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  1. Obviously, a resurrected Seattle SuperSonics will be Team #31 in NBA's expansion plans. As for the 32nd team, it's a toss-up between Las Vegas, Vancouver, Kansas City, Louisville, and some dark horse cities like Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and St. Louis. Additionally, I'd like to see the T-Wolves move to the Eastern Conference's Central Division since they're geographically closer to the teams in that division than they are to the other teams in the Western Conference's Northwest Division.
  2. Rumor has it that Myrtle Beach could be moving down to the Low-A Sally League, so for the Cubs, their path could look like this: AZL > Myrtle Beach > South Bend > Tennessee > Iowa Also, the last I checked, it appears Richmond will remain the Double-A affiliate for San Francisco.
  3. The only way the Minnesota Timberwolves move to the Eastern Conference is if the NBA expands to 32 teams by resurrecting the Seatlle SuperSonics and expanding to either Las Vegas, Vancouver, Kansas City, or St. Louis. Also, both conferences would have to go with 2 8-team divisions
  4. Considering that Salem-Keizer and Tri-City are both on the cut list, the Northwest League could bring up Billings and Idaho Falls from the Pioneer League to replace those two. Though, I would've liked to see the NWL relocate one of those teams to Grays Harbor, WA, and the other to Victoria, BC. Another possible scenario is that the NWL stays intact with all 8 of their as-of-now-current teams. (BTW, Montana is considered part of the American Northwest, according to wikipedia) Also, with the Red Wings now as the Nats' Triple-A affiliate, what does this mean for Richmond? Do they re-up with the Giants as their Double-A affiliate? Do they drop down one level to High-A and join Brooklyn, Hudson Valley, and potentially Aberdeen, Jersey Shore, and Wilmington (DE) in the new Mid-Atlantic League? Who knows?
  5. Well, Spokane and Eugene are open. So I believe that both the Padres and Giants will be affiliating with either of those two.
  6. What are the chances that Richmond drops down to High-A and join the Mid-Atlantic League along with Brooklyn, Hudson Valley, and possibly Aberdeen, Jersey Shore, and West Virginia (Morgantown)?
  7. Why not Old Dominion University's Kornblau Field at S.B. Ballard Stadium?
  8. JH42XCC

    New Toucan Sam

    I dunno which is worse: The LA Rams rebrand or this?
  9. I went with Wisconsin for the Brewers because... oh, wait, I just realized UW-Madison's baseball program was shut down in 1991. So UW-Milwaukee would actually make sense for the Brew Crew. Also, I was thinking Villanova would be a better choice for the Phillies over UPenn or Temple (the latter disbanded their baseball program in 2014). As for the St. Louis Cardinals, I'm starting to think either SEMO or SIU Edwardsville might be excellent options.
  10. Here's what I would like to see for the remainder of this series: Baltimore Orioles = Maryland Terrapins Boston Red Sox = Harvard Crimson or Boston College Eagles Chicago Cubs = Illinois Fighting Illini Chicago White Sox = Northwestern Wildcats Cincinnati Reds = UNDECIDED Houston Astros = Texas A&M Aggies Kansas City Royals = Kansas Jayhawks or Kansas State Wildcats Los Angeles Dodgers = UCLA Bruins Milwaukee Brewers = Wisconsin Badgers Minnesota Twins = Minnesota Golden Gophers New York Mets = St. John's Red Storm New York Yankees = Fordham Rams Oakland A's = California Golden Bears Philadelphia Phillies = Penn State Nittany Lions Pittsburgh Pirates = Pittsburgh Panthers St. Louis Cardinals = UNDECIDED San Diego Padres = San Diego State Aztecs San Francisco Giants = Stanford Cardinal Toronto Blue Jays = UNDECIDED
  11. Atlanta Express Dallas Dragons Kansas City Bullfrogs New York Dutchmen Portland Stags Vancouver Bighorns
  12. Why don't we name the Cleveland NHL Team the Monsters after the real world AHL affiliate of the Columbus Blue Jackets? Also... SMYTHE Seattle Denver Las Vegas NORRIS Milwaukee Dallas Kansas City ADAMS Hamilton Cincinnati Indianapolis PATRICK Charlotte Miami Atlanta
  13. While "Americans" sounds like a great alternative name for the Washington Redskins, I think these would be even better names: Natives Redhawks Redtails Bravehearts Braves (the original name for this team back when they played in Boston) Warriors (IIRC, Dan Snyder trademarked the "Washington Warriors" name years ago) Potomacs (named for the Patawomeck tribe that historically inhabited the region along their namesake river's watershed) Washington F.C. Nonetheless, excellent work with the redesign of Washington's Native American head logo.
  14. These long sleeved jerseys are fantastic. Can't wait to see what the Giants uniforms look like with long sleeves.
  15. That's because Roadoak, OH does not exist
  16. My idea of what a 32-Team MLB would look like: AMERICAN LEAGUE EAST Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox Charlotte Knights (EXPANSION) Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue Jays WEST Chicago White Sox Houston Astros Kansas City Royals Los Angeles/Long Beach/Anaheim Angels Minnesota Twins Oakland A's Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers NATIONAL LEAGUE EAST Atlanta Braves Cincinnati Reds Miami Marlins Montreal Expos (EXPANSION) New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates Washington Nationals WEST Arizona Diamondbacks Chicago Cubs Colorado Rockies Los Angeles Dodgers Milwaukee Brewers St. Louis Cardinals San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants
  17. We can all agree that the Chargers moving from LA to London makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Especially when they should be going back to San Diego, where they rightfully belong. If the NFL wanted to bring a team to London so badly, they should just bring back NFL Europe instead.
  18. Um, shouldn't OKC be in the AFC South and San Diego be in the AFC West?
  19. I'm only gonna say this once: MAJOR DOWNGRADE!
  20. If I had to guess from the teaser video, these would be the names: Seattle Dragons/Surge New York Gargoyles Houston Drillers/Roughnecks/Wildcatters Dallas Coyotes/Lobos/Wolves St. Louis Aces/Aviators/Thunderbirds/Thunderbolts Washington/DC Defenders/Guardians/Soldiers Tampa Bay Vipers Los Angeles Outlaws/Renegades/Rough Riders
  21. I would rename the Sacramento team from "Kraken" to "Octopodes". The reason is because the Kraken name wouldn't make any sense for a team playing near the Pacific Ocean, since it is linked to Scandinavian folklore as a mythical creature that terrorized ships in the North Atlantic Ocean, near the coastlines of Norway and Greenland. Therefore, I think Octopodes would be a more appropriate name for the Sacramento team, even though Sacramento is actually inland.