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  1. Broncos and Seahawks on The Simpsons.
  2. I remember the cheap ones Reebok used that were breaking and falling off in 2010 and 2011. They started using the stronger, sewn on patches last year.
  3. And they brought these back in 2012 I wish these would've went full-time instead of the taco flavor.
  4. These logos are really nice, hopefully the uniforms won't be a letdown like the Suns.
  5. Eli Manning in a watch commercial: Patriots/Steelers on South Park: Patriots word-mark and NFL logo from that scene:
  6. BEST: -Bengals -Rams -Seahawks -Eagles -Vikings -Colts -Chargers -Giants WORST: -Dolphins -Jaguars -Jets
  7. I thought the 'JAGS' shield was going to be removed when they play in England due to it having a different (negative) meaning out there. Guess being 0-7 at the time, they just didn't give a .
  8. As if the Pro Bowl couldn't become anymore of a joke.
  9. Now that they released Freeman, this is why I don't believe the "This team will be dangerous in the years to come in the future" crap ESPN spews out whenever a young team has a mediocre season.