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  1. Philadelphia Stars: Veterans Stadium 1983 and 1984
  2. As an offshoot the the NFL Fields and NFL Super Bowl Fields. I present! THE FIELDS OF THE USFL First off the Michigan Panthers 1983 season And The Michigan Panthers 1984
  3. I am creating a new thread "The Fields of the USFL" I will post my USFL fields there
  4. I really liked most of them.Michigan (Pontiac Silverdome), Tampa Bay, and Memphis went all out on the field designs. Houston was mostly the field and did not put down the turf for the baseball cutouts. Philly, Oakland, Washington and Chicago where the regular fields (Though Philly replaced the Eagles logos with USFL and Stars logo)
  5. It is. I am working on one that fits our field profile. The NFL rule book was badly messed up.
  6. No problem, Let me know when the new server is up. I have a few more updates I am finishing on, like fields from the old Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. And I have started on the old USFL fields. Michigan, Oakland, Philly, and Houston are done. Working on Arizona (Wranglers and Outlaws), Chicago, Tampa Bay, Washington, and Boston/New England.
  7. Fresh off the NFL rule book. The 2018 Field Diagram
  8. NFL fields started to become more standardized after the NFL/AFL merger. Before then only the yard lines goal lines and inbound lines where standard.
  9. Detroit Lions NFL 75th Anniversary Season 1994
  10. Dallas Cowboys 25th Anniversary Season 1984
  11. !953 NFL Championship Game December 27th, 1953 Detroit Lions 17 Cleveland Browns 16
  12. 1957 NFL Championship December 29,, 1957 Detroit Lions 59, Cleveland Browns 14
  13. Detroit Lions 1972 (after baseball season)
  14. Dallas Cowboys NFL 75th Anniversary Season 1974
  15. The Final Game at Tiger Stadium for the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day November 28th, 1974. Denver Broncos 31, Detroit Lions 27
  16. One remaining item. They squished the field Numbers to 1/2 distance compared to the NFL standard at SDS.
  17. On the sideline you would be in behind the yellow marks (Giving the space for the chains and field personnel to work between the end of the 2 yard white border and the broken white lines). And behind the yellow marks in the end zones. Hence you don't see too many camera men (and women) getting creamed anymore. But you do get train wrecks with the sideline steady-cams and the omni-directional microphones. (Those are still really interesting to watch.) Here is an overhead picture during pregame for SB LIII for reference
  18. Yea, the helmet logo for the Oilers was very small compared to most other fields of the time. It fit just inside of the midfield hashmarks. While most other stadiums had a helmet logo that was well outside the hashmarks.
  19. Nice look on the Hotshots field. Though the field at Sun Devil Stadium is still being cut as it was a standard Arizona State game With the lighter color grass cut between 5 to 15 yard lines, the 25 to 35 yard lines and the 45 to 45 yard lines. The darker cut is from the goal line to the 5 yard line, 15 to 25 yard line, and 35 to 40 yard lines. The green in the end zone is the same color as the green in the Hotshots midfield logo. Kind of sad that the number font is the generic one used at Chase Field for the Cactus Bowl instead of the custom font used for ASU games. That font has a history going back to the first few Fiesta Bowls in the 1970's
  20. Well according to the NFL Official rules: <<The Playing Field Rule 1 The playing field will be rimmed by a solid white border six feet wide along the end lines and sidelines. There will be an additional broken yellow line nine feet farther outside this border along each sideline in the non-bench areas, and such broken line will be continued at an angle from each 30- yard line and pass behind the bench area (all benches a minimum of 30 feet back from the sidelines) at a distance of six feet. In each end zone, this broken yellow line is six feet from the solid white border. These yellow broken lines are to be eight inches wide and two feet long with a space of one foot between them. In addition, within each bench area, a solid yellow line six feet behind the solid border will delineate a special area for coaches, behind which all players, except one player who is charting the game, must remain. Furthermore, a broken white line four inches wide and four feet long with a space of two-foot intervals will be marked three feet inside the nine-foot restriction line on the sideline, extending to meet the existing yellow broken line six feet behind both end zones and at each television box outside the bench area.>> In simpler terms.These are restriction lines for the players and coaches, (Team and Coaches boxes between the 30 yard lines on each side of the field) sideline personel, and credentialed media. (The white and yellow dashed lines streching out the reminder of each sideline respectiely). Trust the guy who wears the stripes ( and has access to the actual rule book on NFL.com!) LOL
  21. Looks like they are using a dark stripe between the yard marks and the sidelines.
  22. Oh man, that is a nightmare. I was working on my USC profile, and slightly darker PAC-12 logos (as in the logo more transparent, less color. More green) , but spot on everything else!
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