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  1. Back again with my latest iteration of the Buc's logo. The idea I've always had was something in between their 97 logo and the current logo.
  2. I absolutely love this update. The pewter set is kinda meh, but I can live with it for a couple games a season. The logos could still use some re-working but they are fine. I honestly didn't expect them to go back to this look but am pleasantly surprised. I think the only thing I would have liked to have seen was a slightly modified block font, nothing to fancy though. I always thought a block font with scalloped corners would look amazing.
  3. If this is gonna be the new uniforms I really like it. A bit basic but after the last uniforms its a welcome change. But a little bit of orange would have made it really pop and gotten a little bit closer to the super bowl uniforms (which are my all time favorite look) without actually being a carbon copy.
  4. I have to agree that the logos need work. The current ones are to clean. The previous logos had rips and tears and imperfections that gave them character. One problem I have is with the current ships colors, its fine if you use it on a pewter background since the red stand out. But when used on red like on their color rush set I feel like it gets lost. Here are a few examples I've been working on. 97-13 colors Current Colors Current colors black/grey ship
  5. I would love to see orange become the primary color again. Maybe something like this, pretty much a recolored 07-13 set.
  6. I kinda dig the bottom right one, with a new number font of course. lol
  7. The top sail on the rear mast is in front of the mast so the other 2 should be also. It looks really awkward, its once of those things where when you see it you cant unsee it. The one on the Left is the current, the one on the right is corrected and so much more aesthetically pleasing.
  8. I really hope they end up with something along the lines of a modernized 97-14 set. I think it has the perfect balance of pewter, red and orange.
  9. Hey guys, back again with some new ideas for Buccaneers. This time around I focused more of my attention towards the jersey style itself. The logos and fonts I have used before in past concepts with some tweaks. For the logos the most prominent change is to the ship, done in a two tone pewter and having removed the waves. The reason for this was to give it better contrast against the red of the jersey and also in a sense give it similarity to the previous ship logo. The uniforms themselves I wanted to go simple and a bit vintage. I've always liked the look of the contrasting shoulder yokes from the earlier years of football. I went with single color numbers to keep this design simple and give it a traditional look. Instead of using white I went with a cream color. Red and Pewter are the primary colors and orange is used sparsely. Anyways here they are. Logos Home Uniform Away Uniform
  10. I can't help but be excited for this news, they're finally moving on from the hot garbage they have now. But at the same time I can only hope they don't replace it with something that's even worse. I hope they go a more traditional route, simple without a gimmicks. I don't mind what they've done with the Jets and the Jags. I've been a strong proponent of them returning to something similar to their Super Bowl set.
  11. I think a striped uniform would be cool but not with 2 different colors. I've always toyed around with the idea of having stripes that are of the same color but with enough contrast to tell them apart. Kinda like how the 90s patriots jerseys had.
  12. Nice to see my concept getting some love on Twitter.
  13. Good question, when I first started working on this concept I had started tinkering with using all angles but couldn't get it to look right. Well I went back and worked on it some more and finished it and here it is. I still prefer the original version though, IMO it has a lot in common with the logos, sweeping curves and sharp points. Replaced all the curves with angles. Here is the Home uniform with the angled numbers and updated cannonball logo. Right on, I don't see it but hey I can't stop myself from tweaking things. lol I added some lighter shading toward the top right to try to make it look more rounded and ball shaped. Also while I was at it added an outline to the tail of the logo.
  14. Alright here is a small update to the previous set I posted. I'm going to be referring to this concept as the cannon ball set (I know pretty original huh ). As for the changed I've made to start I recolored the smoke and motion lines on the secondary logo. I felt that the silver colors I had used looked to light and drew your attention away from the skull, swords and football which IMO should be the focal point. With that in mind I dropped the cream color in favor of white as to make the skull, swords and football pop better on the dark background. As for the primary logo, looking at the previous version it kind of bugs me that it looks like the flag is floating behind the sword (But IMO it could be just fine as is). So I had the idea to "shackle" the flag to the sword. I feel it doesn't add to much but I may be bordering on to much detail. Also it looks like I'm using a huge amount of colors but IMO I see it as 3 primary colors, white, and 2 secondary colors but of varying shades. So far this has turned into my absolute favorite concept that I've come up with to date. But anyways here is version 2 of the cannon ball set. Here are a few of the color options for the "Shackles". I chose to go with silver, but I really like the subdued look of the pewter.
  15. Here is another update. I've reworked the flag logo trying to differentiate this concept a little more from what they actually have. I got the idea for the flag logo design from one of the unused 1997 logo's they proposed (Seen here Prototype Bucs Helmet). I've gone with the cannon ball logo over the ship logo. While I like the ship logo (just wish they would fix the mast in front of the rear sail error on their actual logo) I feel its a bit to detailed for such a small area and a darker logo would look better. I've tried a million different ways to get alter the ship logo colors but it always looks best with the red sails that blend in with the home jersey. Changed the motions lines and added a steam of smoke to the cannon balls. I've removed the key lines from the logos and love how it looks. The uniforms themselves are pretty much the same as my last update. Really the only thing left that I haven't overhauled from their actually set is the word-mark (which I did remove the drop shadow from) and the outline/stripe pattern.
  16. I tried to kinda do what you said and here is the result. I like it, may need a little more tweaking though. I'm thinking about redoing the motion lines in a different way. Also wanted to see what it would look like with the motion lines in color. How I imagine it would look on a T shirt. The jersey is my own creation, its evolved with this concept thread. Started out looking like what it did in the first post and as I kept coming up with different Ideas I also worked on the template. Can't remember exactly where I got the helmet, pants and socks from, online somewhere probably not all in the same place either.
  17. Right on, now that you mention it it kinda makes me think if I had the 50 and stuff inside the cannon ball maybe at the same angle as the motion lines maybe it would look better. I would love to have a T shirt with the cannonball logo on it and the "Fire The Cannons" slogan. Yeah it would add one to many skull and swords for my taste. I wouldn't want to replace the ship logo on the jersey either. I'm toying around with the idea of having it be the shoulder logo on an alternate jersey and leaving it off the home and away jerseys. Here is an updated version of the Anniversary version or the cannonball. I turned the text to be more in line with the motion marks. Added an outline to see what it would look like, I can't decided whether I like it more with or without. Here is the logo version of it on uniforms. I actually like how its more like the previous set since the cannonball is a dark color and the previous ship logo was a dark color. Still I would take the current ship logo over the cannonball. Here is an alternate version loosely based on the Buc's color rush set with the addition of the cannonball on the sleeves. I wouldn't mind the cannonball as a logo on an alternate jersey. Then I was just messing around and did a did a simple version along the lines of how the Jags went minimalist also using the cannonball logo. idk why but I've always wanted to put vertical stripes on the shoulders
  18. Been playing around with an idea I've had for quite some time. Having a cannonball as a alternate, third, or anniversary logo.
  19. Fixed the 1, not sure what I was thinking when I left the serif off of it. Probably just an oversight. How does this look?
  20. With all the different ideas I've thought up lately I keep coming back to the simpleness of their previous set. I believe it was one of the best looking sets in the NFL and a modern classic. I've gone back to that idea with the major changes being the typeface and pants from my previous iterations. Their previous set used a standard block typeface and I wanted to recreate that with some slight stylization. I am not used to creating typefaces and this is one of my first attempts at a full set. As for the pants I went back to the striping patter of their previous set. Again I'm using a slightly darker shade of Pewter to replace Black and a slight off White cream color instead of White. To switch things up a bit I went with a different player to show off how double digits would look. As always C+C are always welcome.
  21. Would have liked to have seen the accents in gold with a black collar. It would have been reminiscent of their first uniforms with the black cuff and gold stripe. Also instead of having the neck stripes end abruptly and been pointed off would have better matched the cuff stripes. I have no problems with the helmets, they are fine the way they are now. As for pants they could have done something to match the striping pattern. I think the single color numbers is fine, it kind of reminds me of way back when most team had white numbers on colorful templates. Also going back to a lighter shade of gold to me fits better. Here is a quick mock up of what I would have done with this set.
  22. I like the simplicity and that they didn't come out with something to over the top like with the Titans. But its a little to simple and needs a touch of Gold. I really don't like the cuff stripe, on the Black and Teal jerseys it just blends in with the Cuff, whats the point of that, it just makes the cuff look a little wider.
  23. I'm a huge fan of dropping black from this concept. I'm also a huge fan of teams using 2 shades of the same color. Made a couple small tweaks. First I fixed the shoulder area from my first design where the side panel and shoulder met it was kind wonky, smoothed it out a bit. I also darkened the darker shade of Teal ever so slightly, got rid of the darker Teal pants and added a fauxback alternate set. Home Away Alternate
  24. Just noticed that the jerseys worn by the Gotham Rouges in The Dark Knight Rises are similar in style to my concept. Thought that was kind of neat.