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  1. I know this is a Bucs thread, but I've always been of opinion that the Ravens should utilize an iridescent helmet to mirror ravens feathers. I also hate the stripes, so this looks great.
  2. I don't really like the Pats uniforms...but i LOVE the white socks. The league needs more white striped socks, (And less solid colored socks - without the white bottoms...ZERO to be exact)
  3. From the press release: I'd assume 2 things: 1. Italicized Numbers 2. Helmet Numbers
  4. High Voltage? I love this so far, but i would be so heated right now if i was an SD fan that begged for Powder Blue for years.
  5. I honestly feel like this could be grounds for a lawsuit. That horn looks really really similar.
  6. I agree. A few tweaks. Mandate silver pants at home and navy pants on the road with striped white socks. I like how those combos have become their thing.
  7. IIRC, the negative space between numbers is supposed to form the shape of a viking ship (or something like that). Those aren't his views, they were someone he spoke to about them.
  8. Not to get this too far off the rails, but i worked with a sponsor designing an ad board. This dude wanted to squeeze every bit of info he could get on there. He was like "Doesn't that look sick???" and I was like "...yeahhhh..that's exactly what you wanted.."
  9. I wouldn't put too much stock into the number size. These release images are heavily edited, sometimes from completely blank uniforms in the original photos. Often times theres a size discrepancy in numbers/embellishments. I would imagine the actual number size is closer to the image above (USWNT #6 on the very top of the image)
  10. Yeah this league wide karate collar is not doing it for me. Not super disappointed bc i already had low expectations, but these are largely just...bad.
  11. Man this template could've been really cool if they didnt play it so safe. If they had huge adidas stripes it would've had a cool retro effect. The silly collars don't help any either.
  12. I'm with you. They're fairly tame while maintaining some outside the box 'fun' design elements. '14-'15 tho...WOOOOOOF.
  13. Yeah i wouldn't say it slows them down...but there are definitely differences in knockoff typography and the real things. Aside from the poor execution, some are just flat out wrong/different. The Texans are the ones i see most often and every single NOB font is incorrect. The number font tends to be slightly off as well. Not to get this off the rails, but i do think Nike offering lower price points (which admittedly they've done a better job with with their sublimated lines) would deter counterfeits more than anything else.
  14. I really like your concept. I would flip the pants stripe so that it widens out at the top so that it would better flow with the sleeve stripe/logo when players are in a 3 point stance.
  15. I don't think it's terrible (outside of the log being in the middle of each number...i assume we'll get a "symbolizing a league on the rise" type explanation) it's just not as clean as the previous one and doesn't quite fit into the league wide branding as well as the other one did. Granted with all the 25 years stuff it could look better when all is said and done...but i'm not holding my breath.