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  1. If this were a minor league team, I love the Revenge concept, cap logo (although not the bloody primary) and color combination. The uniforms are beautiful and the Strike, Man, Strike patch is a really cool piece to tie it all together (although Sir Walter could use fewer tatoos)...just wouldn't fly for an MLB team


    I like the owls a lot...not really much I would change in terms of design...it's very well done, but I don't know that Oak City carries much weight beyond the region. Therein lies the problem...Raleigh Owls loses the alliteration and just doesn't work as well, to me


    The Raleigh Hounds is a solid name, but the logo isn't as good as the Charlotte Hounds logo, nor is the color scheme


    The Raleigh Capitals has a great deal of history and could be a legitimate MLB name/identity, but the design is just ok...I love the cap logo, but the primary script should be the script on the 1959 score book , the colors are drab and boring, I'm not sure what the diamond "C" is for and the capital building logo is just not very good. This is the one that I think could be viable, with some tweaks to the visual identity. Something more along the lines of the generic "MLB Raleigh" branding, with more vibrant colors could make this a winner


    Incidentally, I live just outside of Raleigh and had no idea that the MLB to Raleigh was even a thing. While the statistics they cite make this seem viable, I just don't see it happening...and if it did, I would be curious to see what happens to the Durham Bulls and that beautiful ballpark

  2. 21 hours ago, raysox said:

    Also calling teams lacrosse clubs seem really weird for a travel league.



    It may just be "marketing speak", but in the video they reference the use of the term "club" as implying equal standing among all members and the equity that club members share. One of the most unique financial aspects of the league is that the players have actual ownership equity in the league, so that lines up. Also, calling them clubs may also help them identify more with kids/parents who play travel lacrosse for "club" teams...maybe?


    While I don't necessarily love all of the team names, it's hard to find fault with the logos from a design standpoint...they are very well executed


    Lastly, the way the rosters will be composed is very intriguing. Theoretically (rosters haven't been announced yet, but Paul Rabil mentioned this in an article on Sports Illustrated) the Archers will feature sharp shooters, the Whipsnakes will feature smaller fast players, the Redwoods will be the grizzled veterans, Atlas will be the big, strong players, etc. Lacrosse is somewhat unique in that a multitude of body styles can succeed...a guy like Joey Sankey can be one of the best in the world at 5'5", because he's one of the quickest players in the world, and can get his shot off with deadly precision in a blink of an eye. It could be interesting to see the contrasting styles and how they match up. I'm not sure how they will retain the "physical attributes" of the identity with player movement, but for as long as it lasts, it will be interesting to watch. I can certainly say that I've never seen another league even attempt to compose teams this way...

  3. there is a youtube video that is pretty interesting (search for the premier lacrosse league page and find the video Announcing Our Teams)...gives a pretty good overview of the design process they took - there are some really incredible logos left on the table that you get quick glimpses of...i'd love to see those, too!



  4. Charlottesville Tom Sox (yes, that's right, Tom Sox) unveil identity - Valley Baseball League - named to honor Thomas Jefferson - your thoughts?

    my thoughts...the script is a bit sloppy, but solid - i like the way the M and S interact - it's a bit inconsistent in weight in places, but that actually makes it look more hand-written...the name is a bit silly, which might work in the VBL...the colors are solid if you like the Seahawks...the lettermarks are terrible (you can see it in the link) - the T looks more like a J (perhaps that was intentional...working TJ in for Thomas Jefferson?...but it still looks like a J) and the TS lettermark is really just two letters placed beside each other - they don't interact in any interesting way at all...nothing that says Charlottesville anywhere...

    i give this a C- based primarily on the Tom Sox script



  5. Rammstein_Herzeleid_cover.jpg

    Why on earth anyone thought packaging what's basically an industrial metal album in a sleeve that makes it look like a crummy euro-dance album by the poster boys for the local gay bar is beyond me.

    i'm not a music afficionado, but isn't the juxtaposition exactly the point with this album cover (and maybe some of the others)?

  6. what the font says compacta, but i'm not totally sold...(the top & bottom of the S looks more squared in this than compacta)


    i don't have a version which isn't arched...thanks for any help!

    looks like Bureau Agency to me.

    thanks...it must be skewed some (cross bar on the h is way too high), but i'm pretty sure you're right

  7. Ok this is probaly going to sound stupid but is there more than one way to resize and object in MS paint. When i want to resize something i use the sellect tool and the minamize it somethimes the pic get blurry though. Is there another way to resize an object without it getting messed up.

    use irfanview to resize...it's free, just google it

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