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  1. StarsHockey

    My Nfl Concept

    No need to flood this thread with sub-par contributions and insults. As for the concept, I like the set with light blue jerseys a lot, all it needs is some white outline around the numerals. Sa,e with the white jerseys, could use some blue outlining. The red set just doesn't work for me though, not enough blue and it looks like it could be a Patriots uniform. Perhaps a navy blue jersey would work for a third set, with light blue and red accents. I love the helmet logos and of course, the Oilers colors. The Oilers uniforms were always one of my favorites in all of sports, it's a shame the team ended up moving, only to be replaced by the Texans shortly later. It's an identity that is greatly missed (at least by me) in the NFL. No need for someone who's only been here a month to tell me how to conduct myself on the boards. You're acting rather immature Mr. ChuckDownfield, eh? Buster is right, regardless of his time on the boards. And onto the concept, I think the modern-day colors would work better here, but it's a nice start.
  2. StarsHockey

    LA Rage

    Reminds me of a cross between the Grand Rapids Rampage, New Orleand VooDoo and the Philadelphia Soul. The jerseys are too busy, but I like the logos.
  3. Believe it or not, I was there. My uncle has season tickets. Fortunately, the seats are below perfect view of the screen. When you are below the screen, it is actually uncomfortable to your neck to have to look up at the screen. And when walking to our seats, we did have a clear view of the screen, and it was VERY distracting, but only to the people not with end zone seats. Also, Jerry Jones has said he will NOT move it up. The league minimum is 85 ft, it is 90 ft above.
  4. Nice concept, but the 'Los Angeles Stars' is the most-used bland and overused team name for LA.
  5. Well, it's bland. The green jersey is very boring. Try spicing it up with some shoulder logos and sleeve numbers. And maybe add a white outline around the green jersey logo.
  6. Very nice and unique idea. Now, enough of the sucking up Brenden Morrow (Stars) Matt Niskanen (Stars) Jack Johnson (Kings) Marty Turco (Stars) Jussi Jokinen (Please use Stars-era uni and logo) Thanks
  7. And...? What colors would you like to see? Personally, I love this combo, but I think a green may look good, too. I think this is a winner.
  8. Wow. That is rock bottom. Creamlover was frustrating me. As far as the concepts, all are mind-boggling.
  9. Wow! Simply. Wow! I only dislike the the green alts.
  10. Anger sticks out to me in the wordmark. These aren't my favorite, but it's a good start.
  11. 1. Philroy 2. 1stDownCreative 3. Raysox
  12. thanks. When the Stars moved to black, i cried.
  13. Ah, the Mooterus. The most hated sport logo in the history of Big D (probably). The secondary isn't my favorite, but I like the fact you gave it some green.
  14. Phenomenal presentation. Perfect; Period.