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  1. Houston didn't retire the Oilers name. That ownership of that name is with the Titans. If It was available, we would have taken it. So, it would depend if the Thunder was open to it like how New Orleans was open to Charlotte's request. Or the Coyotes did for Winnipeg.
  2. I actually like the name Denver Peak. No matter who is on the team, they'll be Peak athletes. And Breakers sounds best for Sand Diego. Was that the name of the pro football team on Coach in its last seasons?
  3. I can't help but wonder what would a modern day logo for a NBA dragon team look like. Other than just a basketball with the team name. Maybe something halfway between the Raptors and the Kings. But, the colors would probably changed to red, white, and blue sometime in the early 00's
  4. It looks like it's revision away from being good. Scooping, for some reason, sounds disgusting to me. Maybe because it makes me think of pooper scooper.
  5. That angular bird in the op looks to be an altered verion of a concept I did a few years back
  6. I'll take volt on volt games as long as Nike immediately fixes the Rockets. Two sleeved uniforms?!! The pride uniform looks like a terrible fan shirt form Walmart.
  7. The front of the marquee makes no sense with Stephen Colbert underneath. Is it a screen that scrolls up?
  8. The camouflage isn't working; we can still see them sucking.
  9. So, no logo because of tradition but this monstrosity fits their aesthetic?!
  10. I like it. It does kinda look like it work for a clothing company. But solid nonetheless.
  11. "Um... we want... uh, America to come in focus again. We will look clearly to the future. and I'll have your frames ready in an hour!" [Walker fist pumps on his quick thinking]
  12. "I'm just middle aged! I can't be held responsible for robbing the US Mint. BTDubs the art on these dollar bills suck, yo. And I should know, I once drew a stick figure of Lincoln."
  13. Scott Walker is set to announce in the next week or two. In the the meantime, he is revealing his logo as square shaped puzzle pieces on Instagram. At the moment you see a "For America" slogan but no part of his logo.
  14. Is... is it me? No. It's the children. The children are wrong!
  15. I wouldn't want the Rockets to rebrand now because it'd likely be a retro-esque bit of nonesense. The trends right now don't give me high hopes. The bleeding hula hoop R doesn't need to be replaced by a red and yellow basketball with a roundel saying Houston Rockets Basketball Organization.
  16. It's a good looking flag. The CSA battle flag gives the current flag a disjointed look. This looks well incorporated.
  17. The J stands for Junior League. It's like Jindel is the AA affliate of the Barack Obamas. On a more serious note, those stars should be larger. The diminutive size makes the logo seem unsure of itself. Were I to attempt this, I'd have gone with one large star toward the top of the J
  18. Perry easily has the worst of the bunch (so far). I am genuinely shocked by how awful it is. Last time around he had the largest warchest going in. You think they could at least hire a professional.
  19. I hear that LSU is the Tigers because their first dean was a weretiger and saying he was a mascot was the easiest explanation for why a tiger would be at a football game. Weretigers, of course, take the shape of a tiger after kickoff.
  20. The little lines at the bottom of the logo remind me of OKC's.... Uh, skis? on their logo.
  21. The "top shadow" represents the light that comes from the field catching on fire from how fiercely the Browns play. Or the river from pollution.
  22. I imagine having the city name is so jersey is more unidentifiable when fans are walking about. It's not like the team has a logo that be placed on the sleeve or anything.
  23. I had missed the hat early. I am completely sold now.
  24. So the CCSLC has joined the AL West. Finally, a team the Astros might win against.