titans need to do is change their number font to the font they have for their wordmark. It'd make the entire look much cleaner.
  7. I appreciate the effort on the Titans but I dislike the color scheme a lot. IMO the Titans do need a new look but it shouldn't be a drastic change. The current two tone blue is one of the best in the NFL. The less red the better. The shield logo you created is ok but it needs something else. How about adding two swords crossing through the shield? The Titans look just needs to be simplified. It's a blue-collar defensive team that should have one of the more simple looks of any team in the league IMO. The current jersey and this design don't match their image. The home should be a navy jersey, with columbia blue numerals that are the same font as the word mark. There should be three narrow columbia stripes on the sleeves. The away will of course be white and should keep the same color scheme to the numbers(navy with columbia outline), no yokes, and three navy stripes on the sleeves outlined with columbia.
  8. kstaff

    Detroit Lions

    I love this concept. As one poster mentioned, it eliminates the bad parts of their current look while embellishing the good aspects. I'm not a Lions fan but I would rush to buy a Lions hat with that logo. Bad-ass.