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  1. I appreciate quite a few of the points made here, but call me crazy because I think the NFL is ridiculous to allow teams to just up and move so freely. Wouldn't these genius' have been smarter to let Cleveland keep the original Browns and Give Baltimore the Expansion franchise, new name , new tradition, new logo, new colors? Or maybe if we want to go deeper, Maybe the Colts should've stayed in Baltimore and the Browns in Cleveland and put an expansion team in Indy?? I know maybe I'm Stirring the pot a bit, but I just don't think its right for the organization to be attached to a city and the people of that city and then they are like free agent organizations, where they can leave in the middle of the night because somebody is flashing more money in their faces.. But while some teams can leave without warning others will never leave their respective cities, Packers, Vikings ,Steelers, Cowboys....And just look at the fiasco with the Chargers, Raiders, Rams..... Anyway just to weigh in on the uniforms, I would like them to do a tasteful update of the old Uni's Maybe like what the Padres and Brewers did in Baseball ,or maybe the Vikings current iteration or the Jets prior version to this one....
  2. Ok like everyone else I'l go ahead and put my 2 cents in .. I love the return to Brown and Gold just like just about everyone else. I believe that this is the best rebrand/ update to a teams identity that we've seen in quite some time , all you have to do is look at the overwhelmingly positive responses on this board . I love the home Uni , would've like to have seen what front numbers with a little smaller wordmark might have looked like. I see what everyone is saying about the pinstripes with the sleeve and collar trim , but for me it works here. Now I haven't heard anyone mention this , but a note to Derek Jeter and the rest of the Miami Marlins brass this is what a fresh rebrand is all about , no brown on brown , no unnecessary black and no redundancy with the hat logo on the sleeve ,that's not aimed at the Marlins, more so the Angels , Dodgers and other teams that have abandoned a secondary logo on the sleeve for the repetitive hat logo, love that they used the swingin Friar as the sleeve logo. I like the pinstripes on the road, I'm not sure where the "Cant have pinstripes on a road uni comes from but I guess I'm not necessarily a subscriber. I also like the Brown road, but like others I prefer it to be an alternate. Overall great job Padres, you went from being a team without a real Identity of your own, to having one of the better ones in Baseball A-
  3. Hmmmmm maybe the Yankees were trying to be like the Cubs?? The Chicago Cubs' baseball uniforms have had pinstripes since 1907 and they are recognized as the first Major League Baseball team to incorporate pin-striping into a baseball uniform[4] Many other former and current Major League Baseball teams—including the Florida Marlins, Minnesota Twins, Montreal Expos, Colorado Rockies, New York Mets, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox and Philadelphia Phillies—later adopted pinstripes on their own uniforms.
  4. Extraordinary work here! Thank you for sharing these with us... First, let me say I really enjoy the thought that you've put into all of these. Second, I'm a White sox fan from Chicago, I want to say you might have created the perfect set for the Southsiders. I think you've succeeded in melding together every good era of the White sox uni's in one concept. I love how you've featured the sock in diamond logo, a very underrated secondary logo. I love how you incorporated the Chicago flag colors in the the Windy City set , I was thinking what if you make the cap for that set more the colors of the flag, Just curious if it might look a little better. On the Global logo could you maybe make all the lettering in the word mark face the same way, so Chicago and White Sox face all the same direction and reads all the same ? Absolutely amazing though once again , maybe the best White sox concept I've seen and there have been some really good ones on here!
  5. The home whites are not bad , but you know they're gonna wear the black as primaries all season long .... If you just switched the blue and the black around, you'd have something there, and personally I'd like to see a front number.....
  6. So I'm a long time member of this board, but I don't really post much, I really just enjoy all the content... A couple things I have to say. I don't get this color on color thing that seems to have turned into a trend, Atl. Braves blue on blue before they thankfully fixed it this season, the Angels red on red which they seem to be completely in love with,( Id love to know what the numbers are on how much they wear those in comparison to their white or gray jerseys) and these black on black Marlins just to name a few... I was watching the Marlins tonight and I feel like they really messed this whole rebranding up badly. They were wearing the black jerseys tonight and unless its really an extreme tight angle close up , you can't really even read the script clearly, its terrible...I feel like the logo design and the word marks aren't the greatest but the usage of the "colours" or should I say lack thereof is where they really went wrong. They had a blank canvas and this is the best they can do ? I honestly feel they could've somewhat updated the designs and uni's of the originals,(less black of course) and they would've been much better off, factor in they won two championships in a version of that uni and you definitely have something better than this mess that they created. that's just my opinion... I wanted to wait until I actually saw them on the field before forming an opinion, hence the reason for a late evaluation.....
  7. Absolutely incredible job , I feel like you nailed it right here! Just my opinion of course, but this might be the best Broncos concept I've seen... I love what you did with the home uni the road and even the alternate, the orange and the blue tones are great choices also !! These are what football uniforms should look like, modern yet traditional....
  8. I'm a White Sox fan and I love what you did here , love that you added the "diamond sock" patch back to the road uni, but wouldn't it work on the home also ? I just always wanted to see what it would look like , maybe to just add a bit more to the home.... Even when they had the comiskey park patch, I feel it added a little something more....
  9. Well truthfully you have to ask the question is black the primary color or just ended up being the most prominent? They promoted these as Our Colores, meaning black? Or is it referring to the unique blue and red that they chose? So then why feature the black more than the other colores? Then it seems your using black as your backdrop... I don't think in any of the three Marlins designs black was meant to be a primary, I could be mistaken, but it ended up that way, because they only wore the black hat and the black jersey the majority of the time... Teams get confused on what they want the identity they created to be. The White Sox, the Brooklyn Nets , the Pittsburgh Steelers those are black primary teams , with only one secondary color...
  10. I see what you're saying , but it reminds me a lot of the Jaguars update, you go to the opposite end of the spectrum to play it safe , don't get me wrong I love simplicity, but when you leave out key elements it becomes a little amateurish, and you run the risk of indifference, when really don't you want people to love the new branding ? notice how you said fine overall? doesn't sound like you want to run out and buy any items tomorrow .... just a perspective
  11. No front numbers, needs just a touch more piping, too much black, by the way I thought the BFBS era was over about 6 or 7 years ago? had potential but missed the mark...Did i say need a blue hat ? that's the best color in this pallet that they are using , and its under utilized in my opinion, disappointing.. overall grade for me D+
  12. Can't really tell with the photo quality, but to me it doesn't look like there is a road gray in that pic? And are they doin the Texas Ranger thing with no team nickname on the home jersey?
  13. Yeah that is very true! They gave us teasers of the fabric and the colors of the uni's ,are they holding out on us?
  14. Are they only unveiling the logo , uniforms to follow at a later date ? Or the whole new identity today?