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  1. Some of y'all really hate nike with a passion. It's crazy. Sure their redesigns have been avg at best, but if the above statement were true, wouldn't every new redesign have a nike swoosh highlighting element? I actually really like SEA's sleeve design when seen as a modernized NW native american art element, much like their logo.
  2. These aren't perfect, but mixing these with orange socks might be the best combo available.
  3. Sometimes i feel like that, other times it just looks like there are giant carrots everywhere. I think it depends on the combo.
  4. I don't disagree it's a bad uniform, but their goal wasn't to fit the wordmark on every jersey w/o getting cutoff. It was to absolutely blow up the wordmark while still keeping it legible. And even then, it appears they intentionally designed it to get cutoff on every single jersey. No one has questioned what the wordmark says, if they did it would be an issue. But they weren't going for traditional. Like i mentioned earlier i don't really mind the giant wordmark. I see it more as a jersey design in the same way i see the broncos side stripes, or early 2000s miamis piping that went across the chest. The lime green is the really silly part to me. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/bPuLlpW"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>
  5. I hate them bc they win a lot and their uniforms are trash. I feel like the idea is good but the execution is poor. The "bridge cables" on the shorts are too busy and too literal, the color balance, esp on the blue uniforms, is very odd to me. The copperplate numbers are the rotten cherry on top. I don't really mind the roundel on the chest, it's a unique element.
  6. It wasn't intended to fit within the constraints. It was made to make a statement. It's kind of like designing fascia/digital ribbon boards. It's often more effective to blow up words/logos then it is to fit an entire logo in a small area.
  7. I think it's a 2d version of their hat logo, which i don't think is ever really used outside of their hat. Definitely looks strange not being embroidered.
  8. I don't mind these as fashion jerseys but on the field they look like pink from a distance and they're hard to read from a distance. These would be terrible with a white helmet. I think their current set is near perfect. Some white socks would be a cool addition to wear once in a while.
  9. I actually feel the opposite. I think the giant "State" is kinda cool for a one off but doing it in neon green is insanity. That old bronze color would've made these more palatable.
  10. Didn't tell you how to live your life, just asked if people actually live it that way. Of course i'd know the cowboys are playing, but stars have been synonymous with a million things. Nearly every sports franchise in Texas uses a star, even one called the...stars...and they all represent different things. If someone who didn't watch football very often turned on the cowboys game, they could make the same argument you did. You used soccer as an example, bud. Real Madrid and Barcelona are more popular than the cowboys. They have little badges relative to their sponsor logos. You have no idea who's playing because you don't watch soccer very often (or can't read a scorebug). Not because they have ads on their jerseys. Do these wnba ads/uniforms look tacky? Absolutely. They don't have enough brand equity to get past that, but that doesn't make your sports watching assessment any less silly.
  11. People don't actually live life this way, do they? For one, there are scorebugs on tv. Soccer's also tends to keep their primary kits pretty similar for the most part. If Barcelona is playing Real Madrid it's gonna be hard to second guess that. Not all logos evoke what the team name is. If you put on a dallas cowboys game, are you going to assume you're watching the "Nike Stars"? Nothing on their uniform mentions dallas or cowboys. A star is as generic a logo as you can have.
  12. Another Pro Sports team wears navy helmets which have been shown to perform better in the World Series.
  13. I've never been a fan of the white shell. I also think it limits the amount of good looking combos they can use. The number font is arguably the best non block in the league.
  14. Don't think it's been mentioned, but it was reported yesterday that the Texans are making a "tweak" to their uniforms.