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  1. How about flipping the plume from the left to the right? This way the letter L can join the V to form a LV in the negative space.
  2. I agree that Austria, and the Scandinavian countries should be included. Their domestic development, especially Austria, is growing to the point that colleges have scouts oversees in these areas.
  3. Uruguay South Korea England Nigeria (This one went to penalties)
  4. Group F 1. Nigeria 2. Argentina 3. Iran 4. Bosnia Group G 1. USA 2. Ghana 3. Germany 4. Portugal Group H 1. Russia 2. South Korea 3. Belgium 4. Algeria Group C 1. Japan 2. Greece 3. Colombia 4. Cote D'Ivoire
  5. Group A 1. Mexico 2. Croatia 3. Cameroon 4. Brazil Group B 1. Netherlands 2. Chile 3. Australia 4. Spain Group D 1. England 2. Uruguay 3. Italy 4. Costa Rica Group E 1. Ecuador 2. Honduras 3. France 4. Switzerland
  6. Le Havre Berlin Marseille Genoa
  7. 1. London Royals 2. Truro Cornwall 3. Leicester AFC 4. Steel City FC 5. Castle Park FC
  8. 1. Osos de Madrid 2. Deportivo Madrid 3. Palma de Mallorca 4. Euskal Herriko 5. Leones de Zaragoza
  9. 1. FC Union des Le Havre 2. FC Rhone 3. OSC Paris 4. FC La Siene 5. Sporting Riviera
  10. As a Detroit City supporter. I love the new crest! My only complaint is that the piping on the home seems a bit awkward. Don't know exactly how to fix though...
  11. Congrats! They look great. A much needed upgrade. (Litchfield - Class of '08 myself)
  12. Looks Fantastic
  13. Ohio (Go MAC!) Wisconsin UNC Greensboro Northern Arizona Thank you to those who supported CMU! Fire Up Chips!
  14. Gonzaga Central Michigan Wisconsin Penn State UNC Greensboro Texas Tech Towson Northern Arizona
  15. Midwest Gonzaga Michigan Ohio Central Michigan East Wisconsin Boston College Notre Dame Penn State South UNC Greensboro Louisville Texas Tech Simon Fraser West Missouri Towson Northern Arizona USC Great work by everyone!
  16. msufan8

    NCAA Yakball

    Central Michigan. Fire Up Chips!
  17. Can I get a Little Ceasers Bowl One?
  18. Great Start! My only concern is the I is a little confusing (Maybe its just my English is trying to read it as an L). Maybe try including the tittle in some subtle way to make it clear?
  19. I agree with Grand Rapids Flying Dutchmen. Being from Michigan, Grand Rapids and the surrounding area are heavily influence with that culture. Plus, Wolverines wouldn't really fly in a mostly pro-MSU city.
  20. Would the asymmetric helmet stripes be reversed on a back view (yellow with base, maroon ends in point)? If so, I would give them my blessing as a real creative and very usable design.
  21. 1. What people should take into consideration is the respect that others are showing you by looking at your concept. You should make it worth their while to even click on your post. That means that your work should be well thought out. No matter what tool you use (Paint, Inkscape, Photoshop, etc.) do good work! I myself am a paint user, but I have only posted my ideas after I thought were good enough to be critiqued. 2. Respect those who give good criticism also. Criticism should be worth the artists time to take into consideration. "That Sucks" does not help anyone, and will probably start some problems.