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  1. Is it just me? Or does anyone else get a weird feeling in their mouth/jaw when they look at that Pred head logo? Like you have lock jaw and can't close or something. It is very weird. Kind of like the feeling when you scratch a chalk board. All that logo lacks is some saliva dripping off one tooth.
  2. Very nice work. I agree helmet needs to be one of the two concepts you first showed with the better logos. The strip with spear just to bland and FL State / old Redskins looking. Helmets could have black alts. Could be home and away helmets. How about a third logo for marketing........ a spartan on a horse or chariot?
  3. I submitted: Romans, Gamblers/Romans, Orcas, Sentinels, Mobsters, PonyExpress, Whales. LA Romans (play at coliseum, LA HS is Romans, would have to talk with them) otherwise any number of Sharks: BlueSharks, TigerSharks, Makos, ReefSharks, CoralSharks, etc etc. Steal a great USFL name Breakers maybe. LV Gamblers Romans(tie in to Ceasers) Orlando Orcas(killer whales at theme park) SF Sentinels(easier to say then Gargoyles?) SeaLions NY Mobsters(Dons just as good or MobBosses) Utah PonyExpress(didn't they ride through on way to coast?) Hartford Whales(not Whalers, to keep Peta at bay)
  4. Are you serious? You really think this Bengal tiger looks NFL caliber? It is in the NFL, however, it has a few dramatic flaws. The head and body are a complete mismatch. The head looks like it was stuck on as a after thought. Like two different people came up with two logos and they stuck the head from one design onto the body of the other. Too much white in head and/or not enough in body. Google Images for Bengal Tiger and you will see what I mean. PS: I do like the premise of this logo, the two shapes(head and body), and the use of just the head as a secondary. They just need to match the head to the body better. I would lessen the white in the head a little and add a little white blend in the body.
  5. You assume everyone in this forum is either a parent, or will be some day. Pretty big assumption, I would say. US pop is aprox 300 million. As we speak there are aprox 150 million people who have kids in the US out of aprox 220 million adult pop. which equals 68%. The other 80 million Americans are school age of which vast majority are childless. Aprox 68% of those will have kids at some point. Or another aprox 55 million. This means of the current living pop in US of 300 million, aprox 205 million will have kids in their lifetime. bucco_B isn't assuming anything. He is telling you the odds are most will have kids.
  6. Only one NFL team sports a facemask that stands out as a obvious wrong, ugly, and hideous choice. Washington Redskins. Their helmet cries out for anything other than the putrid yellow gold facemask. Maroon is probably best. Grey would work almost as well and white and black would be next choices. Black if they put some black in uniform to go with the black in the logo. I am a big fan of Grey facemasks. They are a very good look. They blend in with the helmet without blocking the view of helmet like the off colored ones. If NFL had to change all facemasks to same color. Grey would be my only choice. Oh by the way.....the Redskins never need to change the nickname to appease the parties complaining about it. All they need to do is change the logo to a red hog or red wild hog. Fans dress up as Hogs already it would fit well. Just change the Chief profile in logo to a logo of a red hog. A good example of a red hog is the Rockford Icehogs. Check it out at
  7. It was reported by posters on Des Moines Register newspaper site that the prime owner is a huge Suns fan and holds Suns season tix missing very few games.
  8. Problem with Redskins is not the name it is the logo. Keep the Redskins nickname, just change logo to a red hog and put a profile of a red hog in the circle to replace the Indian head. This would take all Indian references out of the equation and make moot the argument about disparaging Native American Indians. Some diehard male Redskins fans dress up like women wearing hog noses and call themselves the hogs so the changes proposed would fit. If the Redskins desired they could change nickname to Red hogs.
  9. These are sweet. I second that. I will 3rd that and add they still looked good when they switched helmet to white.
  10. That's your problem not ours. Packers have by far the ugliest uni's and colors this side of Oregon. The helmet is nice with the strips and G and all, however, the colors are rock bottom. Darkening the green and changing yellow gold to old gold would be a decent start at a upgrade. Get on it. The 70's are over. And stop with any mention of others who never changed like college teams Yankees etc etc... That is a case of "if it is isn't broken don't fix it". The Packers kit IS broken and needs fixing.
  11. Don't care for the flesh color unless that is suppose to be old gold and does not show well on computer. Old gold is OK.
  12. I like it as do most. The chinstraps look weird. Like they are not lieing correctly? I can't pinpoint it exactly. Maybe the straps at snapon point of helmet need to be pointed up a little instead of back like they are?
  13. I would darken the colors like batmans metropolis. Maybe work in a steely blue or dark green? Maybe the yellow could be a dark cooper? I agree the building should be bigger. I would also change the name to Empires. Sounds more major league to me.
  14. CC: I like it. Just need to be consistant. Purdue should be overlayed over Boilermakers like the rest are. Arsenal should be on top unless all in that league are setup that way. Nicknames should be on same line.(this is a minor critique though) Not stacked like gophers and illini are. Maybe just use gophers and illini if spacing is a issue. Of course that would not work well with nittany lions. Lions does not sound right by itself. Wild should have team logo on left side, again unless all NHL is setup that way. Maybe Big Ten logo is a little overpowering and should be downsized a little to match NFL and NHL size. Good work. I think those could sell. As a Hawkeye fan that sticker looks very good. Maybe make another with gold tigerhawk logo also? Jay Leno says: Sold or Not Sold? I say SOLD!
  15. Actually, the Beef play in Omaha and are in a different league. And the Beef have a pretty good logo, decent colors, and good traditional unis. The nickname itslef leaves alot to be desired as is their change this year to orange helmets.