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  1. But they're still using custom kits. If they were all plain black and plain white kits with a screen printed badge than you'd have a point, but they're still using custom details/patterns/secondary colors. Just not using a wide color palette. And Adidas templates happen to currently be very simple (which I am personally a fan of). As far as the KC rebrand, I would tweak their badge a little, but I think they've consistently put out some of the best uniforms in the league.
  2. TBH white and black probably sell better, but it is a shame there are so many now.
  3. With the helmet staying the same, I'm hoping for a Chargers-esque update. I would like a simplified but custom block font or something similar, maybe with some subtle cues that reflect the wordmark - assuming they keep the same wordmark. The big issues for me on the current set are the side panels and the big "B" on the chest, which imo is too tall and competes with the NFL shield . Remove that or switch it out with a wordmark or the leaping Bengal and that problem is solved. Being that there appears to no longer be a rule requiring TV numbers, either bold sleeve caps or some shoulder stripes (Both with stripes of course) would be perfect. The helmet is obviously iconic, but I think that it would look gorgeous if they gave it a finish similar to Seattle's. Pants stripes I actually like their current one, minus the white transition area up top. If nothing else, I hope they keep the more horizontal style stripes as opposed to the long vertical stripes that they used to have. ALSO, SEEMINGLY UNPOPULAR OPINION: I think the B is a great logo. I can definitely see why people would prefer that be a C, but nevertheless the B is a well designed mark, unless they don't give it a proper, sufficient outline on the 50 yd line but they've fixed it in recent years.
  4. I can give or take "impact" as an outsider it's a very meh name, but their logo is definitely in need of an upgrade so it's a net positive for me.
  5. The Cavs jersey just feels like a high level executive really strong armed the whole design and designers basically did what they could to please them and get it over with.
  6. That's actually pretty tame marketing speak, could be worse. i like both crests, the Dash is the bigger upgrade for sure, but their last crest needed work. Ultimately, i like them both. Would love to see the Dynamo just use the monogram sans shield on a jersey and merch down the line. I think it will grow on fans so long as the on field product doesn't remain a dumpster fire. Also i like the idea of bandanas bc it's insanely hot down here and it kinda fits in with the Texas cowboy culture.
  7. I actually like the nightmare green but i won't argue that bright yellow and kelly green is arguably the best color combo in college football. But i do like how cohesive this new set is. They finally gathered their footing and aren't trying to reinvent the wheel anymore and instead are just focusing on what works for them. The seasons following the Mariota years were dark and frustrating from a uniform pov. But now, if they wanted to pair nightmare green with kelly it wouldn't look all that out of place if done right. I like the simplicity of just letting their unique color scheme speak for itself (granted i loved the tonal wings they wore in the rose bowl prior to the inaugural playoff).
  8. I can't speak to the legitimacy of the design..but that jersey is absolutely fake.
  9. I get that people don't wanna see ads on jerseys (myself included) but at this point an extra ad could save a ton of FO jobs across the league
  10. I wish the Oregon script matched a little closer (unless it's supposed to match an older version) I LOVE that suns jersey. That color palette is so good when used well like that. I'm excited to see those in action. The Pels is a little odd. Looks like a lot of negative space, but i'll have to wait for the full reveal.
  11. These are awesome. The black cleats and white socks with white shoelaces put the perfect finishing touch on a great uniform. USF's friday night tykes uniforms.....not so much...
  12. Dynamo just sounds modern tho. And it’s not a name that any casual or even semi serious soccer fan associates with top flight football, imo. Unlike the Real/United/Sporting/FC etc names of the world. And I feel that your avg American (myself included) has no real idea what Dynamo is or means, but it definitely has an energy to it. (obligatory “it’s provocative, it gets the people going”)
  13. Dynamo fan, Houston resident. I like it. I would've maybe preferred just an H, but the HD monogram is nice. I'm glad they didn't just go the roundel route. The hexagon gives me soccer but also space vibes which i like. I hadn't noticed until recently that the shape of the current logo is essentially a tweaked Earthquakes shield The HD has kind of an old western vibe, but also the double outline makes it a little more modern. It has potential to be a really flexible identity. You can use the monogram on its own, you can use the full badge, the partial HD+ badge that was also leaked, the potential H alternate logo, and you can build out different patterns from the hexagon shape. In any case i'm excited for the full reveal. I hope we keep orange as the home look, but the black jerseys are really popular over here so i wouldn't be surprised if they go that route for the home kit. I'll miss the light blue, but they never really utilized it much or very well.
  14. Not to beat a dead horse, but i don't think that player went to training camp and said "Hello, one really tight jersey please " It's more likely he wore what was given to him which was tailored a certain way based on decades of feedback independent of him, and also happened to wear his undershirt in a weird trendy way (That i don't like at all but performance wise doesn't have a huge effect unless someone is an active ball carrier and even then is similar to a towel)
  15. These tend to be kind of weird, but Miami's at least made sense being that the uniforms were made from recycled ocean waste. I believe South Carolina did something similar the same year as Miami but i don't recall what the story was.
  16. I feel like that may have gone away, or at least gotten much looser with the introduction of color rush. Of all the things nike has done, getting rid of the white sock bottom mandate is by far the worst thing for me. On a side note there should be some kind of mandatory stripe on any solid white socks.
  17. Ochocinco tried doing that with his sleeves once for the looks. He had the equipment manager alter his sleeves on the sideline mid game bc he kept getting tossed around.
  18. Bc you're generalizing all players. Not every player does this. And like i stated earlier jerseys have been getting tighter for decades. Those undershirts have only started to appear the last few years. And even then, the most important grab parts are the shoulder/sleeve area, and those are the parts that have gotten tighter and tighter. When blocking you're taught to grab at the chest, not the waistband or possible hanging undershirt. If being tackled by your undershirt became a regular occurrence, i promise you players would stop doing it. Why wouldn't these same players all wear QB style loose sleeves?
  19. I don't think that confirms that at all. They have nothing to do with each other. Tight jerseys are the result of players requesting tighter jerseys over decades of play. Teams literally had seamstress alter jerseys to players liking to make them less grabbable and less bothersome. Anyone who's played any level of football can tell you that less fabric is much less annoying to play in. I'm not a fan of the untucked undershirt, fwiw.
  20. The thing is...I like the idea of the shoulder stripes, but they were so big and gaudy that that's what stuck out. These feel like a very timid attempt. Throw in the horrible collar and it resulted in a disaster. They should've gone all in with giant stripes and paired that with a modern version of 90s style shadow block numbers. And that all star jersey...woof.
  21. Ya know, i'm not a huge fan of that trend either, but the more i see it the more i'm thinking it might be a comfort thing. Perhaps the elastic on the bottom of some jerseys either is uncomfortable on the skin, or it just rides so high that it leaves the shirt exposed more?
  22. Just bring back mandatory white bottom socks and maybe a base cleat color (light v dark) and i'm fine with everything else.
  23. These are both awesome. The dog collar is the perfect way to have a fun but cool uniform without going full Oregon Duck Mascot costume.
  24. I mean there's a big, very expensive reason to at the very least keep orange as a secondary color...
  25. Bro KUBE was easily accessible with bunny ears, the Quest deal is ridiculous. Add that to the fact that home games are blacked out on ESPN+... that's the stuff that drives fans (or potential fans) mad.
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