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  1. Updated Fields for Michigan and Boston. New Orleans (Working on Portland) Michigan Panthers 1983 Michigan Panthers 1984 Boston Breakers 1983 New Orleans Breakers 1984
  2. As per custom. The field will be painted one more time before Supekr Bowl Sunday. That will make the field look Bright.
  3. Welcome to the fun! And yes this has been fun. (though a lot of work).
  4. Yea, I noticed that too. not numch of a problem on most fields, except the fieldturf cut in ones. But If I remeber correclty those stadiumns added those in after the surfaces were done. I will have to look.
  5. Hey Austin. How are things going. I was working on the USFL fields, and getting the respective dates correct. When I found the GSL thread. I neved played in a Sim League, and not sure I could with my current schedule. But I came up with a concept. The Arizona Sol (Hey we have the Phoenix Suns, why not a "Play" on the word "Sun" LOL). I came up with a sort concept, wondered if it is OK to put it on the GSL Concept Thread.


    Standard Field (State Farm Stadium)


    "Eclipse" Field


    Have A great New Years! And here is praying this Covid "mess" gets cleared up too!

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    2. SFCOM1


      HI Austin,

      Yep I am in. I welcome the challenge.  



    3. pitt6pack


      Okay great!


      Then the first steps will be to send me the full name for your team, city, and stadium to gridironuniforms@gmail.com, and we can communicate through email about the rest.


      Refer to the GSL map for claimed city and team names:




    4. SFCOM1


      All Set sent out the email! 


  6. State Farm Stadium Arizona Cardinals vs Philadelphia Eagles. December 20, 2020 New grass being added in. With the Playstation Fiesta Bowl being played on January 2, 2021
  7. Updated Memphis Showboats field for 1984 and 1985. Fixed the spacing for the hashmark's and yard marks in the center of the field.
  8. Update: Slightly modified Fields for the Denver Gold. Early Season 1983 (Games 1 and 2) Late seaon 1983 through to 1985 Heavy Rain Game Week 7. April 9, 1984
  9. One of the games that needs to be done is the game on Thanksgiving Night Nov. 25, 1993 Miami Dolhpins vs Dallas Cowboys! at Texas Stadium "Leon Lett, NO!!!"
  10. LA Express 1984 (Inculding the Divisoinal Playoff Vs the Michigan Panthers LA Express 1985
  11. Update The Los Angeles Exrpess, After the 1st home game. The field was very marginal.Partly as the team really never made any money, also due to the construction for the 1984 Summer Olympics Inaugural game 1983 Regular Season 1983
  12. Yep, not sure if they are putting the team name in the end zones. But they had "Arizona" in both yesterday. nd no red striping on the 20's either.
  13. Austin. I saw some pics from the Cardinals. The next few weeks they are replacing the Cardinal logo for an NFL shield. Took the red striping off the 20 yard line. And Put"Arizona in both end zonees. Due to sharing State Farm Stadium with the Niner's

  14. You are correct good Sir, A lot of the fully painted fields in the Cardinals time in Sun Devil Stadium, where to cover up either a Fiesta Bowl, or special ASU game field. And on the font it took me two weeks to work out the font for the end zone. And I have one more field to work on, The Special Christmas field that was Buddy Ryans last game as Cardinals coach.
  15. Late Season Variant 1 Late Season Variant 2
  16. Cross Cut Regular Season Mid Season Variant
  17. Here are several more of the fileds used by the Arizona Cardinals prior to moving to State Farm Stadium (Formerly University of Phoenix Stadium) Early Season Standard Season look
  18. January 2nd, 2005 The Last game before the new Logo and uniform took over. And the day after Utah vs Pittsburgh in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl! Arizona Cardinals vs Tampa Bay.Bucs
  19. It was supposed to be painted over, I have a little tweeking on this field before it is done, There are 5 diffrent versions of this field over the nearly 15 years before they canged to the current uniforms and alogs. I just updated the field. Removing the "X" for the kick off lines. And the painted extra point line and moved it to the 2 yd .
  20. I believe I finally perfected the Arizona Cardinals font, back in the old Sun Devil Stadium days, So Here is a piviotal game in that stadium Decemeber 28th, 2003. The day the Cardnals' knocked the Minnesota Vikings out of the Playoffs.
  21. I Just loved the Santa hat on the Jags logo. Back in a time field art was just that! ART!
  22. Pitt, I saw a picture of twitter. It looks like the used small "Boxes" to create the gradient. At our scale, I am not sure if it will be possible. But I wanted to let you know.
  23. Update, I found a tape of the lowest attended game in USFL history. Only 4307 showed up in Soldier Field on a rainy Monday May 28,1984. New Jersey Generals vs The Chicago Bltiz. The Blitz, did use an unpainted Wishbone "C" at midfield. And painted the outlines of the wordmark "Chicago" a faint red, in the end zones.
  24. Up next is the 1984 Pittsburgh Maulers! Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh,PA Late Season 1984 Very odd that the team used the painted logo for the early part of the season. And then the second half no logo at all.
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