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  1. HABEMUS Playoffs logos on the floor And the one on the front base of the basket, it's now on the side
  2. Is this a new Trophy logo?
  3. Do you expect that TNT or ESPN or NBA TV adds the Playoffs logo now that they can add it virtually?
  4. I don't like this change. I think the rounded neck is very old school, I like a more modern neck (like soccer jerseys), for me it's a shame.
  5. So finally the two "new" logos (well only one, but the other will be the same) and they´re so boring
  6. So we hace ads on the fans' jerseys (sorry but I though that those jerseys would be ads less)
  7. OMG Coyete is wearing a preview of Adds on jerseys T.T
  8. Hi, this is a really quick (and maybe an easy question) These caps With the leopard texture are fake isn´t it, the real ones doesn't that that (I think)
  9. So, my concept is almost correct... interesting
  10. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The image number 7 I think is the right side of the jersey if we look it in front of us. I dont think it could be the left side seen from behind ´cause we have to see some of the sun burst of today's image. I think my images could be correct
  11. I made those images using this as model 1- Sunburst lines 2- Front number A little re-do, adding REV 30 mesh and moving a little the front number