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  1. Houston didn't retire the Oilers name. That ownership of that name is with the Titans. If It was available, we would have taken it. So, it would depend if the Thunder was open to it like how New Orleans was open to Charlotte's request. Or the Coyotes did for Winnipeg.
  2. I like it. It does kinda look like it work for a clothing company. But solid nonetheless.
  3. "Um... we want... uh, America to come in focus again. We will look clearly to the future. and I'll have your frames ready in an hour!" [Walker fist pumps on his quick thinking]
  4. "I'm just middle aged! I can't be held responsible for robbing the US Mint. BTDubs the art on these dollar bills suck, yo. And I should know, I once drew a stick figure of Lincoln."
  5. Scott Walker is set to announce in the next week or two. In the the meantime, he is revealing his logo as square shaped puzzle pieces on Instagram. At the moment you see a "For America" slogan but no part of his logo.
  6. The J stands for Junior League. It's like Jindel is the AA affliate of the Barack Obamas. On a more serious note, those stars should be larger. The diminutive size makes the logo seem unsure of itself. Were I to attempt this, I'd have gone with one large star toward the top of the J
  7. Perry easily has the worst of the bunch (so far). I am genuinely shocked by how awful it is. Last time around he had the largest warchest going in. You think they could at least hire a professional.
  8. If you want to call huckster, Brandiose is like the guy who started Cave of The Winds in Colorado. The caves themselves are nifty but this guy brought in embellished guided tours, opera singers and even a mummified body. It's a lot of flashy hokum that brings in a lot of business. Is the place good enough on it's own? No doubt. Does it make way more money by embracing silliness. absolutely. I mean, the gift shop actually sells ManBearPig shirts!
  9. Oklahoma City is nicknamed "Bricktown" I understand being hemmed in by having a parent club name but these logos are just a mishmash. I would't mind all the bricks being red or having a OKC monogram in the LA style. Heck, an all Brooklyn Dodger approach would be great. I think a group looked at two or three approaches and handpicked a almost random looking assortment.
  10. And this is what was done with that land Any time I drive that empty field when Astroworld once stood, I boil with rage. The land was bought before the economy tanked so the apartments or medical center extension or whatever the hell they wanted to build there hasn't come about. It's not even being used as overflow parking for the Rodeo and it's connected by a footbridge over the freeway. Parking is so bad for the Rodeo, they have people park at various stadiums around Houston and bus in.
  11. Yeah, they bused in the people who were holed up in the Superdome. Big reason we have a lot of Saints fans in Houston. That and bandwagoning, of course. That was '05 so that was the last use for it.
  12. Yeah, the indoor amusement park idea was around a few years ago. But if Astroworld, which was right across the street from the Dome, couldn't stay in business, what hope would we have of enjoying a far smaller indoor park? I like the idea of the movie studio but the state has been very stingy about funding anything but essentials (and the Governor's Mansion). So, while there are tax breaks, they don't have an active incentive for filmmakers like other states. During our bid for the 2012 Olympics, there was a plan to gut it and make it into the track and field stadium But yeah, anything besides being used as a storage closet like it is now. BTW- the local NPR station talked about this tour and said that they had very few lights on. What you are seeing there is the light streaming in through the windows of the dome.
  13. U of H is already getting a new stadium in the same footprint of their current stadium. There was talk about the Dynamo using it but that would have cost the city/county $100+ million as opposed to the $30 the city/county used on BBVA Stadium. In fact, the reason that the Dome isn't torn down, according to the County Commissioner, is that it would cost somewhere around $128 million. As for any other use, well, it is stuck in the middle of Reliant park. That means sharing parking lots with the Texans, Rodeo, concerts, monster truck shows, etc. It does have direct access to the Metrorail line. I imagine it'll stay in disrepair until a hurricane caves in the roof or there's a fire.
  14. A current tour of the Astrodome from the Houston Chronicle http://www.chron.com/news/gallery/Astrodome-tour-41244/photo-2774936.php. This is what you get with 2-3 million dollars of maintenance a year.
  15. Me, too, esp. after the Astros cut him loose so he could retire as a Ranger.
  16. Lancer University Hellcats from Hellcats
  17. I hate silver helmets. Yes, even the Oilers. With the exception of the idiotic pinstrips, I really like the Astros' current unifrom set. I like the both the Cardinal's and Viking's current uniforms. Piping is okay, everybody. I like the Titan's logo even though I hate the Titans I hated just about everything about the Expos. Nostalgia won't ever get me to like that ugly hat.
  18. Forget salary cap. Think baseball cap. Red Hat League Blue Hat League Black Hat League and DH stands for Designated Hat This does mean the A's are screwed but they're screwed anyways.
  19. Let me be fair and balanced: Man, W. has the :censored:eatingest grin in the world
  20. Saw the Penguins meeting with Obama on the news this morning where the presented him with a custom jersey. I couldn't find a pic of that but he sure has gotten his share of custom jerseys. This may be more of a case of playa with the wrong jersey since I can't picture him wearing any of these. Except for his beloved White Sox:
  21. Rex played well enough not to get cut Friday and to get dumb fans all excited with their, "Start Grossman" talk. He'll be in another wrong uniform next year.
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