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  1. Can you make one for the Flyers please? Thanks!
  2. could you throw in a widescreen version possibly in 1680x1050? thanks!
  3. JRnck97

    New Hockey template

    Great Work! Send a .psd to jrnck97@verizon.net!
  4. Is there anyone who would have the intrest into making this template in .svg format? I've tried to trace it in inkscape but have not had much success. I think it would look very cool if done right.
  5. Basically it's their third jersey from last year applied to the ottawa/pittsburgh/tampa bay jersey cut. Personally, this was my favorite flyers jersey ever. C & C?
  6. Here's some new stuff using some of the stuff from speedy: Carolina Hurricanes Boston Bruins
  7. Horizontal lines? Where? I don't quite get what you're saying... yeah, they come up with the nhl logo, theres layers for the stuff that makes it look 3D
  8. thanks speedy, great work! What's with the long horizontal lines for the nhl logo, and how can i get rid of the lines but keep the logo?
  9. Just to let all of you know, I just recieved Speedy's Template, so im going to use the cuts from his jerseys in my stuff. It's basically traced over them, but now i got the real ones.
  10. I present to you the Make Your Own RBK Edge Jerseys! Hopefully I will be able to get all the teams made! Available as .bmp but if you want a .psd file just send me an e-mail. Enjoy! Philadelphia Flyers
  11. Here are some old WHA Jerseys: Colorado Avalanche Carolina Hurricanes I'm also working on the Phoenix Coyotes and New Jersey Devils
  12. Here are some of my concepts for retro jerseys for other teams if they played in the NHL Winter Classic. My hope is to start a series for all teams possible. First Team: Philadelphia Flyers I basically used the same cut that they used during the 1970's with a little updates. More to come! Any comments?
  13. great work! love to get a copy of that! jrnck97@verizon.net
  14. can i get a .svg sent to jrnck97@comcast.net as soon as possible? thanks