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  1. The Tigers Roundel would look good with an updated version of the original tiger head if they did something similar to the updated LSU tiger head below:
  2. The Bryant Bulldogs have a minor tweak to their uniforms from 2018 to 2019. 2018 - Bryant had a generic collegiate font for the nameplate on the uniforms. Also had Gold pants. 2019 - Bryant has the university's custom font and white pants with the bulldog head logo.
  3. That's what I thought, and I lived in Michigan for the better part of my life. It might be a new thing with them promoting the mark. I only moved to MI in 2013 and I noticed GR inspired things always use the city mark. It is also on all the street signs.
  4. The Red Wings inspired logo with the GR city mark is AMAZING.
  5. I feel the exact same way. The top half of the logo makes sense, but the bottom half has no obvious connection to anything related to the olympics or tokyo for me.
  6. Logos: It feels more "Romney-esque" to me. Much like Romney's R it seems incomplete and doesn't work as a stand along.
  7. I bet it is more common than you think. Just as an anecdotal story, very few Lansing Lugnuts fans are actually Blue Jays fans. I would say most minor league clubs that have a parent club in a different market are not supporters of the major league club.
  8. I love the Jeb! logo. It is similar to his previous mark and then he can "pander" to Hispanics with ¡Jeb!
  9. I think I might like it if the gross shooting star wasn't there. It's disconnected, awkwardly overlapping and makes the P look weird. Of course, the P could just have a weird shape to it anyway.
  10. The first thing that came to my mind... Thundercats are on the loose Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! THUNDERCATS!
  11. I like the right one better.
  12. Lindsey Graham announced his run today. Below is his logo: