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  1. That LAFC is just beautiful. Nicely done.
  2. I disagree. The combo of those two clashing uniforms, plus the ugly ass court, plus the nasty orange shirts in the crowd . . . the whole thing was visually disgusting. Portland, please wear black on Sunday.
  3. Lower division English club (like, way lower I think) . . . but Hackeny Wick FC has produced some of the nicest kits I've ever seen. Amazing work from a small club. Shows that where there is a vision, and a will, there is a way. That templated garbage we see from bigger clubs is just pure lazy. From the release, "The ambition with this shirt project is for Hackney Wick FC to become the symbol of anti youth violence activism in London, and for it to become synonymous with the prospect of a bright and positive future for London’s young people. By wearing the shirt with its HWFC badge, you are taking a stance against the futility of violence, the horror and destructiveness of the world of gangs and its ability to ruin or end the lives of those involved, and shatter their families and destroy their communities."
  4. This will always be a pet peeve of mine. The adidas stripes that change color when wearing contrasting jerseys and shorts. Just don't have stripes on one or the other so the color visually carries through. Red circle = bad. Blue circle = good. This would look much nicer if both these teams just didn't have shorts stripes. Or have monochrome stripes on the shorts. Ugh.
  5. I 100% agree. It bugs the hell out of me. If they have to stripe it (and they don't), I wish they'd do more monochrome stripes so it doesn't dominate the design.
  6. Disagree on the earned jerseys. The basic home/aways are great. The city jersey is also great with the Mardi Gras sorority girl thing going on. But the earned edition, with the Mardi Gras jerseys recolored in team colors? Weak and uninspired. It's not like the city jerseys are good design, they just took a ubiquitous NOLA look and made a jersey out of it. When you recolor it, it loses its connection to the city and just becomes a weird, horizontal striped Pelicans jersey. But overall, you're right. The Pels have a great look and it is very underrated.
  7. Here's my contribution... I think this set of Bucks uniforms are among the absolute best in the league, and they're constantly overlooked. The logos are good, the colors are great (and have meaning to the city), and the designs are coherent across all four sets (but not just identical recolorings) . . . I love 'em.
  8. There’s a really underrated NBA uniform in that photo, but it isn’t the Bobcats.
  9. Weird colors, bad logos, jumbled striping, stupid piping, pinstripes, checkerboard, strange collars, knock-off Mavs wordmarks . . . . all the Bobcats sets are trash. They're not underrated, they're bad. I don't get it.
  10. Oh yes, the Nuggets rainbow uniforms. These are super underrated. I'm surprised no one ever talks about bringing these back, they're always overlooked.
  11. Just here to chime in and say this work has been phenomenal. Austin, SLC, NJ, and Nashville are my favorites. SLC is especially nice, the crest is original and modern and kits bring the rebrand to life. I love your willingness to branch out of the traditional sports team color schemes and explore a wider pallette. It makes for a much better league when each franchise owns a unique color scheme. Nice work! Just so it isn't all rainbows and high fives, I do have some nits to pick. . . I don't see the need to change Houston from the Dynamo to the Apollos. They're both silly, American-ized, futuristic terms. I don't really see the value in going from one to the other, especially when the new branding and colors would fit just as well with the Dynamo. Secondly, I love the moon kit, but I think it needs black shorts and socks. It doesn't feel right to have the moon graphic just stop arbitrarily on the jersey, but have the rest of the kit continue with monochrome color scheme. Next, the 'Q' in the Quakes crest seems a bit off. I think the circle just needs to be larger, as currently the diagonal slash is disproportionate. Even just scaling it up 10% - 20% would probably get the job done. Again though, amazing work. I'm finding this whole series very inspiring!
  12. I love that you're taking the time to work on this! Your original template is very good and I actually like the thick lines and slightly curved sides. It feels like a good graphic representation. The thing I'd love to see is a front / back view of the shorts, instead of (or in addition to) the side view. I wouldn't do too much though, it's already very nice.
  13. I don’t see it, but I love the concept. I agree with the idea that incorporating an LA into the facemask would be a really nice touch.
  14. There is... @Hoopladawg87 generously let me use his template. I shouldn't pass it around, but if you wanted to message him, he might be willing to help you out. Thank you!
  15. I love those TCU uniforms. The Black Panther reference was what I thought of too. It's bold and futuristic, but it makes sense. It looks good. Nice work, TCU. Looking forward to seeing them on the field.
  16. Thank you all for the kind words! This was a look that I was excited to share, I'm glad it was well received! I also wanted to do a Phoenix script on one of them, but just swapping out the word really didnt look right. There is something so strong about SUNS on a jersey that the longer word didn't give me. The proportions were just wrong. I'll work in a Phoenix script for the City edition. A different wordmark with a different jersey design altogether should work better. Well . . . . here you go! Doesn't quite pop as much as I prefer, but it's still fun.
  17. I couldn't imagine a better design. It's amazing how the design takes all the excitement, energy, and creativity of the game of baseball and represents it so accurately. Beautiful.
  18. Thank you! I appreciate hearing that, hoping I can keep the momentum rolling.
  19. Alright, alright, alright... next up is the Phoenix Suns! Probably the biggest design risk I took here was removing black from the Suns identity entirely. With such a striking contrast between bright orange and deep purple, I've never really seen the value in adding black (90's nostalgia notwithstanding). In order to play up that contrast (and hopefully get people to forget about black), I made a couple deliberate design choices. 1. I darkened the purple to "almost black". I was inspired by this Carl Anders photo of the bright sun popping through a dark night sky. I wanted contrast like that in the Suns' uniforms. 2. I kept the Icon and Association uniforms identical except for the base color. Not a drop of purple on the Association set, not a drop of white on the Icon set. This is to evoke a night / day or sunrise / sunset duality between the two. 3. After a long and brutal negotiation period with PayPal, they agreed to let me change the color of their logo patch to orange so that it would work with the color scheme of the rest of the jersey. The Statement jersey is, yes, a little evocative of the Utah Jazz's new unis.... sorry. Believe it or not, this concept was started before those were unveiled. I've zoomed in on the shorts pattern of the other two sets and stretched it across the entire uniform to create the gradient. The idea here is that opponents have flown too close to the sun when the team steps on the court in these loud and bold uniforms. Someone's gonna get burned. Hope you enjoy. Feedback welcomed!
  20. Why does the Charlotte Police Dept have a beehive logo?
  21. It is beautiful. I personally like it even better than the outgoing kit. The hoops are such a classic Timbers design element and it is about time they're back! I'm going to be picking one up for sure.
  22. Dang. What did I start, lol? All I was talking about was Timbers Army vs ECS and how ECS has fallen off since going to the MLS, whereas I'd argue the Timbers Army hasn't missed a beat, and even grown stronger. The Seattle Sounders front office does a ton to dictate the stadium culture and fan experience, which seems to be what Hawks is frustrated about. It's less organic, more orchestrated. One of my favorite parts about being a Timbers fan (even though I don't sit in the Army and generally don't enjoy singing and chanting), is that the front office is fairly hands off when it comes to the game day experience. The atmosphere at a Timbers match comes from the fans, is made by the fans, and is for the fans and players (as opposed to a marketing group or sponsors or whatever). It's beautiful to behold. Timbers fans DGAF who the sponsor on the jersey is, whereas Sounders fans cried all over twitter because daddy took away their XBOX. Sorry, couldn't help myself with that one. I don't care if your team has been around since 1996, 1975, or 2019. Everyone has passionate fans. This fandom argument is stupid. I sat next to some amazing NYCFC fans at a game in Portland last season. They were awesome. I know a lot of soccer fans in Austin who are frothing at the mouth to get to their first game. That's rad. Colorado die hards? Obviously, mad respect. But as with any sport at all, if you "Get Loud!" because the jumbotron tells you too and chant "De-fense" because the mascot is holding up a sign . . . you're weak ass fans. That is my opinion of Seattle right now (through Rose City tinted glasses ).