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  1. I'm sorry for your team's loss, but I may as well post the actual uniform.. It's so wrong, but to me it feels so right
  2. huh? Kelly green is the Celtics shade of green. The only team I've ever been able to tolerate using Kelly green.
  3. Kelly Green almost always looks awful. Forest green is miles ahead of kelly in terms of how they look on field/court/ice
  4. I LOL'd If I'm not mistaken I'm thinking this guy is on here just to promote that site that he is likely employed by, or runs himself. If they are of higher quality than the licensed ones then why on earth not charge more? It is better product after all no? I'm also pretty sure you don't need close inspection to see that the colour of a jersey is incorrect, or that the logo is 10 times to big. first, i'm discussing about the topic here with everybody .second, i didnt refer that the knockoffs are of higher quality than the licened ones , i mean they are nearly the same if you check my message carefully . They look like . You're trying to argue this why?
  5. I was trying to get across that both Cleveland and Miami will be "right" for LeBron, similar to how New Jersey/Nashville will be "right" for Parise/Suter, as well as Minnesota. I disagree with that. Parise and Suter have something around 13 years in a Minnesota Wild uniform. If they both stick it out and have an impact, their overall stays at New Jersey and Nashville will be an afterthought since they won nothing there. And if LeBron plays more years with Miami with more hardware...he played for Cleveland? Really?
  6. He also called it "the basket ball league" instead of the NBA...obvious enough that the sport is foreign to him
  7. Hockey didn't work in Phoenix right? But why just go up north when there's plenty of warm weather markets just aching for a hockey team? We have a brand new arena in Mexico City, Mexico! I think it's time we cross the border. Mexico City Cartels is a solid name option
  8. ^theyll be there for 13 years each. It'll be the right uniform
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