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  1. those are SWEET. the design and the colours are amazing!! the only thing i'd change is the 'hollywood' part. and perhaps the name stars. sounds kinda wimpy. maybe the san angeles quake would be a fiercer name.
  2. that is amazing. good eye. the logo? meh, but it still looks kickass.
  3. yeah, i think it's weird that hockey teams haven't tried the basketball style of shorts. NYR have cool shorts. i wish teams would get a bit more creative.
  4. ah the perks of being canadian. go away america it's not your game anyhoo.
  5. not sure if this has been posted yet; the oilers alumni will wear vintage blue and the modern oilers will wear the vintage white. and next june modern oilers will wear big rings.
  6. yeah you are right. the wording looks great. this will be such a great tournament. will the teams use the olympic jerseys?? i hope so.
  7. those all look sweet. really sweet. i love the bengals one. i think they should have those orange jerseys. what if they were al orange (orange pants?)
  8. at first glance it appears that smoke is blowing out of his gaping anus. IMO
  9. no, what would make perfect $en$e is that when they open a new stadium in Miami and move in being called the Miami Marlins, that they also have new uniforms, perhaps a new logo and all new merchandise. now that is $mart.
  10. are u on crack? the oilers orange WAS lighter. if he makes the orange lighter then yes i see oilers...well pre '95 oilers. this concept is awesome and to me says isles.
  11. yeah, those are more like it. as far as the current design goes anyways. personally, i'd rather see them in their 80's uniforms. those were so freaking cool. seeing the oilers play the flames now a days feels like watching the jetsons play a bunch of superheros. what ever happened to pond hockey?
  12. these are freakin' awesome! the swooshing flag looks like it's supposed to be a "C". no? the black sleeves and stars on the forearm are a nice touch too. I agree the logo kinda looks secondary, but it's a nice change from the stupid CB or that ugly green bug. the also kinda look like all star jerseys. kick ass.
  13. no, the world won't end if chicago wins, but will they?!?! who do YOU think will win all the marbles?