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  1. Just throwing a few things out there... - I believe Nicklas Backstrom (The Capitals Backstrom) is poised for a big year. I can see this guy winning the Hart Trophy and the Art Ross. For some reason I have a feeling Ovy will miss 10-20 games and Backstrom will run away with the scoring title. - Kessel will score 40 goals, Bozak will put up 45-70 points, Versteeg will score 25+ - Leafs make the playoffs - Sabres have a disappointing season - Stanley Cup finals: Canucks vs. Flyers
  2. Im all for Canada wearing these green jerseys in the group stage but common! I dont want to see Canada celebrating the gold medal victory in green jerseys! I think its stupid that there going to wear these in the finals...
  3. Please get this over with and put the Coyotes where they belong in Hamilton.
  4. So the Leafs are going to trade White and Stempniak for Zherdev who is a UFA?
  5. Im just happy that josh_cat_eyes doesnt make any decisions for the Leafs. Yea, lets sign Chelios, thats what we need. The Predators would never let Weber go, he is arguably one of the top 5 defensemen in the game today. Brayden Schenn isnt going to be dealt and Brandon Sutter isnt anything special. Why trade Jeff Finger? Sure he's overpaid, but he was our top shutdown defenseman and he is killer for blocking shots. I doubt you actually heard a rumour about Zherdev coming to Toronto, Ive never heard of it or seen it on any website. Im not saying I hear or see everything, but hearing a friend say "Yea Zherdev would be good with the Leafs" isnt considered a rumour. Zherdev doesnt fit into the Leafs system and he never will. He's an overpaid, poormans Alexi Kovalev.
  6. Linus

    Texas Stars

    I actually like the jersey with Stars on the front. The logo is awful though, the star looks terrible.
  7. Im not feeling the all wheat numbers. They need a red outline.
  8. Linus

    My NHL Redesign

    says the guy with a st pats logo as his avatar.... Yea...and? I like the logo, never have I said that the Leafs should have a full time alternate based on the St. Pats.
  9. Linus

    My NHL Redesign

    - The logo is ok, it isnt great but it isnt bad - The jerseys are nice but you have to keep the classic Leaf socks - Would have liked to see a shoulder logo on the home and away jerseys - The alternate is a good attempt but a definite no, we arent the St. Pats, were the Leafs, anything St. Pats related should be on a retro night or a special event, not a full time alternate. Cant say I like the jersey design either. The logo is pretty cool though, just not for the Leafs
  10. Linus

    My NHL Redesign

    Im looking forward to see what you do with the Leafs.
  11. Terrible patch, terrible jersey. The NHL logo looks stupid with the collar they chose. I wanted to see a black jersey even though there are plenty throughout the NHL. Im tired of every team going retro with their alternate jersey.
  12. Ryan Getzlaf is pretty much a lock for Team Canada. I also dont see Phaneuf making the team and if he does he's on the 3rd pairing or the 7th defensemen. He struggled last season and Id rather see Duncan Keith over Phaneuf.
  13. Cammalleri will not make Team Canada. I love Cammalleri, he's my favourite non Leaf but I highly doubt he puts up 82 points with the Habs. You have him on the 2nd line which is makes it even worse. Ryan Smyth is done in my opinion, he's a leader and a hard worker but his time has past. I dont think he'll be on the team either.
  14. Is there a "Lol" smiley? Seriously? If you were in charge of the Canadian Olympic team I'd expect an even game VS. Kahzakhstan. Im with you on that one.
  15. What?!? Did you watch the Playoffs? Ward played amazing and I would bet money that he will be the #3 goalie. Secondly, the goalies you listed to replace him are absolute garbage. Turco played like all season, Giguere isnt even a starter, Biron cant win when it counts, Mason got hot near the end of the season, Roloson doesnt deserve an invite and Osgood is Osgood, he's not bad but he's not Team Canada material.