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    Dont know if anybody can make me this but could i get a set in this order NY Yankees,NY Giants,Red Bull NY, Liverpool FC, Brooklyn Dodgers ( thanks!
  2. ok, im watching the chargers bears game and i noticed some guys have that webbing on there shoulder pads along with the captain c (btw that c i hate it it looks ugly....) anybody else
  3. Where can i get the templet? I NEED THIS!
  4. The Stadium will be right off of Market Street. About a two and a half block walk from the PATH station at Penn Station. That area is not the worst part of downtown, trust me i used to work in the worst part of downtown. I look forward to doing what i normally do in downtown newark (lol illeagality) infront of that stadium as i wear my rangers jersey proud BITCHES!
  5. Got this templet in vector...i wanna give the devils and the rangers a whirl
  6. I was trying to have a silent bob kind of quote here but....i got nothing...that logo has just sucked the life and love out of me...ive lost all love for anything going to crawl back under my rock till things get better.
  7. This gives me an idea, if you would allow me to i would like to make one for the yankees
  8. Hey Im trying to find the Nike College Basketball templet in vector. PM me if you have it. Thanks Much.
  9. I would just like to point out, and im not racist or anything, but negro leauge uni's, but we see in the pictures posted, two white players....just pointing that out....dont me anything by it....its pretty cool by my standers.
  10. I think they should use a modified version of this Maybe darker colors, but it would look good.
  11. Jeter, A Rod, Sheffy, or Damon would make a good one. Also A Jagr one would be amazing
  12. These are just absolutly amazing...I was saying to myself how i would rock one of the Toronto jerseys if it were only real. Im not a big fan of the Rangers jerseys. And when i saw the islanders jersey i yelled "ITS THE GORDANS FISHERMAN!" LOL good stuff