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  1. USA Today in Phoenix is reporting that Matthew Hulsizer has withdrawn his bid to buy the Coyotes.
  2. Well... it's a good 2-sport town, but somebody had to Buck it up.
  3. This is awesome, I love it, especially that pant logo. My only suggestion would be maybe to add some pant stripes? It's your call though.
  4. I guess a blank jersey is better than "Natinals"...
  5. AlaskaAJ


    Needs to be angrier.
  6. Anything that says "New Fangled" is okay in my book.
  7. Change the pink to blood red and you've got a winner.
  8. That's a cool touch, using Demonized for the Blue Demons
  9. OK, I guess it's time for this to be graveyarded.
  10. So put effort into your work so you get better. Good point.
  11. Yes, I used a google image result for the wolf. And yeah, I did use the striping from the Canucks third with the bottom filled in. You know why? Because I suck at making things.
  12. OK, so with the rumored relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg, they will presumably adopt a new logo set. The following is what I personally think they should use. It has been announced the moniker "Jets" will not be used, which leaves the search of a name open. I chose 'Wolves' for my concept as it signifies individual strength and power in teamwork. The colors are borrowed from fellow Winnipeg team, the CFL's Blue Bombers. I feel these colors are recognizable to Canadians outside of Winnipeg, and I also feel Winnipeg could become a city that uses one color scheme (IE: Pittsburgh). Without further adieu, here is the... ...Primary Logo ...Teritary Logo ...Wordmark ... and the Jerseys. For the jerseys, I tried to go with a traditional feel without the jerseys becoming too cluttered, and an modern font mixed in for the numbers and NOB. ...C & C?
  13. scroll down to the Binghamton Rangers section.
  14. Well, I got about 3 binders of '90s and 2000s cards. Let's get this ring started! would love to do this with ya.. we ought to chat about sending cards and etc.. let me know, man... Any specific sets you're looking for? Let me get back to you on this.. am waiting for word from someone about some missing cards list to fill first.. then we can talk about it.. and I will give ya some lists later ok? sure... no rush