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  1. No problem, I did some digging as well. The orientation has changed much over the years. It has been both ways. I believe the orientation for the Invaders was chosen so the stands did not have to move so early in the season which would have killed the outfield grass. And they never expected crowds rivaling what the Raiders had.. I think even the most rabid USFL fans (Michigan, Philly, Chicago, Tampa Bay, and Arizona) never expected a full house anyway.
  2. @jc... Yea this was the orientation of the field before the Raiders moved to LA. After they returned, the current orientation was created. (With "Mt. Davis" in the outfield).
  3. Next up the Oakland Invaders 1983 to 1985 at the Oakalnd Alameda County Coliseum
  4. Here is the finished installed turf for Ford Field. Looks like everything is cut in. Except the wording in the End Zone, NFL logos on the 25 yard lines, and the mid-field logo "Bubbles"
  5. And now, The Arizona Wranglers from Sun Devil Stadium, on the campus of Arizona State University 1983 And 1984
  6. I think with Detroit they are cutting in everything except the wording in the end zones and "Bubbles" in the center of the field. Ford field is used way too much for other football events. Though a field "overlay" might be used at mid field for the logo.
  7. Looks like new field turf going down at Ford Field. The end zones are Honolulu Blue, and the actual field is a lighter shade of green, closer to the color to the turf used in the Pontiac Silverdome.
  8. Now Introducing the Birmingham Stallions! At Historic Legion Field 1983 to 1985
  9. OK...Here is the best shot I can get for the 1983 USFL Championship Game at Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO (I could not match the 3% axis change on the skinned part of the field, so I got it as best as possible). Michigan Panthers 24 Philidelphia Stars 22
  10. Yes the field was very worn and washed out. The darker green around the turf was actually real grass. Very odd set up for a Professional Team...that was not half bad.
  11. Denver Gold 1983 to 1985 Early Season Denver Gold 1983 to 1985 Late Season
  12. Sorry for the delay real life (and completing my 28th season of High School Baseball umpiring this past week) kind of popped up. I will have fields for the Denver Gold and the 1983 Championship game (Also in Denver) completed shortly. Then I will move on to Jacksonville, Birmingham, and Memphis.
  13. Thanks, A lot of work over the past few years have gone on since I started. But I can not but also shout out @pitt6pack and @cjbpowerbomb for their work as well. Combined with others who have sent suggestions and pics to us here on the treads, has lead to the creation of the Gridiron Fields Database, a part of the Gridiron Uniform Database where all the fields have been placed for historical use and updated periodically. Go check it out. We have fields dating back to the 40's and the AAF(which has recently gone the way of the dodo). And we hope to add the USFL in as I continue to complete those fields.
  14. 1983 Boston Breakers (Nickerson Field)
  15. The Superdome's helmet logo of the era was so small (About the the size as the one used in the Astrodome for the Oilers). And I believe they used either a small helmet or a small Saint's logo for the NFL team. And something entirely different for Tulane's logo.
  16. 1984 New Orleans Breakers (In the Lousinana Superdome)
  17. For one this is a great concept. But one that will not happen in Arizona. The venues are way to warm to keep the ice going (I could see Chase field, or State Farm Stadium as they could crank the AC way down. But Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe would not be viable due to AZ's warm temps during the winter months.) And given the fickle nature of fans in the Phoenix area (most are transplants for cold weather cities like Detroit, Chicago, and many Canadian "snowbirds".
  18. I used my mouse and the circle control on my graphics program. and then sized up to the proper scale.
  19. Soldier Field NFL and Chicago Bears 75th Anniversary 1994 Later in the season
  20. New additions for Soldier Field (updated) NFC divisional playoffs "The Fog Bowl" Chicago vs Philadelphia December 31, 1988 (Still trying to make this a bit lighter... well because it was "The Fog Bowl!") When the game started After the fog rolled in!
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