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  1. The Tigers Roundel would look good with an updated version of the original tiger head if they did something similar to the updated LSU tiger head below:
  2. The Bryant Bulldogs have a minor tweak to their uniforms from 2018 to 2019. 2018 - Bryant had a generic collegiate font for the nameplate on the uniforms. Also had Gold pants. 2019 - Bryant has the university's custom font and white pants with the bulldog head logo.
  3. Logos: It feels more "Romney-esque" to me. Much like Romney's R it seems incomplete and doesn't work as a stand along.
  4. I love the Jeb! logo. It is similar to his previous mark and then he can "pander" to Hispanics with ¡Jeb!
  5. I think I might like it if the gross shooting star wasn't there. It's disconnected, awkwardly overlapping and makes the P look weird. Of course, the P could just have a weird shape to it anyway.
  6. Lindsey Graham announced his run today. Below is his logo:
  7. I was going to say Nova Southeastern makes a lot of sense for the A-Sun. I think it would be a great move.
  8. Rand Paul using his first name too. i think it's a good choice for all 3 because their first names are quite unique and memorable. Carly Fiorina is using her first name as well. Huckabee's logo is mediocre at best but his slogan is fantastic. It is also much less controversial than his 2008 slogan: Faith. Family. Freedom.
  9. Well, the projections were for advertising on non-gamedays.
  10. My high school used to ripoff the BC logo when I was a student there in the early 00s. recently, I joined the alumni group on FB and noticed this new logo, it appears to be original -- and I think pretty good. Is that a broom or a foot?Better question: Why does the black stroke cross in front of the crossbar of the B?The B looks like the old Bentley College B
  11. I like it before the added stroke around the inside of the C
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