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  1. The Rays just need to move to downtown Tampa and get this whole "what if" thing over with. Now with that crazy St. Pete mayor out of office, I think some real progress can be made. The Bolts never have attendance issues downtown in a market (or plainly, a complete region of the US) where hockey isn't exactly the hot topic at the sports bar. They still thrive somehow and I think it is because of the surrounding population and accessibility to all. Maybe all of this "what if" talk is good and is what the Rays organization wants...maybe it is just a bargaining chip in getting the city of St. Pete to let go and realize this team isn't the St. Pete Rays...it's the Tampa Bay Rays. I have a slight inner conflict in where I do believe a contract should be honored, but this is just getting ridiculous. I really just think a lot of people outside of the area don't understand how much there is to do around here besides a baseball game or other sporting event. I mean, it is still 80 degrees here during the day...we aren't trapped in our homes from the cold and snow begging for a reason to get out.
  2. Nah, its more like 2-2.5 hours. Geez. So one of you is bicycling and the other on a moped? I can leave Tampa, stop for a quick lunch, and be at Cape Canaveral in 2.5 hours...on the other coast of Florida. It should take you no more than 1.5 hours to get to downtown Orlando, MAX...I usually make it right at one hour, and I live just west of downtown Tampa.
  3. So I just saw this thread after posting in the "teams who need new stadiums" thread. First off, I have only lived here 3 years but I have strong opinions on this. The Tampa Bay market can certainly support a MLB franchise. The main problems you face here is: 1. Population demographics. This is 2 fold. On one side, you have old people. They don't want to attend games and they hold back the rest of the area with their retirement-minded politics (i.e. they don't want to spend money anymore for the better of others). The other side is there are TONS of Rays fans in this area, they just all seem to be mainly 35 years old and younger. Time will help. 2. Obviously, there are a hell of a lot of Yankees fans here. It is nearly a home game when the Yankees are in town. Near the same for Boston. 3. Stadium location. No brainer. Like pointed out, most of the area surrounding the stadium is water. Having the stadium in St. Pete really puts the games out of reach for the Orlando/Disney crowd, the Lakeland population, and north/eastern Hillsborough County. I think a lot of visitors to the Disney area would take a day/night to hit a Rays game if it was feasible. 4. Lack of mass transit. This goes back to the huge population of old people here, but look at the top attended MLB teams; they all have mass transit systems in place. Progress on this issue always falters because of the old population that move down here, feel they have "paid their due" in taxes in their former cities/states, and shoot the idea down. There are some awesome places in the Tampa Bay area that most people never get around to see because of transportation issues. Especially if you want to drink a beer and enjoy yourself. Now to me, the stadium isn't so bad. Not bad enough to keep people from attending. You are closer to the action than most MLB stadiums for a cheaper price, you are in the air conditioning, and you can bring your own food inside. Come on. I bought season tickets after 2 years of living here. Do I want a new retractable stadium in downtown Tampa? Heck yes. It would be closer to me, it would create jobs and business for my industry, and it would *hopefully* re-ignite the need for transportation systems in Tampa. I hope they build something small and practical...seat 30,000 day to day. Also, it doesn't get very hot here. Humid, yes, because it rains hard a time or two a day. If people in Atlanta are attending games in that heat, then Tampa Bay folks have no excuse. Georgia and the Carolinas are HOT. It has never hit 100 degrees in Tampa. There is a false "OMG it's hot!" thing about Florida in general I think because folks from up North move here from one extreme to another. Try living in Atlanta or Columbia SC for the summer. I don't want the Rays to move. I think the organization is awesome, Joe Maddon is awesome (although frustrating at times), the players seems to love being here, and I just think big time baseball makes sense in the Tampa Bay area. It will just take some time and a relocation.
  4. No. I live practically downtown Tampa and can be on the outskirts of Orlando (Disney area) in 45-50 minutes.
  5. The first concept in this thread is hideous and would be dated quickly. I am still on the side that says Atlanta doesn't need a new stadium. I was there for the 2010 Chick-Fil-A Bowl and it was just fine.
  6. same here...the scale of fonts and borders are definitely off and the main forum directory shows LARGE blue box spacing for each forum section title.
  7. South Carolina Gamecocks: I am a grad...and being from SC, it's a hell of a lot better than Purple and Orange! Washington Redskins: eh, when I was younger they were always on TV (before Carolina Panthers existed)...but I have a hard time caring for NFL, so my allegiance has decreased to near nothing. North Carolina Tarheels (basketball only): up until a few years ago, I watched almost every UNC basketball game televised and even went to a game and a baseball camp there. Again, the reason was because they were always on TV. Tampa Bay Bucs: living here 8 months so far and first time living in a city with a pro team, I am trying to adopt them as my NFL team...problem is, I have a hard time caring for professional sports in general. Mike Alstott was a fan of mine in high school...we played same position, wore the same number, and people said we looked alike. We will see how it goes.
  8. Not gonna happen. WVU's already got two out-of-conference rivalries to maintain (Maryland, which is actually a good competitive rivalry, and Marshall, which is pretty much mandated by the governor of West Virginia). TAMU probably won't play UT if they know the game will be broadcast on the Failhorn Network. And KU-Mizzou probably won't happen with the way Mizzou departed the Big XII. Mizzou wants to keep playing. It's Kansas who's being the whiny crybabies. But is Kansas really being crybabies? They are defending themselves and their conference, in a sense. Mizzou left for a money grab instead of honoring long traditions, so why should Kansas be expected to do the same? There are many rivalries that extend beyond conference opponents...UGA/GT, UF/FSU, Carolina/Clemson, SoCal/ND, etc.
  9. razr, I totally agree with you and your points. I pretty much made the same ones in a Facebook post: I think a lot of people knew about this and either were hoping it had stopped or were just keeping it under wraps, as not to damage the reputation of the school, it's athletic program, and Coach Paterno. I assume a lot of the town's economy is based on the university? Just a thought.
  10. It's either this or that he is so timid that he just wanted to tell someone "higher up" and put it out of his mind, lazily assuming that he'd done his part and justice will now be served. Either way, it is absolutely charitable to call him "irresponsible". It's just flat out wrong...he's the witness. "Chain of command" has nothing to do with it; it's a legal matter and he's a witness to a horrible crime. At this point, we're all equals (because it's the law/society, not the coaching staff) and he owed those kids more. I suppose a 3rd option is that he condoned it, but I don't think so, or he'd not have even told Joe. Pretty spineless for a 28 year old man. This wasn't a "young man" who was new at this game. He was a man, and ultimately the one who enabled Sandusky more than anyone. The janitor who witnessed Sandusky giving a blow job to one of the kids did the same thing...discussed it with his co-workers but never reported it in fear of losing his job. He was a Korean war vet who said it was as traumatizing as his stint in the war itself...and his co-workers thought he was going to have a heartattack when he was telling them. The guy is now in stages of dementia in a nursing home and isn't fit to give testimony.
  11. I think Paterno did what is required of him in the situation, I don't see why his legacy should be tarnished at all. He followed chain of command and reported the information he had to the ones "above" him. It was up to them to take action and for all he knew, they did. This isn't a Paterno issue...this is a Penn State issue. Unfortunately, people are good at hiding how screwed up they are privately and sometimes you think you know someone so well, that some obvious things aren't so obvious (like random kids staying over...he ran a charity, makes a little sense). I read the whole 23 page report earlier on the case...highly disturbing. This Sandusky guy is one sick and should be eliminated from this planet...Pulp Fiction gimp scene style. When I was reading the report, each page had a heading "Victim 1, Victim 2, Victim X, etc" and I just kept reading expecting 3 or 4 to be an insane amount...no, it kept going. It was even worse hearing about the old Vet who witnessed him in the act and almost had a heart attack after seeing it...couldn't talk or explain it to anyone afterwards and compared it to things he saw in Korea. Disturbing.
  12. There's a famous cover of The New Yorker that depicts "The New Yorker's Concept of Geography" or something, which consists of Manhattan in painstaking detail, followed by an abstract "Jersey" and the rest of America being inconsequential. We need to come up with The Rays Fan's Concept Of Geography, wherein St. Petersburg is separated from the rest of greater Tampa by a vast ocean marked "Here There Be Monsters," because apparently this is THE ONLY FREAKING PLACE IN AMERICA where it's moderately difficult to get to a sporting event. Does that comparison kind of fail when you think about the transportation system in each city? Honestly, if you live in the Metro NYC area...you're only a short walk away from a ride to the stadium. The Tampa Bay area is in desperate need of a public transportation overhaul...it ranks among the worst in America of air quality because of all the commuting on highways within the bay area. Unfortunately, it is a spread out area so public transportation takes a backseat.
  13. This is true, I know many people that bought tix to Game 4 last Friday (time was unknown then), then had to either sell them or eat the cost over the weekend because it became a 2pm start. Curse having four games on one day Would it really be that much to spread divisional series game over a couple games? The MLB can't use the excuse of gaining television revenue...it is going to be there regardless. If I was a team owner, I would be pretty pissed with being assigned a 2pm game. I honestly am surprised anyone showed up...what can we say about those that attended? They are employed and took vacation...or unemployed, skipped paying a bill, and scrounged up money for a ticket. Yeah, go MLB.
  14. For the record, I don't totally blame the attendance on the last game on Rays' fans. You can't expect people to sell out a game at 2pm on a weekday. People (the lucky ones) have jobs. When the economy has taken the that it has, jobs come first. Scheduling can be blamed on attendance in this particular case.
  15. So I haven't read through all of this thread...but are the Rays seriously contemplating moving...or is this just a thread speculating on why they should move because of attendance woes?
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