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  1. I don't hate it. Safe? Yes. Expected? Yes. But it's not bad. I would have liked the monogram inside and a crown on top, but this is fine. I'm hoping they use a standalone crown or the monogram on the jerseys. t like them going with something that isn't a geo sans font. They didn't knock it out of the park, but they didn't completely blow it.
  2. Compared to what puma has put out forever..this is actually really nice. Looks like a condensed DIN or a condensed version of one of adidas national team fonts from a few cycles back.
  3. I actually think Oilers was a perfect name for Houston.
  4. I love the idea of code talkers, but the name itself isn't fitting for a sports team.
  5. It's not as bad for me in soccer, but in basketball it really bothers me.
  6. Yeah I'm from Texas but i've always had a soft spot for ND bc they were always on NBC growing up. Also watching Rudy in Spanish class and a lot of other times growing up. One of Vince Vaughn's best films.
  7. Did you get an authentic? I have an authentic waldo kit and it honestly was not as comfortable to play in as i would've imagined. The new fabrics look like they'd be very comfortable and flexible.
  8. Is that 20 courts laid out and broadcast-ready? (Note: I have no idea the logistics behind the restart, so i'm genuinely curious) Bc i would assume it's like college rec center style where they're all right next to each other, only divided by some drop down fabric(?) walls, which would not allow sufficient space for production.
  9. I think the Falcons jerseys are okay. A downgrade imo, (and i HATE solid colored socks). Black facemask and white bottom socks would've made these much better for me. But they're still far better than the Cardinals, Titans, and Bengals imo.
  10. Yeah they needed to jazz it up a bit
  11. So will say like i stated earlier, i actually like the set and see where they were going with this, but on the under "behind the design", they literally have sketches pointing to different elements of the uniforms with literal "Lorem Ipsum..." text.. *giant facepalm*
  12. I actually really like this set. If you were expecting them to revert back to the throwbacks then surely you'll be disappointed, and understandably so. But for them trying to move forward and establish an updated identity i really like these. The gradient is fine, adds some character and differs it from the classic jersey. (speaking of gradients, the falcons set is growing on me) The road jersey....i actually love so far. What is going on with that "horn"? Dont know! But that 'bone', white, yellow palette...i really like. Are they the most contrasting colors? Absolutely not, but they're not really meant to be. It's a design that ultimately makes for a canvas that blue numbers/letters can contrast with and remain legible. I'm normally a traditionalist, and if you described these to me a week ago i would've hated them (and i totally get why a lot of people are..) but idk..i like them. And them busting out the throwbacks is inevitable...those of you that hate these will appreciate those more when they get worn. PS. the Cardinals and Bengals still have by far the worst uniforms in the league imo.
  13. IIRC it's supposed to be a dolphin's dorsal fin.
  14. Honestly i wish more bands were imitating 1975. They're very fun but well made pop-rock. And It will age well years from now. Their lyrics can also get really deep which i think differs them from more mainstream pop artists (Like One Direction - their last two albums are some of my fav pop albums of all time and not too corny for the most part, but their lyrics are not super deep. Easy and enjoyable to listen to nonetheless). But 1975 are also self-aware and they acknowledge that they make upbeat pop-rock and make light of it ofter.
  15. "We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine..." Lyrical Geniuses. /s (fwiw i like the beatles and Hov. And I think it's silly for anyone to disregard them. If the names were redacted in this thread it would sound like you were describing Flo-Rida and Imagine Dragons.)