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  1. Oregon's set is well thought out design. And it works cohesively as has a lot of their stuff over the past few decades (between last yr and mariota they were all over the place and very disappointing). They are and have been trendsetters in the college football landscape, and they had well planned out execution of these trends. Matte, Chrome, Hyrdodipped patterns - Oregon was at the forefront of all that. Arkansas State, like someone stated above, is a team trying to replicate some of that Oregon magic but just looking silly in the process.
  2. O is actually my second favorite vowel, and i'm sure there are dozens just like me.
  3. Ha, live in houston, frequent Texans message boards. Have spent far too much time defending the primaries when people call for the color rush full time or "we just want something different".
  4. A lot of people love the Texans color rush, largely fans, but i really don't like them for the reasons you mentioned above. The red numbers outlined in white appear pink and are really hard to read from a distance.
  5. Usually I'd agree but these look like practice uniforms, especially with the all white socks, which are commonly worn in practice.
  6. They probably just did a photoshoot in the black set but just needed waist-up photos of the blue jerseys.
  7. White bottoms, to avoid the carrot legs look, woulda put these over the top. Probably the best combo they have available at the moment.
  8. yea, uh huh, you know what it is...
  9. Funny you mention that. I actually had a conversation about my coworker (who was a former UH mascot) and apparently navy has never been an official color. It's always been red and white, and now silver. At one point, one of the athletic teams just started using navy and the rest of the dept followed suit, but it was never a school color. NFNS?
  10. I'm supposed to go to this game. It's gonna be a terrible visual matchup. Also i hate that UH insists on using black when navy is one of their official school colors.
  11. Plus this combo itself is a rarity, why not just keep it the way it is and save alternate looks for another time?
  12. Idk where everyone else stands on this, but i kinda like the sock variation. In baseball you have different stirrup lengths, some high pants some low pants, some solid socks. I think it's kinda cool and a nice think for players to have the option of changing. Same with basketball - you have your jason terrys and you have your tmacs. I like some players with the high whites, some with as little white as possible, and the lineman that just wear the stock socks. It may not look completely "uniform" but these are humans not robots, i think some variation is good.
  13. I agree. I think the white facemask makes it look very 90s. In a bad way. Honestly i think their previous uniforms were close to perfect. If they do go back to a gray mask, black cleats are a must imo. Gray masks (excluding teams like Dal, Oak, etc.) should always be paired with black cleats. Alabama does it best.