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  1. I love it, the bear claw mark on the number in the back looks pretty cool. Nice job!
  2. Pretty nice, I actually like the last one. My only concern is the numbers on the back of the jerseys look a little weird.
  3. They look really good, gotta love the throwback.
  4. Looks pretty good, I'm not a huge fan of the bear and would rather see something like the alternative logo but still a good design, nice job!
  5. Totally agree, and after seeing that goal he scored the other day I might even get it
  6. haha thats kinda funny, did you ever contact the publisher or author? that's pretty cool, you should try to contact him and you might just get that free book.
  7. Totally agree, change up the number font and their really solid.
  8. Thanks. For the second I really had no choice on what picture I used, because there is just so little pictures of russian rugby. I tried to cover up the watermark a bit, but i m only middle school so hopefully my teacher won't care too much. The first one was my main one anyway. Your fine then, that's easy A work.
  9. I want to say girl because of the long hair, the flower, and looks like he/she ears are pierced.
  10. I think the real question here isn't what they were thinking, but is this a girl or a guy?
  11. Overall they look really good. My only concern with the Rugby one is it looks like it was illegal to copyright and you just stuck some lettering over top of it to try and hide it. Obviously its not going to be a real cover so you don't have to worry about copy writes but if your professor is going to be really strict on stuff like that you might want to Photoshop that out of there or find a new picture. Couldn't find anything wrong with the first one but overall you did a really good job.
  12. Yankeefan38

    Baseball cards

    Yea I knew it definitely was connected to video game covers in some way, I might have to try out that plug in if I ever mess with covers again.
  13. Looks real good, I love all you alternate ones, mainly because their out of the box but keep it up I look forward to seeing the rest.
  14. Yankeefan38

    Baseball cards

    Looks Awesome, looks like they belong on a video game cover rather than a baseball card. Great job.
  15. Quality isn't the greatest but its not a bad start. I like what your going for though didn't try to do to much, usually people who are just starting out try to do to much. So overall you did a decent job.