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  1. The uniforms look fantastic, but I like the logo without the crest.
  2. I used Fraser's quick tutorial and came up with this. Im gonna try GFB's and post it up.
  3. I don't see silver anywhere, so I don't think this concept needs a silver helmet. I like this very much. I would much rather have them use these colors. Good job and I have liked all the other concepts in this series.
  4. I like the full body logo but the tail seems like it sprouted out the foot of the griffin. I also agree on smaller one used for the crest.
  5. I have to say this is the best concept for the predators and this series. Amazing work.
  6. When I used the green from the jerseys it didn't seem right. I know that is what this series is about, but some teams are hard to change because of the team name. For the St Pats I was thinking of using a logo that used something that resembled St. Patrick or something along those lines but I couldn't come up with anything. I am still trying to work something in along those lines though for a shoulder patch
  7. Toronto St Pats Not a huge change to their logo but I feel the cursive script was what was missing in their logo. As for the uniforms I liked what they had but it reminded me way to much of what Montreal uses currently. I decided to go with something similar to what the leafs use. The alternate jersey is the same as what they wore in 1920 and 1922 but I used the oval logo used from 1922-25 with my script inside. C & C please Also see first post for updated Maroons uniforms.
  8. WOW that looks amazing.
  9. I feel that the fisherman logo would look better on the front, and you could also try to use the lighthouse logo with ISLANDERS under it on the front too.
  10. You should try Dion Phanuef or Nicklas Lidstrom for a D-Man.
  11. I haven't completely finished the Maroons yet. I am trying to make the logos a bit more modern but also trying to keep a classic feel with them. I think I am going to stick with the logo for now but I may think about redoing it later on. Some of these teams are hard to make a logo for because who knows what it is. I have never heard anyone refer to maroon to something other than a color so it gets a little complicated. I will keep this in mind as I do other concepts though.
  12. I don't know why but when I first looked at this concept the armor on the nose reminded me of the FSU logo for some reason.
  13. I'm going with the top striping pattern and will update both jerseys soon. I am stuck on how to add gray to the logo and am trying a couple of ideas. I also have a preview of the next team I am doing the Toronto St. Pats.
  14. When I see paper towel at the store I usually look at the brand not the way the designs on the paper towel look. How could the design cause them to purchase a different brand if the paper towel is covered up in the wrapping to begin with also.
  15. Update #1 So I changed the sizes of the numbers and name to fit, and it looks much better. I also added numbers on the arms. I have two striping ideas to add gray to the home and away jerseys. I was leaning more toward the top striping pattern because I wanted to keep the striping I already had but add grey. I also decided to change the middle stripe on the logo to gray. I don't know does that look better or worse. I'm trying to come up with something for the alt jersey and I up for any ideas.